Can i get a cert Refund for the foregrip/compensator...?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BrB Stove Exploded, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Xae

    How about a refund for Underbarrel attachments?

    If you use the Guass -S with Soft Point ammo it makes the under barrel do 0 damage.
    If you use the Trac5-S with High Velocity ammo it makes the under barrel do 0 damage.

    Both have tons of issues with the weapon not switching off, or with being unable to resupply.
  2. Ecko

    Wow...literally no recoil on those guns...
  3. BrB Stove Exploded

    No actually id be quite content if THEY DID ANYTHING AT ALL. Again, they dont work. I dont care how many paragraphs you write or what you say. I have tested it a number of times with a lot of people and they all say the same thing. Comp/grip DO NOT WORK ON SEMI-AUTO WEAPONS.

    Its clear you are just arguing to argue. You bring no real thought or evidence here to support your claim. In fact the only thing you continue to prove is your lack of reading ability.
  4. Aaralyn

    << SABR-13. I fired entire clip on 2-round burst at a nearby wall with and without compensator/high velocity ammo. The compensator reduced vertical recoil by maybe 5% while the ammo seemed to increase it by 5%. I don't know how to take an in-game screenshot (it takes a picture of my desktop).
  5. Richardsonnn

    No real evidence? Did you not see those two videos he posted? Even if it's anecdotal, it's more evidence than you've posted!
  6. Pandiano

    A 6 pages thread to refund something about 100 certs? Really? Really Really?
    Erm, my underbarrel grip does not a thing either. looks cool I keep it. Done.
  7. KaMiKaZePiG

    They do have an effect. You're either bad or you're an idiot, take your pick.
  8. Huacaya

    Ok, so I went and did some tests on the NC GR-22 with and without the foregrip. Just like it was in Flarestar's video. I stood at one wall of the warpgate and shot at the other without compensating for recoil. Just dumped all my rounds into the wall. I got video of it but the quality is so bad you can't really tell:

    So I went back and did it again but took screenshots of the bullet spread. Now you tell me, does it look like it has any effect at all? In fact, I won't label them, so without looking at the weapon can anyone tell which is with the foregrip and which is without?



    I agree that the foregrip at least appears to have almost no effect on the GR-22, which seriously makes me wonder if it has an effect on any of the other NC weapons.
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  9. Gabba202

    NC weapons with foregrips are still pieces of ****, just saying.
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  10. Huacaya

    Also, I don't care about Semi-auto weapons. I just want the foregrip to so what it says on the tin.
  11. Xae

    If you look at the datafile that has been posted you see that guns have both a Left and Right Recoil.

    I wonder if the grip is reducing the Left and Right by the same amount and canceling out.
  12. Guy Montag


    Seconded for refund after watching those videos.
  13. Guy Montag

    reduce recoil on ALL NC guns by 25% or this game will forever be 2 factions getting free certs on a 3rd. The only people who think otherwise haven't spent anytime on NC.


  14. Gary

    If you get your forgrip refunded i want my 1500+ certs back from Anchor for the prowler even on max rank its a joke of an ability.
  15. xpsyclosarinx guys are real d1cks to each other..

    But either way I'm pretty sure the point of the thread is that it's barely worth the certs you put into it. I personally use the silencer and HV ammo for the GR-22 and it works pretty well for me so far, though I've been smashing the NS11a and I have to say I'm loving it so far, I put the grip on it and I'm not reaaaaly noticing a difference, I'm about to get the compensator so I can use it a bit more at range but I think I might just stick with my silencer/laser/HV/2x loadout for it.
  16. Thorlord

    Summary of the thread so far:

    Person 1: I do not notice a change to the recoil when equipping the Forward Grip or Compensator upgrades.
    Person 3: It's not supposto make you a god at the game, you don't understand what it does!
    Person 4: You cant kill anything because you suck!
    Person 5: Interesting, I see a difference when I use the upgrades not sure why you do not.
    Person 6: I feel this way as well, maybe its a bug?

    The thread is addressing that the upgrades are not noticeable, as in, on or off it doesn't appear to actually do anything. In some instances it could be the gun, for example i bought both the forward and advanced forward grip for the X11 before i saw the stats for the gun that show that it already has extremely small horizontal recoil to begin with (meaning the advanced forward grip for the gun is kinda not necessary.) On the other hand I've attached the forward grip to other guns that have more horizontal recoil and not noticed any change either.

    I feel its a combination of a few things, such as bugs (it should do something to some guns and doesnt) missplacement (my X11 didn't actually need it to begin with) and subjectivity (it does change it but its such a small change its existence is disputable)
  17. Flarestar

    Yes. The first one is with the foregrip. If you look at the pattern of shots, while they still reach the weapon's maximum deviation in that screenshot, the shots are clumped more closely horizontally at most points on the weapon's travel. It's particularly noticeable once you got closer to the weapon's maximum deviation in that screenshot, although it's also noticeable right at the beginning of the clip as well.

    Even in the video you posted, the weapon appeared to have more predictable recoil in the firing sequences with the foregrip, although it's difficult to really tell due to the combination of the poor in-game rendering quality and the lack of a magnification sight on the gun.
  18. Tasogie

    I use the Advanced for grip and laser targeting, an cant say either was worth the 300 certs, but now I have them, eh no point crying as I make 100 certs a night.
  19. Huacaya

    I think I understand what you mean. The density of shots looks slightly greater with the foregrip, but I'm not convinced that it's outside the margin of error.

    Here is two more in a different place. I fired with my back to the far rail behind me:


    If there is an effect, which I'm starting to suspect there is, it seems to be very small. Random chance seems to play a much greater roll and I'm no longer comfortable just eyeballing it.

    Doesn't help that my bullet holes keep disappearing on me.
  20. Flarestar

    It's not huge, yeah. The extreme recoil of the NC weapons makes it seem even less than it is, also, just from looking at your screenshots. Your recoil range is so much larger that it makes it really difficult to tell a difference from a small test sample.

    I think this is all kinda coming back to what I said much, much earlier in the thread though. The confusion over whether or not the mods work is largely a result of people not understanding what they actually do, and that's sort of to be expected without some knowledge of both real world firearms and how firearms are programmed to behave in video games.

    The semi-auto/bolt rifle complaint is a great example. Both mods compensate for recoil - with most bolt action weapons, your aim is automatically corrected back to the neutral point before you fire your next shot. So it appears to be doing nothing, and (effectively) is, because you aren't firing recoil-affected shots. With most semi-auto weapons, same deal, most players don't spray and pray with them. I'm fairly sure that if someone was to do so and test properly they'd see a difference, but personally I'm not going to waste 100 cert points to find out.

    The one thing I DO agree with the OP on is that offering the mods for semi/bolt weapons is sort of silly. They don't make sense at all for bolt-action weapons, and they only vaguely make sense for semi-auto weapons.

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