Can i get a cert Refund for the foregrip/compensator...?

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  1. Ashur

    They seriously do nothing, if you are seeing any improvement after you equipped them it's just a placebo effect. Equip them both, shoot at a wall, un-equip them both, shoot at the wall, the pattern and spray are exactly the same, and if they're not the difference is so miniscule it might not even be there.

  2. Hoki

    I can confirm it makes no difference whatsoever.

    To be clear, its broken.
  3. Travisk

    Stuck a foregrip on my Orion and I started getting a slightly better score. Might be placebo, as people have said. Would be interested in some comparison videos.
  4. RF404

    Stuck a foregrip on the GD-7F. Love it.
  5. Flarestar

    I can confirm you probably tested improperly.

    Solstice SF, without and with compensator.

    Pulsar VSF, without and with foregrip.

    Distinct difference. Less noticeable on the Solstice due to the smaller clip size.
  6. Raigir

    Test it with NC weapons. The best examples being the Gauss Saw and Gauss Rifle. I did a similiar test to yours and found a very very 'slight' bonus from the from the compensator. And no difference with the foregrip.

    I'd think testing these on weapons that have the most recoil in the game rather than the least recoil (vanu) would be more productive.
  7. Tasogie

    Did you ever consider reporting it as a "bug"... bugs do happen mate, it isn't a conspiracy just because you dont think it gives you instant "I win".
  8. Flarestar

    Test it yourself. I don't have the inclination to sink time into grinding cert points on an NC character to prove something that you can readily observe in less than five minutes of proper testing on your own.

    What you're suggesting makes no sense. If the effect is as noticeable as it is with VS weapons, the case with NC weapons will be only show you one of two things.

    • They reduce by a flat amount, rather than a percentage, meaning that the effect is just as present, but not as noticeable due to the greater recoil of NC weapons, or
    • They reduce by a percentage, in which case the difference would be even more pronounced with NC weapons.
    People wanted to proof that they work - I provided it. If you want to keep arguing that they don't, start posting evidence or leave it alone. The test I did (stand at one wall of warpgate main building, fire on full auto from a fixed point at the opposite wall without manually correcting your aim) is easily repeated and shows very clearly how much effect the mods have on a given weapon.
    The main thing is to understand what you're testing, and to test that factor correctly.

    Edit - to clarify, testing correctly = being far enough away that you can actually tell the difference. The closer you are, the less noticeable it is. So far everyone I've seen post anything testing this was either comparing first and last impact point (won't be different on most guns due to clip size and max deviation) or was shooting from too close to see the difference.
  9. BrB Stove Exploded

    Flarestar, the only thing you have proven is that you cant read.

    Again for the the people who did not pass 6th grade reading I will say it one more time...



    Congrats, you posted a video of you using an automatic weapon. You have proved nothing but you cant read.

    If you think your comp/grip works with a semi-auto rifle, you are just a kid in denial that doesnt want to admit he wasted cert points. Get over it. You got robbed.
  10. 12987

    no refund
  11. Flarestar

    This thread is full of people posting about how they don't work on (insert automatic weapon here). That is who I was responding to. Maybe you should read the thread. If I ever get around to buying a foregrip/compensator for a semi-auto rifle (no idea why I would, seeing as they'd only really have an affect if I was firing rapidly enough that I should be using an automatic anyway) I'll be happy to test and show what is very likely the exact same results - that it does what it's supposed to do, and you're simply misunderstanding how it works.
  12. Raigir

    The case seems to be in favor of a flat amount rather than a percentage. The reductions in NC weapons are so minuscule they make virtually no difference in recoil. While a flat amount might work on vanu weapons fine, for NC who's recoil amounts are already astronomical the amount reduced from it is negligible.

    These attachments may be working, but it seems they need to be adjusted. As their bonus is virtually non-existent on NC weapons. And by adjusted I mean why the hell they didn't go with a percentage value to begin with. Not only are percentages nice and simple but they keep things consistent, especially across factions.

    P.S. I did my tests at 10m. Which is a reasonable range to start expecting these attachments to make at least some difference.
  13. WitcherKing

    I think I'm going to hold on getting the foregrip on my Cycler until a developer comes in here and offers, or a player discovers, some definitive answers. It seems crazy to me that some people are reporting no beneficial effects whatsoever and others are saying they couldn't live without them. It takes way too long to unlock things as it is to go wasting cert points on things that don't offer tangible improvements.
  14. BrB Stove Exploded

    Go for it champ. When you test what im saying you will see im correct, i dont care how fast you fire the weapon. It has ZERO effect.

    Point being, why are they offered on these weapons if they have ZERO effect.
  15. Flarestar

    I won't disagree that they may be a flat reduction - I do find that possibility to be unlikely though, as that's a really rookie mistake to make for that style of weapon mod.

    Until I see video of a properly done test though, it's kinda hard to say anything other than "hey, maybe you're right."

    Also, the marker in this screenshot is placed at the closest edge of the rock to me.


    That's how far 10m is in this game. It is not even remotely far enough to accurately test this. It's barely half the distance I was performing tests at, and I was doing them at what I'd consider to be the shortest range you'd be able to really see the difference at. If you need vertical and horizontal recoil compensation to help you hit at 10m, there's a far bigger problem than the mods in play.

    So again - if you really think they're doing nothing, by all means, toss up a video of you testing the weapon mod in controlled, proper testing conditions for that mod.
  16. Flarestar

    My answer to you is exactly the same as it was to Raigir. Do a proper test and show it. Until you do that your complaint has zero validity other than gut feeling.
  17. BrB Stove Exploded

    Um..I have tested it myself. That is why i made this post...

    Since your the comp/forgrip fanboi, its your job to prove me wrong. However you wont. They dont work lol. I dont care how much you try to say they do, or make a video explaining how it helps when you fire the weapon at light speed. It doesnt.
  18. Richardsonnn

    Actually since you're the one claiming something, it really should be YOUR job to come up with evidence. Burden of proof lies with the one laying the charges, not the defense.
  19. Flarestar

    That's really not how it works. The burden of proof lies on the claimant. You're the one claiming they don't work. Provide proof or your claim is irrelevant. I've already shown proof that they do indeed affect two different classes of weapons, which provides a reasonable basis for making the assumption that they work on any weapon they're attached to. If you're going to continue to claim they don't work, show evidence of this via proper, recorded testing.

    My guess here is that you simply don't think they're worth the price you paid, and you're correct in that. Putting a compensator or a foregrip on a semi-automatic or bolt action weapon would be relatively pointless - it might have some effect, but the mechanics of a semi-auto or bolt action weapon don't really take advantage of what those modifications are designed to do. That's your fault for not understanding what you purchased before you did so. I can understand your being unhappy about it, but being unhappy and claiming "they don't work" are two different things.
  20. Jinru

    NC Medic here. Gauss Rifle with Forward grip. I did a wall test with and without grip, emptied magazine clip both time. The Forward grip has no effect what so ever.

    Waste of 100 certs.

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