[Suggestion] Can we get a "Unique" Weapon slot for things like "Extended Mags"?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bucketnate, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Bucketnate

    I just think its really weird that the extended mag for the SMG is in the rail slot and also for the Mauler. The magazine has nothing to do with the rail. Could we maybe get a weapon slot called "Unique" or something that would have attachments that are Unique to different weapons?
  2. Ranik

    I could agree to some extent.

    Heck i would just give each Class / Vehicle a "free slot" which you equip with an extra upgrade of your choice.

    Or more specifically. Make each inf/veh weapon have an extra category of upgrade slot. This gun is a sniper/artillery gun so you can take 2x types of optics. This one is a "rapid fire" type so you can take ammo cap and reload (but at the cost of having only weaker optics available) etc etc
  3. KM131

    i guess the main idea was that you have to choose.
  4. Gavyne

    I've always thought having extended mag share the same upgrade category as the rail and other things was weird. In fact when I first started playing I bought both the extended magazine and the grip for the same gun, thinking I could equip both at the same time. Learned the hard way, wasted some certs.
  5. SnakeTheFroski

    In my opinion it would most logically occupy the ammo slot. Obviously making a specific slot just for an extended magazine attachment is silly, but putting it in the ammo slot would make the most sense.
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  6. Ranik

    If infantry / Vehicles had a sort of free slot then they could customize quite a lot more without messing up balance.
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  7. Bucketnate

    I was thinking about that, but then if you dont want the ammo types there is nothing stopping everyone from using the extended mag on that particular weapon
  8. Bucketnate

    Honestly this really goes with my idea of a weight system. It would be extremely convenient. SOE could balance however they want, but the core idea would be, the more attachments you have, the less mobile your weapon will be (Hipfire, ADS, etc.).
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  9. SnakeTheFroski

    But isn't that true of any attachment, in any slot? "People who don't want x and y will just grab z"? In the case of shotguns, it'll remove their ability to mount slugs, which in my opinion is a fair enough tradeoff when you consider that currently it competes with foregrip (semi-useless on a shotgun) and LAM (entirely useless on a shotgun).
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  10. JDCollie=VX9=

    A "Magazine" slot wouldn't be terrible, I admit. Certainly may be another cert drain, but so what? It might let us make the weapons we love a little stronger :D
  11. Eclipson

    Yea, for the SMG, I NEED the extended mag, but I really WANT a laser scope :/