[Suggestion] Can we freeze creation of all new VS on Mattherson please?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goodkat, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Goodkat

    The VS here are already way overpopulated. We don't want more newbies. All you do is clutter up the queue for continents and sap the challenge from the game.

    Why not have new Vanu join Waterson?
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  2. Rift23

    Hi, I'm special. Can you put restrictions on other people so I don't have to address my own boredom by rerolling or picking a different server?
  3. RHINO_Mk.II

    Why not join Waterson yourself?
  4. Goodkat

    Because I am not a new character and there are no server transfers...

    Why is it to much to ask to have new players put in a server not already overpopulated?
  5. Goodkat

    Where did you find a server transfer token? Tell me, please.
  6. CaptainRobust

    I don't honestly see a problem with this. They need more TR and NC on Mattherson, so why not force new players to either roll TR or NC? It balances the population, which is sorely needed.
  7. GamerGawd

    They wont.

    Veteran players dont shell out money for this game anymore, and there isnt enough of us so...they will cater to the kids and noobs so they will spend money.

    This game is broken and its beyond repair.
    dont bother asking SOE to do something with integrity and respect to veteran players, they already have your money, they dont care what u want or your good time.
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  8. Zorro

    Agreed, I hate how the fourth faction is detracting from our "quality over quantity" reputation. I would be happy if they were all booted out on their ears.
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  9. Vorthian

    Something clearly needs to be done. Perhaps something along the lines of the greater the percentage of each day a given faction has greater pop, the greater the penalty to experience and resources for that faction, and a corresponding bonus to the underpopulated faction(s).

    Use a smoothing feature so it blends across a five day period, and offer a penalty that is more significant as the population disparity increases. If NC are on average enjoying a 20% population advantage for a given period, apply at 75% penalty. If a 15% advantage, a 50% penalty. If a 10% advantage, a 33% penalty. No penalty for a 10% or less advantage.

    Another option would be to use the average, but instead of a 24 hour period, make it dependent upon the time of day to account for any variance in population during your basic time slots (daytime, evening, third shift for example).
  10. LibertyRevolution

    Don't worry, once the server transfer tokens go live in the july update, the waterson VS will come join you on mattherson.
    The mattherson TR can move to waterson, then everyone will be happy getting tons of certs from easy alert wins.

    SOE will make a bunch of money on transfers.
    Once that is milked dry, and everyone quits, they will merge waterson and mattherson, profit and problem solved.
  11. Kevorkian

    And where is confirmation that this is indeed happening?
  12. SgtScum


    Vanu overpop is getting to be a real issue and it pisses me off as a vs player just as much as it does the tr and nc.

    I don't even play on mattherson anymore and bailed to woodman just to do my part.(I don't do 4th faction hopping on same server period)

    I shouldn't have to do that and there really needs to be something done about it. If it takes new player creation restrictions then so be it as there are plenty of servers to choose from and even if you pick one across the pond the playability is the same as I get just as good gameplay on woodman as mattherson from a lag and ping perspective.
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  13. Scan

    This is a good suggestion.

    If there's a population diffrence, higher than let's say 10%? it shouldn't be able to create a character on that faction anymore, and have a new player opt for one of the other two factions.

    FotM rollers make me sick to the stomach.

    Furthermore, I'd like to comment that many VS "zergfits" are creating this problem themselves. What fun is there in completely flooding an objective with a buttload of < BR 10, and chasing away all enemies, leaving nothing to shoot.

    At the moment, VS zergfits, on multiple servers, are destroying this game. They have to see they are the source of the problem, and stop recruiting about anyone who just logged in.