Can we dramatically lower the amount of people that can be in a single outfit?!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by darkaile, Aug 8, 2020.

  1. darkaile

    Do you know how hard it is to get people to join let alone resources when your new to the outfit scene and one singe outfit has half the games population at any time for your faction?! 30 people per outfit max is fair.
  2. Johannes Kaiser

    30 is quite low. While I'd also support the dismantling of pure zergfits (seriously, aside from core members that's not a gaming community any more), 30 is nowhere near enough. We have ~7 active players, but out outfit numbers 53, because we have people who are members of our community and thus created a character, but didn't really stick around. And that just as an example.
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  3. darkaile

    That's not an argument, boot inactive players. If you never log on you aren't a member in the first place. If you only have 7 members who get on then you only have 7 members.
  4. Twin Suns

    No. I don't care about you're Outfit's problems at all.

    Those big Outfits have been around for years. This isn't the N.F.L. and you're not an expansion team. So you can't conspire to steal members in a expansion draft either. ;)
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  5. darkaile

    No team has hundreds of people nor needs them. The reason to even have teams is to compete not have a monopoly on players so no one else can.
  6. ZDarkShadowsZ

    An outfit is a way of grouping like-minded people together. While I can agree that some outfits are way too large, 30 is far too low. That's even lower than a single platoon.

    Having just 30 players in a single outfit will just cause people to make duplicate outfits because the main one was full. This would not only eat up hell of outfit tags, but become messy for outfits that would otherwise be larger.

    If there's going to be a limit to how many players there are, make it a max of 300-500. This can account for two full-sized active platoons, but also players who come on at different dates and times. Players shouldn't be punished for putting their real-life commitments above that of a game. If there are players in the outfit that haven't been active for a prolonged amount of time, they could be removed.
  7. darkaile

    Have you checked the steam page there's only like 3000 players at a given time. over all servers. 300-500 just means realistically the only outfits that can ever do anything are the 3-4 biggest of any faction which is the same as saying you aren't allowed to do anything outfit related thanks to the idiotic system of you get 5 auraxium if you help sometimes, You dont get auraxium just cause you helped every time either. But the more in your outfit the more likely you get to capture said area. 30 is plenty per outfit. On top of that they need to make it so only people of battle rank 40 can make an outfit. This will prevent spamming them. Also one outfit per faction per account can be made. A given area never has more than maybe 100 people in it, you should not be having so many people its not even a contest who gets the point. As it stands they need to either remove the outfit crafting and just start giving out bits of resources to individual players or massively limit outfits and put restrictions on spamming accounts to make more.
  8. BamaRage

    building an outfit takes effort and it sounds like you are just not cut out for it. If you are a good lead and people have fun running with you then its not that hard. I can add a handful every time I run platoon. So work to become a better leader.
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  9. darkaile

    The problem isnt my ability to lead or create a fun environment. The problem is that most players are already in an outfit. Afterall why join a new outfit that will never cap a point when a big outfit definitely will.

    Maybe you should think more before trying to insult people.
  10. BamaRage

    I have built outfits, started a new one just a couple of months back. With little effort we are at 50 members. And I bet I can add 30 more in 10 days and them all be quality members. You seem to not really understand how to build an outfit. Oh and we cap points all the time even with just 8 people. So there is that
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  11. Ruffdog

    So your great idea is to stop an outfit, on its best day of 100% attendance, from being able to field 3 squads let alone a platoon.
    Yeah I dont think you've thought this through.
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  12. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I don't know where you're getting your information, but you're wrong. If we were to include all players, the number of players would be 5487 as of writing this.

    Just because an outfit can have up to 300-500 players doesn't mean all of those players are going to be playing all of the time.

    I can't really comment on that because I don't care about outfit resource distribution.

    No. The more people on the point means you're more likely to capture said area. Just because players are in an outfit and are actively playing doesn't necessarily mean they're good at squad cohesion.

    While I see the benefit of this, I also see the downsides. Otherwise, I don't have anything else to comment.

    These are two very conflicting comments. You want only 30 people per outfit, but you also only want one outfit per faction? So that means out of your supposed '3000 players across all servers', that mean a grand total of only 450 players should be permitted to be in an outfit. That doesn't seem very well thought out.Who would be the player that gets to create the outfit? What makes them uniquely allowed to create the outfit over everyone else? Also, who exactly would lead these outfits? One person? Two people? Five?

    That is simply not true at all. On Cobalt, Emerald, and Miller, there have been many a time when there have been 96+ on either side. In some cases a 96+ fight has equated to just 40% on a single side, indicating that the opposing side has nearing 2x as many players in a single region.

    Yes it is. Just because players fight as part of one of the three factions does not mean there won't be competition within it. Outfit Wars shows exactly that.

    Outfit crafting does not require removing as a whole, but as many players have aired, there are aspects of it that simply need to go. These being Bastions and Orbital Strikes.

    I can't comment on outfit resource distribution as I don't care about it. However, there are certain aspects of resource gain that I dislike. For example, there is a player on TR Cobalt who has been sat in Sanctuary crouching next to the Resource Exchange vendor since Escalation came out. As this is evidently a bot, it should be removed.
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  13. darkaile

    That's nice and all but not relevant. If you had more smaller outfits capable of competing resources would be better distributed.

    Thirty may indeed be too small but hundreds is unacceptable and creates an environment that discourages competition and causes stagnation.
  14. Badman76

    Just make it so if players are inactive from the game say for a month, they are automatically kicked from the outfit.
  15. BamaRage

    Well I am sorry you are incapable of building your outfit. Many try but few are cut out to lead and operate an outfit. I have had friends decide to give it a go and never get above 6 members. I have built a few and HH3B at its biggest was just under 1000 strong. I took a little time off and it fell apart. Most outfits have one or two people doing all the work to build it and its a full time challenge. But such is life.

    Now, you thought I was insulting you when I was simply making a suggestion that you gain some leadership skills so you could build your outfit. But the fact is you want to punish those of us who can do it because you have not found the key. There are lots of new players and old players not in outfits. If you make the effort and they do not join then you simply need to improve. Instead of finding all these reasons you cannot seem to get it done at least consider for a moment that you may be the problem. I would happily offer any help I could but the first thing would be for you to grow up a little. Be willing to see your own shortcomings and strengths and then play to your strengths.
  16. ZDarkShadowsZ

    The game isn't about fair resource distribution. Again, just because there are factions doesn't mean there isn't competition within it. Besides, earlier you stated it would be best for there to be a single outfit per faction. There wouldn't even be any competition from within because there'd only be 3 outfits per server. This is what discourages competition because there wouldn't even be any.
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  17. Johannes Kaiser

    Though, to be frank, there is a level at which competition within a faction becomes harmful to the entire faction's war efforts.
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    That must been done with Escalation update. 30 is quite low, but something like 100 would be nice, 8 filled to the brim galaxies/sunderers. Obviously at least 50% will be offline, but it would encourage to invite only active players. It certainly better than current situation where outfits contain thousands of members when majority of them most likely never gonna log in ever again.
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  19. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Of course. I'm not denying that. However, within any team-based game there will always be competition within the same team.

    Even if there were to be just 30 players per the one outfit each faction is permitted to have. It won't stop players from recruiting beyond the limits of the game. People will find a way to circumvent the system. Even if they don't necessarily have access to the outfit resources. People will find a way to play together one way or another and create a certain level of competitiveness within that same outfit.

    I understand the point the OP is trying to make. There are many outfits with hundreds of players whom don't log into the game anymore, and larger outfits are going to be able to acquire more outfit resources, but limiting the number of players per outfit, and outfits per faction isn't going to reduce competitiveness.

    In addition, the OP forgets that players have real-life commitments to contend with. The '3000' players they pulled out of thin air doesn't necessarily mean those 3000 players are 100% going to be permanently playing. People come and go from the game for various reasons. Having a 30-player outfit, or even some 100 player outfit, is too restrictive. It punishes people for putting their job, kids, whatever else, ahead of playing the game. This is the point I am trying to make.
  20. RabidIBM

    Posts like the OP here are why this forum needs a downvote button. The outfit I run with is big for a reason. It's so that we can run simultaneous operations, with large numbers of players aware of all the ops that are going on at once, but still maintain a filter on who can play with us based on conduct. We have some combination of a public platoon, which herds the pubs around, mentors new players, brings baseline numbers where needed and serves as recruitment for the outfit, a high skill infantry squad intended for players looking to hone their skill, win small fights and win when out popped, a vehicle squad, an air squad and a construction squad all at the same time. Ok, we haven't ever had all those things up at once that I'm aware of, but combinations of three of them have happened. We also are mostly casual players who have real life commitments. Therefore we are never all online at the same time. Therefore large numbers are required to maintain the manner in which we want to play. But because the way we play isn't the way you want to play, we shouldn't be allowed to? Cool story bro.
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