[Suggestion] Can we get an "Actual" Headshot marker?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gundem, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Gundem

    Title says it all. Current "Headshot marker" is actually a Hard Damage marker.

    To the best of my knowledge, it is triggered after dealing more then 216 damage per shot. This presents 3 different scenarios where it causes a negative impact on gameplay.

    First of all, using high-damage weapons like Slug Shotguns, Scout Rifles, Battle Rifles or Revolvers. You will nearly always deal over 216 damage with these weapon types, making it far harder to tell if you are getting headshots.

    This is especially prevalent with the Slug Shotguns, as the difference between dealing 500 damage and 750 damage in a shot is often crucial in a fight.

    Second scenario is when using very low damage weapons, namely SMG's and some pistols. The High-cap SMG's deal 125 damage, and while enough to trigger the hard damage marker at close range, they rapidly loose damage, especially when coupled with a Suppressor, meaning in as few as 20 meters you won't be able to tell if you are getting headshots.

    The third, and perhaps the worst of them all, is when facing HA's with RS. The near 50% resistance pretty much ensures that you will never get the hard-damage marker, even with 200 damage profile weapons.

    Frankly, I see no reason in letting us have a "Real" HS Marker. If it actually rustles someones jimmies, let us disable it in the HUD settings.
  2. Jake the Dog

    Doesn't it give you a noise when you get a headshot?
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  3. Moridin6

    i like when i get those big Xs on someone as i shoot their face, and then they turn and two stroke me and OH LOOK MOTHFKR HAS MOST OF HIS HEALTH

    fix that first
  4. Jake the Dog

    Use tank rounds they usually don't have most of their health after one of those hits... ;D
  5. Moridin6

    unless im using HE and nail them, they thyre Clearly ok and should walk it off
  6. Jake the Dog

    Don't use HE then :/ I sure as hell don't. I like the things I shoot dead.

    Friends don't let friends use HE...
  7. Moridin6

    yeah i go *** awhile ago for my Lting, and its garbage why would anyone give up the damage or that xtra foot of splash


    but i mean i Expect that to fail me, 30 rounds from the SX12 however..
  8. Jake the Dog

    30 rounds from my serpent and I guarantee something died. I love that weapon.
  9. Moridin6

    and its the coolest sounding weapon we have, reminds me of old GIJOE cartoon laser weapons

    pewpewpew swooon
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  10. Jake the Dog

    imo its the best carbine in the game. Out of the carbines I've used its my favorite.
  11. Stigma

    There is a noise yes. That sound plays on any head shot regardless of actual damage dealt.
    I do believe that the headshot sound does not trigger if the target is killed by that shot though - so a 1-hit-kill from a boltaction sniper doesn't make the "plonk" sound I think.

    IMO the sound feedback is more important than visual feedback - but having more options never hurt.
  12. Taemien

    Recursion Stat Tracker has a headshot and bodyshot marker addon.

    Not quite sure how accurate it is though, I don't tend to notice it. Truth be told.