Can someone please analyse my stats or something?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DarkStarII, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. AxiomInsanity87

    When you're actually playing for the win and not worn down to farm mode.

    I find that a session starts of in try-hard mode for me and then degrades to farm mode lol. I see this with a lot of players actually.
  2. DarkStarII

    Oh, I never play in farm mode. I think. I'm almost always going for objectives and stuff.
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  3. RedArmy!/7670904568644921889/stats
    from what i can gather about your stats, you an ambush hunter and not very good at it.
    what i would suggest is playing Heavy using ur SMGs until your good at being visible all the time with the same gun, than going back to Infiltrator. ive been using my SMG on HA a bit now, and its helped me with accuracy and knowing when to pick my opportune fights, so when i use my actual LMGs im doing substantially better. though im almost exclusively engi
  4. DarkStarII

    Stats don't tell a lot about play style now do they...
  5. Flag

    I really do recommend Fisu's player page over the one DBG hosts. It's better in just about every single way.

    (if you need a link, my signature links to my page on his site)
  6. DarkStarII

    I need a better video card. No recording can be done. :(
  7. Azawarau

    I do believe this is /Thread

    Hes covered it well

    If you can post some gameplay itd be a better indication of how well you play than your stats
  8. RedArmy

    what are u running on atm?
  9. TheFlamingLemon

    Your name is darkstar and your least played class is medic? How ever will you get the darkstar AR?
  10. EPIC389

    Don't worry Darkstar. I'm really bad

    I mean it
  11. DCWarHound

  12. DarkStarII

    NVIDIA GeForce 315...
    In due time my friend. ;)
    I've been thinking about it, but I'm just too lazy.
  13. Devilllike

    Stats dont say anything,my only question is this Since you play main infiltrator How do you play infiltrator?whats your style and what do you do usually?
  14. Jbn0s0rus

    Hey OP,
    I don't exactly understood what you're looking for. Getting "better", having a better KDR or SPM?
    Anyways, I checked your stats and compared it to mine (BR 86 as well)
    I play mainly Heavy and Sniper Infil, and usually, aggresivly as well.

    The main difference I found was in the sniping skills, but I guess you're not so found of sniping with a precision of 29%. So all you do is run around with your SMGs?

    Beeing on the frontline with those is quite hazardous. You can't possibly be aware of everything that is going on around you when 20 enemies are coming and going non-stop. And if you try to use your spotting tools you'll be kind of spotted too.

    So what I'll advise is pick your fights more wisely. I started playing SMG Infil too and still get KDR of 1.3 without trying to much. Get into small to medium fights, preferably outdoor, and avoid large indoor fights at first.
    Sometimes, try you'll have to double check to make sure nobody's around except you and your target. It's like living to fight another day over getting a kill then dying... again and again.

    Lastly, have you tried playing Light Assault at medium range? In outdoor fights aswell. In Amerish moutains, they are deadly.
    That and maybe invest in the power knives. I'm thinking about getting it too.

    Hope this helps. : )
  15. DarkStarII

    I got a bad habit from using the Phaseshift; Shoot at whatever I see, even if I know I can't hit it.
    Sniping is fine but it just gets boring after a while, especially when there aren't many targets.
  16. DarkStarII

    I don't really know what my style is or what I do as it varies quite regularaly, but if I were to sum it up, it would likely be a very aggressive flanker and usually too aggressive. I've even invested into the stealth Sunderer to be more self sufficient :)
    If only I could record some of my gameplay, then they'll see how I play.
  17. Cyanstorm

    All good tips I agree, but only if that's what you care about (k/d, good looking stats, etc) is the op having fun with his extremely aggressive play style? Sure his stats will never look 'good' whatever that is..... But he will not be miserably slogging through the game to become a stats diva. I play extremely aggressive and I die a lot too, but goddamn The last thing I care about is my 'stats' , OP should play this game to have fun not aim to please the k/d fairies.
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  18. CorporationUSA

    Yeah your stats are awful. But stats aren't a true indicator of how good you are, they just tell how you play. If you want to have better stats, you don't need to build skill, just find some easy mode way to play that suits you. You seem to like playing an infiltrator, so a wraith flash with the renegade and scrapper chassis can get you some easy farm on Indar and Esamir.

    If you want to improve your stats without changing the way you play, you'll need get really good at what you do now. I'm sure there are lots of guides on playing infiltrator you can find on youtube.
  19. DarkStarII

    My problem with easy mode stuff is that it gets boring very quickly and usually ends with tank mines...
    Fun is the way to go. :D
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  20. Moridin6

    wraith flash is SO MUCH FUN
    crowds of inf, SQUISH
    tanks(preferably damaged already(use fury))
    you can really wreck in a flash f you do it right