Can I run the game.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by MrWolf3, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. MrWolf3

    How well will i be able to run Planetside 2 if at all. P;ease help.
    CPU-Intel(R) Pentium(R) dual-core processor G640 [2.8GHz, 3MB Shared Cache]

    GPU-Integrated Intel HD Graphics [DVI-D, DX 10.1]

    RAM-4GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM [1 DIMM]
  2. BusMuddinBAMF

  3. Alexlightning7

    if you can start it, dont expect good performance. I cant find info on the exact model of intel HD graphics that that has, so its impossible for me to tell you if it will even start. If it does start, then expect horrible settings and massive drops in big battles.

    How about you post a budget here or on a hardware forum(i prefer the steam forums) and find exactally what you need. Your obviously on a budget. people can almost certainly find you much better PCs you could build yourself, or even prebuilts.
  4. jamspammer

    Yes you can, put settings on very low and be prepared for bad fps in big battles ( even medium size). Still playable but you will be at a serious disadvantage to almost everyone else on the field.
  5. TheAppl3

    Extremely poorly. The G640 is more suited to an office PC than a gaming system.

    I believe it's HD2000, giving pretty terrible frame rates as you suggested.
  6. Alexlightning7

    if it is indeed a HD 2000. And an HD 2000 on a weaker processor then the various benchmarks I have seen, expect it to be unplayable.
    The HD 2000 on a i7 could barely manage 20-30 fps in warpgates at absolute lowest settings at 50% render quality. He very well might be able to play it with everything on lowest with one of those custom configs, but its doubtful that he would ever maintain 25 fps on the GPU side in warpgates. Thats not going into his pretty weak processor and large or even medium fights.

    OP, I restate my earlier advice. If your looking to buy a PC, ask forum members to look for a custom PC for you, dont post a PC and ask if it can play(atleast until you've narrowed it down quite a bit). Especially if you dont actually know what your looking for. Go to a hardware forum, or even creating a new thread here possibly, and ask for what you need and see what you can do with your budget.