Can i get a cert Refund for the foregrip/compensator...?

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  1. Phyr

    Right, just like the bug with the MAX health. Obviously someone went in there and changed it so that I could get MAX health on an LA, cuz bugs never happen.
  2. TheBloodEagle

    Wish they weren't offered on the BR's since they are useless. I hope people realize his gripe was about the Battle Rifles (some people are talking about that specifically). I do feel like work (at least) on the TR weapons I have. But they do nothing on sustained fire for the AMR-66. I should of spent it on the laser & flash suppressor instead. I think those would of been more useful for situations with it.
  3. Madreag

    Someone should record a video with recoil tests against a wall. Video would show everyone if there truly is a problem with the attachments.
  4. Joehunk

    These mods definitely make a difference -- a big one -- on the VS battle rifle. I cannot speak to them being broken or not on other factions' rifles, but I invested the 200 certs despite this post just because I like the battle rifle so much, and now no way I could go back.

    If the OP was expecting recoil to be eliminated entirely, that is not what happens. Totally ballparking it, I'd say it's halved.
  5. Hodo

    I noticed a difference on my T5 carbine when I attached my foward grip. But I also relogged afterwards.

    The crosshairs are much smaller when fireing from the hip, and the over all weapon is far more controllable. Havent tested it on a single shot weapon, wouldnt have thought to put it on there... but dont believe in single shot weapons.

    Accuracy through superiour volume of fire!
  6. somerandom18

    I use the NS-11A and I only notice a difference from the compensator in semi auto mode and very very little difference in full auto almost negligible. Way I see it... Better then nothing eh
  7. Cygnus

    I have to agree with the OP. I haven't noticed the forward grip helping at all. I made a very short video to show what full auto with a rifle looks like with (first) and without (second) the grip:

    I started firing at the exact same location on the wall both times, and after emptying the clip the final bullet hits in the exact same place (about 2 tiles up and .75 tiles to the left).

    If there is a difference, it is very, VERY small.
  8. Flarestar

    I think some of you are kinda misunderstanding the difference between video game mechanics and real world mechanics, and misunderstanding how the attachments work.

    In video games, guns are programmed to have a maximum deviation from the starting aiming point when they're programming in recoil effects. i.e., the aiming point will only drift so far before it hits a hard limit. The attachments don't change the maximum deviation. They dampen the effects of the recoil from each shot.

    It's fairly easy to see what I'm talking about with one of the high clip size LMGs. Aim at a single point, don't move the mouse at all, and just empty the clip. You'll notice that both the climb and the horizontal stop going any farther before the clip is finished. You're hitting maximum deviation allowed for the weapon.

    When you test the effectiveness of the compensator and foregrip, you can't just look at the first and last impact points. You have to look at the rate at which it reaches the maximum deviation. The first and last bullet typically do end up in the same place. But it's not because the attachment is having no effect. It's that in many cases the effect isn't strong enough to prevent the weapon from reaching its maximum deviation before the clip runs out.
    In other words, if you're testing this by firing a clip and then looking at the first and last points of impact, or looking at the shot grouping, you're testing the wrong thing, and as a result you're seeing no difference or a difference based only on recoil randomization. To test these attachments, you have to look at the speed at which the gun reaches maximum deviation.
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  9. Opticalsnare

    I certed the advanced foregrip for the NC6 Gauss SAW and i havnt noticed a ******* thing. :(
  10. DaninTexas

    I certed for the foregrip 2 days ago and the compensator last night and I noticed tighter groupings of my bursts with them.
  11. PoopMaster

    You said semi auto op? Notice how the description says "sustained fire". Semi auto aren't automatic are they? Nope.
  12. TheBloodEagle

    @Flare, Can you do a video test for the Battle Rifles? The grip & compensator in my experience do nothing for them.
  13. Littleman

    The grip and the compensator are invaluable for sustained fire (even rapid semi-auto) but over longer distances. If you're firing from the iron-sights, a 1x reflex, or even a 2x reflex, you'll notice minimal effect because it's already freakishly easy to compensate for the rate of climb at 1x sensitivity.

    Look at the world through a 3.4x scope and greater, and the kick is much more brutal, as is the effect of the foregrip and compensator much more obvious. Basically, if you're firing at standard CQC engagement ranges, yes, you've wasted certs. I swear by these attachments in med-to-long range engagements however, especially with my SABR-13 which was essentially unmanageable for quicker semi-auto until I got it both the foregrip and compensator. I can't afford to plink away at the enemies one shot a second, there's simply too much cover for them to get to between inherent inaccuracies, my own inaccuracy, and damage fall off, even with high velocity rounds (there's a real steal if it weren't for the actual and very obvious bullet speed increase.) Yes, dear Vanu, even bullet weapons have damage fall off. It wouldn't take me 6 shots to finally see my target's health bar start to go down otherwise.
  14. Flarestar

    Currently I only have the grip for the Pulsar VSF, and the compensator for the Solstice SF. At first I really didn't think they did anything either, based on the initial tests I did (measuring first and last shot) until I noticed that my burst shot groupings tended to be tighter. After that I started testing as I described and noticed that the length of time it took me to hit maximum deviation was significantly longer with the grip or compensator attached.

    I'll see about doing some testing, yeah. As soon as I figure out where it stores in-game recorded video, anyway. May just load up XSplit and record it to Twitch or something.
  15. Cygnus

    I don't far as I can tell, my bullets took the same path. I went frame by frame through the movie and looked at the location of my sights after the same number of shots were fired, and they still remained equal. As an example, I took a screenshot at the instant I had 22 bullets left in my clip:

    It's pretty much the same angle difference from the corner section where I started
  16. sladuog

    You are aware that the bullets that are fired from your gun don't actually go where the sights are pointed, correct? You can easily test this by enabling high graphics settings and looking at the location of the bullet impact markers on the wall. This means that whenever you fire in full-auto mode past the first shot, there will be added cone of fire deviation to where the bullet actually goes compared to what's in the centre of your sights. You may be surprised to see that even if you had some sort of aimbot and kept the sights on the target all the way through firing, toward the end of the magazine the rounds would impact in a larger radius around the target compared to the start.

    Then there's the fact that if you fire single shots very rapidly, releasing the mouse button in-between firing a shot, the overall recoil per shot is dramatically increased. I haven't tested this recently, but I made a video a while back about it. Got no attention, so I might as well repost it.

    I made a rapidfire macro after this which was more effective at placing shots where you're actually aiming, but couldn't be bothered fitting it to the actual highest ROF of the weapon in question, because I'm lazy. Anyway, here you go:

    You might also be interested in this video, which shows the difference between deviation+recoil and low deviation and high recoil
  17. Otacon815

    You mean thanx to Michael J. Fox helping out BALANCE our guns? yeah, FUN stuff.
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  18. Quovatis

    Yeah, I was confused to see a foregrip on a bolt-action sniper rifle. It can't possibly do anything.
  19. Pinay

    Might be a stupid question, but did you equip that cert with your loadout? Just adding a cert will not automatically apply it to your weapon, you have to manual do it. Go to the class that uses the weapon, click on the weapon you bought the cert for, then click "go to certs" and apply the grip to the weapon.
  20. sladuog

    That's already been covered.

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