Can anyone give me a beginner's guide to Combat Medic-ing?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Twitchblade, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Twitchblade

    I started playing back in November for a solid couple of months, investing the majority of my time into Light Assault. I sort of faded off but I want to get back into it, and playing Light Assault seems sort of... stale. I want to make myself useful beyond shooting all the things, so I figure I'll give Combat Medic a whirl, and I'd appreciate any tips on where to start investing my initial certs to make myself more useful.
  2. Twitchblade

    Er, nevermind. Somehow I missed Wrel's thread when I posted this. Disregard (because I can't figure out how to delete the thread)
  3. issuemanthingguy

    ill give you one tip still, if some one shots you HEAL THEM
  4. EViLMinD

    1 - Find cover in positions that your allies are holding. Stay out of the line of fire (as best you can) and heal those around you.
    2 - Max out your repair tool asap. Nobody likes to be revived in the middle of a firefight only to be immediately killed again because the medic's tool was too weak. Don't be a nub medic - MAX IT!
    3 - Get nanoweave armor... or flak. Both are good. Bandolier is also good if you have res/healing nades. Those things will earn you mad exp in big base fights with zergs.
    4 - Don't waste certs on Triage. It's useless.
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  5. irishroy

    repair tool, repair tool, repair tool.
  6. Ganjis

    Kill the enemy that just made the corpse before trying to revive it during skirmishes.
    Pistol is faster to switch to than your rifle if you get caught with your medic tool out.
    If there is an ally behind you as you approach the enemy, let them pass you.
    If you see a tank in the field, hide immediately and avoid it spotting you (when I drive tanks medics are second only to nearby LA in priority).
    Get at least a single brick of C4 and play "Chase me! Chase me!" with tanks/MAXes.
  7. irishroy

  8. itzCujo666

    Don't forget the combat part of combat medic.

    Medic is the most survivable class in fire fights (imo), so get stuck in.
  9. CrimsonDaemon

    I give a few since I don't think I posted in the other thread.

    Never take point.
    Get familiar with whatever CQC rifle your faction has.
    First thing to do is fully cert your revive tool. It heals faster and further thus leaving you vulnerable for less time.
    Get C4, both bricks.
    Get at least nanoweave rank 2. You should never be stationary when reviving, but surviving a headshot when you think you're safe is a godsend when healing out in the boonies.
    Triage is useless. Don't even bother.
    Healing and Revive grenades are way too situation for me, but others have had good results. Best in tower fights or base attacks.
  10. Batisat

    Save up for res nades and throw them at dead maxes when they max rush. You'll be glad you saved up dem nades.
  11. HerpTheDerp

    run around, shoot dudes
  12. SirIBON

    Sorry but, the Nanite Revive Grenade has _NO_ effect on MAX Units.
    And even, with a Max Tool, the MAX would only get 20% health while revived.

    Heal the Engy, that repairs the MAX Unit. This will help your Team.
  13. Batisat

    well then, that's kinda awkward isn't it. Well at least it'll res the random engies around
  14. RX530SS

    1. Don't listen to wrels video. He clearly rarely plays combat medic because it was completely uninformed.
    2. Do everything that EViLMinD said in post #4.
  15. deggy

  16. Imposer

    Guess people missed this part.
  17. Steveru

    I like this one.

  18. Crewell

    Basic playstyle guidelines:
    1. You should never be out front. That is what HA and MAXes are for.
    2. Make sure you aren't going to get yourself killed trying to res/heal someone.
    3. Don't res someone without a max tool if there is a lot of incoming fire. You are just going to get them killed again and mad at you.
    4. Find a good CQC gun and a good mid-long range gun and get good at those.

    Certification guidelines:
    1. Max the Med Tool first
    2. Get AOE heal to rank 4+
    3. Get your Nanoweave to rank 4 (eventually 5, but that last rank is after other stuff)
    4. Make sure your guns are certed out to a way you like
    5. Get revive grenade
    6. Get 2 C4 (you won't use it like a LA but it's more handy to have than a med kit)
    7. Finish up you AOE heal and nanoweave.