Can we get a round of applause for the DBG support team?

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  1. Arskov

    Seriously. The title says it all.

    I had my first run-in with Daybreak's support staff recently in trying to fix an error that kept cropping up with my game. I received a response quickly, they helped me get my problem solved, and they were a pleasure to deal with to boot! I don't think I've ever had a better experience with any company's support or service staff in my life.

    Keep up the good work guys!
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    I once bought a buggy Cosmetic for my Mosquito for TR Alt.

    The support was very helpfull and because i had a longtime Auraxium Membership they gave me the DBC back and i could even keep the Cosmetic.

    All in one it was a very polite gesture.

    The Support was fast, friendly and helpfull.
  3. BigDAD68

    I had a couple of times to do with the DB support. Their answers where not always satisfying but they cannot do anything against company rules/company policy. But if they could help they did it quick and very polite. Thumbs up.
  4. JobiWan

    Never had cause to use them, but good CS is ultra-rare these days, so kudos to them.
  5. MuggieWara

    Ive always been under the impression that after DBG took over they have done more for the game(both with balance passes and new content) than SOE and i suppose on a more limited budget.

    While of course not agreeing with every change they ve made,the love they are showing for the game shows and is commendable.

    Glad to know that the same is true for the support team.
  6. stalkish

  7. stalkish

    Ignoring of course that SOE created the game engine, created all the the game assets initially, and programmed all the net-code that allows us to fight with 1000s of other players (which is the hardest part so ive been told). :p

    I do like what daybreak has done, well mostly, not criticising at all.
  8. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Glad to hear you've all had good experiences with CS! We've got some awesome folks in that department. I've passed the praises along :)
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  9. iPervy

    Only had to contact support once and they did me a solid getting me correct amount of DBC when something bugged out during a promotion. That was back during the SOE days though haha, but good was done all the same.
  10. MuggieWara

    Well of course creating such a game is a great feat!But it always seemed to me they(SOE) didnt respect it as much as it deserved(well thought out balance passes,attempts at meta regulation,new content,marketing etc) after launch,also considering the then higher budget.
  11. AgentRed

    Now only if they could give me a partial store credit refund for landmark D:
    Then I would love them long time and throw money back at the game
  12. Neo3602

    Just FYI DBG is SOE but with less people.
  13. stalkish

    Id be quite interested to see their internal budget information.