Can someone tell me why I can never win in 1vs1?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ChrisXII, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Jezs

    Another shotgun nerf, really? They barely have a ttk advantage over 845 rpm guns at point blank as it is
  2. Einharjar

    It's nice to see all the assistance given to this fellow. I may self, am rather noobish and have a horrible KDR. But there are times where I can do well on a streak just by being alert, not sprinting EVERY where like it's a race; and lastly - trying to night Sight Aim every target I see. Sight Aiming or Quick Scoping doesn't work as it does on CoD or BF3. It increases your accuracy but makes your vulnerable due to lack of running speed and lack of peripheral. This leads to tunnel vision which is always what gets me killed in 1v1s.

    The last thing I learned is that trying for head shots every time was not working for me. I instead, do the opposite. I aim for the chest, fire a 5+ round burst and let my recoil work for me. If I'm lined up right, I will always register head shots to where as before; I would miss over half of my shots trying to force my recoil back down while still staying on the head.
    It's an odd thing, because in true gun fighting; you end up aiming for the chest anyways for nearly the same reason - that and seeing your opponents face can often cause you to "pause" (psychological effect to inexperienced combatants. Seeing the face reminds you that you're about to kill another human being). The chest is an easier target to shoot at and any spray has a 15% to 25% chance to hit the neck or head.

    Lastly, again; I've noticed that running every where is bad. I'm using cover A LOT; and let my team mates whom are sprinting in all directions acting like a Starcraft Marine on STIM, take all the blunt fire. If I play "survivalist" instead of "rampage jackson", I get more kills, more assists and just over all? More fun. Even vs an ADAD player, using Cover seems to work. If I know I'm getting out flanked or suppressed, I simply retreat. I know it sounds cowardly but I try to pick my fights based on one's I know I have the strict advantage over - the easy kills.

    He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day. And gets more certs.

  4. SpcFarlen

    With clientside hit detect, as other have stated, if youve already taken damage the other person has a huge advantage over you. Since of course by the time youve had a chance to react their client has probobly already granted a few hits which your client hasnt quite given you feedback on. This is why you die around corners or trade kills with someone. My client says i hit you. It tell the server, the server tell you. In that time another shot of mine could have registered a hit on my client just as you react to first getting shot.

    Its why TTK is so short in this game, reaction time is hindered because nothing happens in real time. Though many other games operate under the same mechanics of hit detection. So the best thing to do when taking fire, is actually to get out of that situation and get it to favor you. Sure there are some cases when you can snap to the quickly and kill them. But its usually do their aim getting thrown off and less to do with your reaction.

    Im pretty sure a weapon that can do over 1300 damage the instant you pull a trigger has better TKK than a 845rpm gun with 125-145 damage. I dont think i really need to do much math to understand why. Not saying a nerf is needed mind you. Slightly off topic.
  5. TrainerS2

    Take OP Hevy Asult ( everyone nab play it cose is OP)
    And you will se how esy is to win when you HA and others not :D
    Why we got other clas then HA ?? Cose 50% of players newer use any other :D
  6. BigIronRanger

    Here are some things you need to be aware of and their solutions:

    You are an NC you have a MUCH HIGHER chance of losing in 1v1 against TR and VS, their guns are easy mode in CQC. All the default VS and TR weapons have 700+ RPM compared to the NC who have a mere 600 RPM.VS weapons have virtually no recoil at all at 0-20 meters same goes for the TR who also have 40 round clips which gives them an edge over you. Basically you're licked in Close Quarters Combat most of the time so don't feel bad this is also why you are losing to low BR people.

    NC weapons are the most difficult to use in general and in CQC as they fire so slowly; most of the VS and TR weapons get 2+ extra bullets more on you every second that equates to a lot more damage over time. So try and save up some certs to buy more viable weapons such as the GD-7F or an SMG .

    Light assaults aren't meant for pure 1v1 combat that's more the Heavy assaults role instead try using your jetpack and get on the rooftops use the verticality to your advantage you'll be surprised how much people don't look up.

    You said that you run into rooms I don't know if you're just saying that as a figure of speech but yeah don't ever run into rooms, peek instead that's when you stand at the edge of the doorway and quickly click A or D to get a glimpse of the room. Don't aim down sight and peek that makes you too slow of a target. Oh and if you are certain there are people in the room throw a grenade first or sprint and jump into the room this will surprise the enemy and give you more time to react.


    Practice, Practice, Practice, get familiar with the recoil of certain weapons and learn how to aim, Please don't go to the VR to practice your aim that will not improve your skills, shooting stationary targets requires minimal effort and skill. Instead go out into the real battles and put into use all of these tips you will improve in no time.

    P.S don't use shotguns

  7. Hoki

  8. Aragato

    Your preferred class is not meant to face opponents head on. If you want to do that you should play as a Heavy Assault. Light Assault make the best use of the third dimension. Attack from above or behind, rarely if ever head-on.
  9. Jezs

    The other kind of shotguns*
  10. Tasogie

    First off, dont let this silly idea that NC are hard to play, some people use this "excuse" to garner support for "nerf" week... At moment it is in high swing they are running out of things to demand for nerfs so its gonna be down to TR have 1 extra bullet, I want a nerf!!... soon.
    NC are great to play, the weapons feel good to use, the sound tracks are better.... The weapons are NOT, tough to use, they are not nerfed, an they damn sure kill when they hit.
  11. Kaon1311

    Practice, lots of luck and IRNV (but soon with the nerf, might be impossible).
  12. Umrtvovacz

    Make sure that even when you think nobody knows about you, and you have a nice group of ignorant enemies down below you, that you don't get tunnel vision. Keep looking around, don't stay in single spot for too long even with suppressor, and don't get tunnel vision. That's what kills me most times especially on light assault.
  13. DCWarHound

    Buy the GD-7F (think that's what it was called) and go for headshots on targets while strafing.Start by aiming below the enemies head and start countering recoil as soon as the first shot fires (your aim should feel like it's locked to their head level after the first shot)
  14. ChrisXII

    Thank you for the responses everyone. I have bought a Sweeper and am actually killing people now. Please stop answering my question, I have it worked out.
  15. ManualReplica

    Retire your default carbine and get a shotgun or the GD-7F.
    You CAN'T win against the average VS player, since their ROF is over the top compared to yours, meaning that they can get out more bullets than you at a significantly shorter time (and it matters a lot if you factor in server connectivity and your aim versus their aim).
    Same thing pretty much applies when fighting default TR of course.

    For fully automatic weapons, in close quarters this is true:
    High ROF > Damage

    There are other factors that can improve your chances to win 1v1 CQB's (and the others have probably covered these), but ROF is easily the most important thing to know about, 'tis all.
  16. Timperium

    You win the award for the most bollocks I've read in a post.

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  17. TrainerS2

    If you wona be good :
    Staert with Light Asuult on default dont put certs to in when you start kiling others easy ,then take HA and you will se how easy is to win 1vs 1.
    I start play HA cose all noobs play it and they HA is at 100% but for me is enough at default stage to own that Pay to Win players :D
  18. BigIronRanger

    Just trying to help a fellow NC, makes me mad how easy TR and VS have it in terms of CQC which dominates most of the fights in PS2.