Can only deploy 1 ammo box now

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by EazyDuzIt, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. EazyDuzIt

    I have a level 3 certed ammo box in slot 4 but when i throw that down on the ground and then use the ammo turret alt ammo box, the first one switches to the location of the second. I thought we could put 2 down?
  2. Noollab

    We used to be able to. I'm not in a position to test it (at work), but maybe they hotfixed it?
    It might also be a bug, though. How much extra time does the level 3 cert add?
    Perhaps they overlap in the uptime, and the game then thinks they're one and the same?
  3. EazyDuzIt

    Its 3 minutes, so the same amount of time as the turret ammo box. Interesting theory, ill see what happens when I upgrade.
  4. Namik

    I have unupgraded ammo box and I can still put 2 of them at the same time.
  5. Myr

    Just tested, I cant have 2 ammo boxes out at once now.

    Regardless of which I deploy first it disapears when I deploy the 2 :/

    I have ammo pack 3 and nothing in mana turret certs.

    Also, in beta certs applied to the ammo box itself seemed to be applied to the turret-ammo box 1 level down.

    I was fully certed into ammopack in the beta and it only extended the turret-ammo pack by a min less than max and a meter less in radius. Now either pack cover a 4 meter radius, so thats seems to apply certs to both ammo packs.
  6. Lowerydro

    Must be your level in the box.

    I spent all night dropping two, and when I had vehicle mines I could still drop the "B" pack.

    I would submit a bug report on that.
  7. Hadri

    I have the same level in boxes and tried it. It did work for me, without any problems.
  8. Silent255

    Pretty sure the two ammo box thing was a bug from the get go. Wasn't like that in either the tech test or anywhere from beginning to end of the beta. It works some of the time for me.
  9. Goats

    Really? I was able to put down two ammo boxes for the whole time I played in beta (early September on, when I got a computer that could run the game). I think it's a bug with both boxes being level 3.
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  10. Kreyl

    So certing ammo doesn't improve the turret ammo box ? can anyone confirm this? if so, what a waste...
  11. Myr

    Once I went to ammo pack cert 4 I was able to deploy 2 ammo packs again.

    Bug reported it, see what happens.

    Further to your question.

    I have ammo pack 4 = 4mins and 5 mts range

    Ammo Pack does this correctly

    Turret ammo pack is 3 mins and 4 mts.
  12. Silent255

    Hell I guess I never noticed. Then again...I ran around with mines a lot, rarely did I have the ammo box slotted.
  13. TokyoShoe

    Just as a point of note: All of the "Ammo Package" certification upgrades are under the ACE / MANA Turret ammo package... NOT the default separate one you get for slot 4. Now.. does this mean that they don't APPLY to that separate ammo package? (Shrug) I don't know, there seems to be a lack of concrete information on this.
  14. Bubblewrap2

    Wrong. You have that in reverse. All certs affect only the dedicated ammo box NOT the turret ammo pack accessible by pressing B.

    It has already been demonstrated multiple times in this very thread, let alone these forums...
  15. TokyoShoe

    My confusion on this is the very location and description of the actual certifications, tho. They are located with the Turret Upgrades, not separately under Utility Slot upgrades if what you were indicating were the case. Adding to this the very tooltip description of the upgrades with describe "all deployed Ammo Packages" (plural, not singular).

    No matter what the actual answer is on this subject, it's just further proof that the Engineer's entire cert-track needs to be overhauled and reworked.
  16. Vortok

    My guess is that how certs interact with the Mana Turret "B" ammo crate are bugged. With no certs into the ammo crate it lasts noticeably longer than the one in the utility slot. Was suggested here by a poster that it's acting like a rank 3 one right now, which would make sense considering the trouble you had when you were certed to rank 3, but were able to place 2 again upon reaching rank 4.

    Hopefully it gets fixed for the certs to simply apply to both crates (assuming that's the dev's intention) as otherwise I'll never cert the ammo crate as I find having anti-tank mines always available far better than making sure people don't have to look for the ammo crate icon when they need it. I might actually point a few ranks into it if the secondary crate matched your cert level as the base duration is fairly short.

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