can anyone help me get better fps?

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  1. linque

    hello im slinq and i and feeling like i want more frames per second lol

    just playing on high settings nothing serious

    windows 7 ultimate 64bit
    i have a 955black x4 no overclocking
    with a xfx hd6950 boosted to 6970
    16 gig of 1666mhz ram radeon entertainment series
    800w be quiet power supply
    air cooled but stays under 60c

    anything i can do on the cheap or for free to boost my fps

    sapphire is selling new hd6970's on newegg for 100$ would crossfiring the 6970's give me much more?
  2. Tommyp2006

    Overclock your CPU, makes a huge difference for this game. Just make sure you have a good cooler.
  3. linque

    not really confident i can do it properly, my cooling is fit! huge copper cooler open case 160mm exhaust fan huge box fan intake

    i had it overclocked to 3.6mhz but when i put the 1666mhz ram in it wasnt stable anymore
  4. Shootybob

    Setting your CPU priority to high has significant impact on your FPS. I've almost completely eliminated variance.


    I guess it should be asked if you are more frequently bottlenecking in the GPU or CPU. Setting (Pre rendered frames 1 : Nvidia) (FlipQueuesize 1 AMD) off loads CPU burden onto the GPU, if CPU is the problem.

    You could try unparking cores (

    Overclocking works, but its over rated. Try other things first.
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  5. linque

  6. linque

    having done all three of those things im still not seeing much of a boost :(
  7. Uberclocked

    Uh oh!
    It seems that your CPU is probably bottlenecking PS2. The Phenom II X4 955 is a pretty mediocre old chip, and not going to be that great for running PS2, which is much more CPU intensive than most games because of the sheer size. You'll REALLY want to upgrade that if you want an increase in performance. If you can, get a Cooler Master 212 Evo and this:
    It's "only" $90 and the 1055T will perform ALOT better than your 955 while probably still being compatible with your mobo so you don't need to buy a new motherboard. Use the Cooler Master 212 Evo to OC it to 4.X GHz and watch your performance skyrocket.

    The AMD 270 will outperform the 6970 by at least 20% or so, while remaining cooler as well as being quieter.

    Hope this helps!;)
  8. linque

    i have this cpu cooler

    i'm going to order the 1055T as it is a way better price then the 1090T

    and with the AMD 270 ill have to w8 a week

    do you really think doing those two things will boost my frames per second all that much?

    as thats 220$ by comparision would a mobo and cpu combo (around the same price) keeping the ram psu and gpu for now give me more gain

    sorry im kind of a noob when it comes to this and i have two forums open. both kinda conflicting opinions so its great to hear both sides before i make a decision

    playing around 40-60fps isnt horrible

    w8 you said the 1055t can overclock to 4.0 wtfluff are you serious?
  9. BobSanders123

    Just know that shadows have a huge impact the performance of your CPU. Why they are calculated on the CPU, I don't know. Toning them down to high or medium could resolve the issue. Playing without shadows has increased my KD ratio and overall gameplay performance dramatically.
  10. linque

    im going to try that now and turn them off
  11. variablez

    download razor game booster and disable as many programmes, services etc as possible with it
    free download, --->

    when ps2 is running, hit ctrl + alt+ delete for task manager, right click PS2 and set to high priority.

    might help....
  12. Iridar51

    Check out my performance guide, link is in my signature.
  13. NinjaKirby

    Jesus, I got an i7 Gaming machine (Quite cheap though) because my AMD Phenom II 1055T Hexcore in my main PC wasn't cutting it. I have no experience with over clocking though, but interesting to know it can be done to 4Ghz, I might toy with that some time, ramp it to 3.5ish or something.

    Might as well try my hand at OCing the i7 as well, got a CoolerMaster Hyper 412S cooling it, hopefully that'd be sufficient.
  14. Shootybob

    Your system is very comparable to mine, excluding amd vs intel and nvidia.

    I use max settings for everything except shadows low, and flora off, since those seem to be cpu hogs. I let my nvidia handle the vsync, which you may consider letting yours do the same.

    I've spent quite a while fiddling with it though, so i may have inadvertently did something I don't remember. I'd suggest starting at the top and working down, as I have heard that ultra settings seem to have lower cpu load (not verified, but testing never hurt anyone)
  15. Uberclocked

    Yes, you can OC it to at least 4.0 GHz with your cooler, so nvm buying the 212 Evo.
    Yes, buying the 270 and 1050T will probably net you a 30% gain AT LEAST.
    A new mobo won't really give you an fps increase (at the most 5 fps if you buy a super high end $400+ one), but it'll still be nice to know your current mobo model.
    If you want, you can buy another 6950 for cheap and put them in Crossfire, that'll give you a much higher fps increase than just buying a 270, but you'll have to have at least a 750 watt PSU and it'll be VERY noisy and hot, so make sure you have a well ventilated case. And believe me, it WILL get hot and noisy (I have a 290 with stock cooling:p)
  16. Uberclocked

    EDIT: You won't see much actually fps increase from the upgrade to the 1050T, just an overall performance boost. You might want to consider something else if you want an fps boost.
    This is actually pretty interesting, though you'll have to buy a new mobo:
    It's a bit old, but still a performance beast, highly overclockable to 4 GHZ+ on air, and will get you much higher fps.
  17. BobSanders123

    Yeah, another settings is render distance. If you are still getting lag set it to around 2000. 6000 is a performance killer.
  18. iller

    Got one of these myself.... Lotta people said they had no prob getting theirs up to 4.2ghz.
    I couldn't even get mine over 3.8 b/c it simply had a manufacturing imperfection.
    BUT, If you're not even getting 20 fps in a Zerg fight like I am, then OC'ing might be your only chance here.
    OC'ing is a scary proposition if you've never done it before, but that's not a good enough reason to never learn how.
    If you just up the HT 10 notches or less at a time then test it with OCT, you'll be almost perfectly safe and find that threshold way before you've gone far beyond it

    And don't waste money on a new GFX cards, you're probably CPU bottlenecked all of the time.
    I have a sapphire 6790... it doesn't make any difference bro. Just getting SSD harddrive made a bigger difference TBH.