Can i get a cert Refund for the foregrip/compensator...?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BrB Stove Exploded, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. BrB Stove Exploded

    Clearly these attachments have no effect on weapons in game. They are broken, do not work and whats worse it seems like SOE intentionally puts them on weapons that they wont work on just to steal certs from players who dont know any better, or just make it seem the game has more to offer than it really does. I mean really SOE? adding attachments to weapons that have no effect just to make people think your game has a lot of options?

    If that is not true then why the **** are Foregrips and Compensators on bolt action/semi auto RIFLES when the descriptions clearly state "sustained" fire which means more than 1 bullet at a time. Even if you rapid fire the semi auto rifle you can still clearly see there is NO EFFECT WHAT SO EVER THESE ITEMS GIVE.

    Are these attachments broken all the way around on every gun or is SoE just trying to scam people out of certs who dont know any better?
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  2. TheRagingGerbil

    Whoa there buddy, might be a bug. I notice a huge difference when using compensators and grips.

    What class and weapon were you using anyways?
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  3. BrB Stove Exploded

    Use any semi-auto rifle with foregrip/compensator will see no reduction in vertical or horizontal recoil. None what so ever.

    For ***** and giggles i decided to test it out on the NC Warden battle rifle. Just as i expected, 200 cert points wasted. They have ZERO effect. Then i start looking around and low and behold, they put these items on every semi-auto rifle in the game.

    THEY DO NOT WORK. Which makes me ask, why are they available on these weapons in the first place?
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  4. Cuddlebun

    Off the top of my head here are your problems:

    1) Grips only work when you're looking down the sight like you should be anyway. Spray and pray sees no gain.
    2) It reduces, not eliminates. You still have to compensate for recoil by pulling your mouse the other way, just to a lesser degree.
    3) You don't know what those sentences mean and you need to learn the basics of FPS gameplay.
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  5. TeknoBug

    You might have to relog, the foregrip definitely helps me with my engineer carbine.
  6. BrB Stove Exploded

    I compensate for aim with mouse and ADS like everyone else in FPS.

    Like i said, go test it in game. Put it on. Shoot. Take it off, shoot. You will clearly see the ZERO effect these items give on semi-auto weapons. It does not reduce them at all. If that was the case, it would be doing what it describes and this post would not exist.

    With out attachments. Shoots up and to the right.

    With attachments. Shoots up and to the right. Same location as without.
  7. TeknoBug

    Don't shoot at a dumb wall, shoot at moving players, I recently picked it up on my new toon in the middle of NC raiding our base and it made a big difference, I was having some trouble shooting at the NC coming in the door from the second floor platform but after I died I picked up the foregrip and went back up there and was able to hit them more consistently.
  8. BrB Stove Exploded

    Sounds like a placebo effect to me. I dont care what you shoot at. A dumb wall from 10-50 meters or a moving player. The attachments have zero effect on recoil of the gun. Sounds like you were just compensating with the mouse to aim.
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  9. Cuddlebun

    Let me guess, you're putting it on and taking it off without redeploying/resupplying and therefore not actually changing anything.

    You're mentally deficient in some way.
  10. BrB Stove Exploded

    You keep coming up with these PS2 101 replies. Ive played since beta kid.
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  11. Lovefistt

    The difference they make is very minimal, it would probably be something like 5-10%, not really worth it for the certs imo, if they were brought down to 30 like the scopes however..
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  12. BrB Stove Exploded

    Finally someone who knows what they are talking about.
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  13. Flarestar

    He's coming up with PS2 101 replies because it's kinda questionable as to whether or not you understand what the attachments do. The difference is quite noticeable on many weapons. There are some, however, that are unaffected due to the weapon's characteristics. Vanu weapons for instance get very little benefit from foregrips, except for the LMGs. It's there, but it takes more than just firing a single clip at a wall to really notice.
  14. Cuddlebun

    You keep getting 101 responses because you're clearly an irate child who views a small upgrade as something that should make you better at a game you are clearly bad at.
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  15. BrB Stove Exploded

    Yes im a child because i want an upgrade to function properly. Sounds like you are the child that in denial. You come here offering no real evidence to your opinion. Nothing but childish, "you must be ********" remarks, and im the child? Sure kiddo. What ever you say.

    Try coming up with a real argument that shows im wrong other than your "opinions" which do not matter. Just some try hard forum troll.
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  16. Vibe

    Just bought a compensator for SABR-13 that has a pretty good vertical kick and I'm seeing hardly any difference :(

    Those attachments should not be freaking 100 certs in any case.
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  17. BrB Stove Exploded

    And more evidence that I am correct about this issue.
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  18. Cuddlebun

    You offered no evidence. I clearly stated how the mechanic works in an effort to help a newb.

    Cry more.
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  19. BrB Stove Exploded

    ^Fanboi that bought a compensator and thinks it helps.

    p.s. Look at the posts confirming my facts. Im sure more will come flooding in after people test it out in game. Keep trying, try hard.
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  20. Gambles

    I honestly haven't noticed much of a difference either with the GD-22S. I didn't do a wall test but I've played with it on and off then on again then off again, not noticing any change in my accuracy or game play what so ever really. Next time I log on I'll have to test it where I can see the spread and recoil with it on and off. I'm sure there won't be any noticeable difference but meh... I just won't get another one. Makes me wonder about some of the other cert things I got to though....
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