Can I get a answer for the PS4 version? it less then 6 months give me something

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bape, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Bape

    1. Will I be able to play my PC characters on the PS4 version? If not why? If they believe I will have an advantage over new players why not just lock the character for 2-3 weeks? or charge me to transfer my character.

    2.Will my SC items that I purchased on the PC version be available on the PS4 version?
  2. Phyr

    1: No
    2: Doubtful
  3. Bape

    are you 100% sure or you just writing stuff?
  4. RadarX

    PC and PS4 players will be on different servers for both technical and business reasons. We are still slated to release this year.

    Your Station Cash will not translate over to the PlayStation Network because these are two completely different systems.
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  5. Bape

    So basically no point playing the PC version anymore ><.
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  6. doombro

    Except for, you know, the better community, the better configuration options, the quicker content delivery, and the better peripherals. ;)
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  7. Bape

    better community? the Planetside 2 community is about 20,000 players while PS4 will be in the millions. Yes you are right about everything else though. The only reason im going to the PS4 version is because it will be have a player base. i probably will only play my NC on the PC version and make a VS on the PS4 version.
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  8. Phyr

    You're assuming every PS4 owner will play PS2. The PC has an even larger player base, and only a fraction of them have even heard of Planetside.
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  9. NinjaTurtle

    This is the very sad and unfortunate truth.

    SOE suck at marketing. I have never seen a single advertisement in England for PS2 anywhere. I have never seen a PS2 advert on any site gaming or otherwise.

    This game has received 0 exposure and the player count is highlighting that issue. It's got nothing to do with because PS2 is a niche game, it's because no one knows the game even exists
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  10. Bape

    Guessing you don't have a PS4 if you think im assuming because a lot of people are waiting for planetside. Also how do they have a larger playerbase? yes the community as a whole is large but the planetside community?

    PC is like under 20k
    PS4? all I need is over 40k and im good and that guaranteed.
  11. Phyr

    A lot of people? Like who? All 4 people who saw it at E3?

    Steam: 75 million active accounts

    PS4: 7 million units sold

    I'm not great at math, but even I can figure this out.
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  12. Dominator589

    Wow. Words can not express the disappointment and anger that I have for SOE. There is a HUGE player base that has started playing Planetside 2 right after E3 of 2013, JUST to get ready for the PS4 release. As a player of both the PC, PS4, and Planetside 2, I feel as if I have the right to say that this is a BAD decision. RadarX, please do what you can to AT LEAST port our station cash purchases as if all we're doing is creating another character. This would make sense. Can't you try to link our PSN account with our SOE account?
    We the PS4 players, and the rest of the PS2 fanbase have faith in you and the rest of the dev team. Please do your best to make this game what it is worth being.
    Please, at least for us, try a little harder to discuss station cash/purchases transfers.
    Your friendly fan,
    BLUE_DR1FTER (PSN) / Dominator589 (SOE)
  13. Shatters

    PS2 had an advert on steam yesterday. Look it up on the reddit if you dont believe me.

    They aint choices, they are technical limitations. If it would be easy to do im pretty sure SoE would have done it by now.
  14. Bape

    You are not understanding the PS4. When someone goes in the PS store they look through all the games and I mean all the games. You won't understand just don't be shocked when you see over a million playing PS2 and you will be thanking the PS4 for saving the PC version.
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  15. GhostAvatar

    More does not mean better.
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  16. Bape

    more does mean better lol.
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  17. Phyr

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  18. Dominator589

    I have to agree. The PS4 will be Planetside's trump card in terms of reviving the player base's numbers, yet barely any updates have been given out to us, just a huge "COMING SOON" tag on the website. I'm ticked off yes, but not irrational. Help us out here.
  19. Bape

    lol im not saying PS4 is better then PC I would be lieng I like K&M more then controller. But PC there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration. Like for example because someone is on steam doesn't mean he has the hardware to play those games like planetside. Also the PC community is divided into each different categories like RPG/FPS/MMO.

    Now yes PS4 has the same thing but the only difference is the PS4 store is what makes it different because where you see planetside everyone else sees planetside they don't have to search for it or stumble upon it by searching through thousands of games. Which is why im saying the PS4 will have a higher player base.
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  20. Phyr

    You're clearly missing the point, and severely overestimating the PS4 playerbase.
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