Can have some focus on the biggest issue? (force multipliers)

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  1. OldMaster80

    Personally I read a lot of people crying about different things. That has always been the case since beta.
    Imho some threads do not make any sense: some players waste time discussing why do developers hate a certain army (LOL?), why a certain faction is OP (re-LOL), some players expect every weapon to perform the same blah blah.

    Like if having a +5% damage or a 10% on reload a specific weapon was the biggest problem of Planetside2.
    Like if changing a secondary weapon would mean making the game better / perfect.
    Like if everything was about THEIR kind of gameplay.

    I believe developers should instead of focus on more general matters. Of course performance must be on top, but I play with everything on Ultra at 45-50 fps and I'm fine (and honestly I wonder how many users can go further than this).
    The biggest problem in my opinion remains the same we had at day 1: the strongest force multipliers (population and tanks) do not require any coordination nor skill. Zerg and you'll win. Roll tanks and you'll win.
    A 5-10% more population already makes the difference in battle. It doesn't matter what's your strategy, and how skilled you are. On the average result is decided by numbers. Unless you convince me your outfit is so badass you can win every battle where you have 40% of population.

    And vehicles can be spammed at will, and they make a huge difference. For the simple reason that a tank gunner can steamroll infantry in 0.5 seconds without needing any skill nor training. On the other hand infantry got it very hard to deal with vehicles. Yeah there are rocket launchers, turrets and landmines, but still the fight remains unfair and under the current resources system tanks are very easy to roll at will.
    Moreover some bases do not offer any cover from vehicles, once you're out of the spawn room you're already a target and we all know that another massive base redesign is extremely unrealistic.

    Feel free to disagree but instead of wasting times buffing / nerfing weapons forever (we all know a perfect balancement will NEVER happen), this is where the team should put some time and resources.
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  2. Meeka

    Zerging is temporary.

    Once the resource overhaul is fully finished the factions will not be able to afford so many tanks and zergs.

    Eventually, the further you get away from your warp gate the more difficulty you will have pulling vehicles.
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  3. GaBeRock

    The biggest issue in the game is how overpowered infantry are, and how close together bases are, which makes tanks useless, and forces aircraft to farm infantry to have any effect on base fights.

    Seriously, every single problem can be solved with infantry. 8infantry only forces should always lose to forces organized enough to use combined arms, and force multipliers should actually multiy force.
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  4. ColonelChingles

    Well infantry and Sunderers, but yeah. Infantry hardly need any tank support at all to win a base battle.

    Arguably at this point if you have two equal forces and one is 50% tanks and 50% infantry and the other is 100% infantry, the battle is going to be pretty even. Simply because infantry are unkillable, and tanks have a negligible effect on base captures.

    In some ways having tanks can even be a detriment to a squad or platoon, given how redeployside works. If you're an all-infantry group, redeploying is a breeze. But if half of your guys are in tanks, then you can count on 25% of your squad/platoon insisting on driving across the map to get to the next fight instead of redeploying. Which means at that next fight you're actually down in terms of manpower.

    This is of course why in Server Smash events MBTs are non-existent and instead everything revolves around infantry and MAXes (and to some extent ESFs, which are about the highest profile combat vehicle that makes an appearance). In PS2 high-mobility redeployside is everything, because it lets you cross time and space (and that open land that vehicles are best in).

    Vehicles simply don't have much of an impact on base battles at all. Whenever someone tosses up one of those pictures of a base being surrounded by 20 tanks, one of two things is true:
    1) All the enemy is in tanks, meaning that the 5-10 guys who actually dismount and assault the point are easily repelled by the defenders.
    2) In addition to those 20 tanks there are 80 infantry players who could have easily camped the spawn room all by themselves.
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  5. Shatters

    Sadly this is the current state of the game...
  6. Auzor

    Air is OP. (maybe not the valk :p)
    Sundy is OP.
    IMO, harasser is OP. (too durable for the cost & manoevring (hard to hit), and then add Vulcan-H...)
    wraithcloak is OP.

    You know what that leaves?
    The frigging paper tanks.
    I shoot a sundy from behind with the default dumbfire:
    1135 dmg. 45% dmg reduction. +12.5% bonus dmg.
    1135*(1-0.45)*(1+0.125)=702 dmg.

    I shoot a harasser with same, rearshot.
    1135*(1+0.5)*(1-0.39)= 1039 dmg.

    I shoot a lightning in the but:

    I shoot an mbt in the but:
    1135*(1+0.5)*(1-0.3)= 1192.

    Of those vehicles, the sundy can take blockade armor, protecting from all sides;
    the harasser can take composite, protecting front, side & top.

    Until bases are no longer a courtyard exposed to a nearby hill for bombardment;
    exposed to air for rocketpod runs and zephyr plunges, with aforementioned nearby hill making a retreat out of LoS niece and easy
    until vehicles & air are rebalanced so that tanks are the toughest pieces on auraxis,
    no thank you for nerfing infantry.
    Even after that, it is not so much infantry that should be nerfed, as tanks should be buffed (frontal armor, mostly; higher velocity on main gun, HE doing more than 1000 splash dmg to kill flak users)
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  7. Astriania


    Do you even drive vehicles? Two or three infantry with cover and rocket launchers (or AV MAXes, AV MANA turrets ...) can keep a tank away from a base. Tanks are way too fragile to infantry weaponry.
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  8. NinjaKirby

    Telling me, I literally run for my life in my Vanguard (When I have no Gunner) from a SINGLE Heavy Assault, because of the RL and C4 threat. Although I always roll AP, so I need to direct hit the bugger when he's ADAD'ing and Space Bar'ing.

    Infantry aren't pewny Ants I can step on, they are on the level of bloomin' Funnel Web Spiders capable of obliterating me with one close-up strike.
  9. MahouFairy

    Some bases are supposed to be vulnerable to air. Some bases such as the interior of an amp station or biolabs are supposed to be untouchable by air. They can't only satisfy just the Infantryside. This isn't a game where world of tanks, war thunder and counter strike just happens to be fighting in the same map. This is Planetside 2. You fight against every everything, regardless of what vehicle you are in.
  10. HadesR

    If I'm being honest I would say MAX's with their ability to be revived ad infinitum are a bigger problem than vehicles in regards to spammable* force multipliers .

    * Spammable by a faction not an individual.
  11. HannaDest

    In Gods name roll over that lone trooper or park your tank and use your secondary gun.If that does not help bring HEAT. Seriously.
  12. NinjaKirby

    Too much C4 Risk against my 450 nanites :/
    Too much effort for one Soldier, I just relocate somewhere else in the battle and attack from a new angle (Aka, Run). Good to keep moving anyway.
    I only gear up to farm Vehicles with my Main cannon.

    I really should just enlist a Gunner, but none of my IRL friends play. In before "It's because you don't have any friends".

    Seriously though, my lacking a Gunner is my problem, not rolling with team mates.
  13. starlinvf

    There are a lot of exacerbating factors on the subject.... Infantry mobility, Infantry fire power, the general nerfing of explosives, assignment of weapons to classes, vehicles having too much mobility and not enough durability, poor base designs (for the type of combat we have), under-utilization of open terrain, base spacing, territory weighting, the Lattice and Terrain flow not messing correctly, distribution of weapons to vehicles (which have always caused a lot of balance problems), major disparity in DPS thresholds for AV weapons, and the crewing requirements for most vehicles.

    I would also argue the game design should naturally gravitate toward outfits and ad-hoc teaming; but its almost impossible to achieve with the game's current pacing. Too many bad habits get new players killed. And most can't see, nor bother with upping their game to match.
  14. lothbrook

    Trying to run over infantry in a tank is typically a bad idea, they can usually sidestep you and will most likely slap some C4 on you, and swapping to your secondary is also a terrible idea unless its an AI one, simply because you're not immobile and even easier to C4 its preferable you have a gunner anyways, also HEAT is worthless on tanks now as you'd still have to get a direct hit to kill, lol.
  15. Demigan

    I would think that a more important thing they should worry about is a deeper meta-game. Weapon imbalances can be dealt with if they aren't too glaring, but without a deeper meta-game it won't survive for long.

    Just think, right now the game is basically a more a larger version of King of the Hill that repeats over and over with relatively little differences between bases. By deepening it with ANT's for instance or allowing a more intricate combination of infantry, vehicle and air combat where using all 3 at the same time is stronger than only one, and adding a more fluid and easy system for communication so players don't need to be in a squad to be able to designate targets or organise short impromptu tactics.
  16. Xienxiuqhuah

    lol@ people trying to spin it and say vehicles are weak and have no advantage over infantry. That must be why there's no vehicle spam. lel.