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  1. promic

    campaign must be possible at all time all the new player will never have the chance to experience them ever ?
    think about it 2 minute lets say we are at the campaign number 8 and new player will miss all the previous and then eventually the campaign unlock are perm the old player will have a huge advantage over new player ? isnt it sad to create content not for everyone ?
  2. Botji

    I agree, its both strange from the point of view of a player joining or returning to see that there were campaigns and stuff to be unlocked but they cant do the missions or gain the rewards anymore because they joined the party late and its strange from the devs point of view too since they are spending time and money on these campaigns, some voice acting etc and then never use it again?

    I am hoping that once the campaign is done they will tweak it a bit(some missions kinda depend on other players/special unlocks which might make it hard to complete some missions etc) so the campaign can be unlocked at all times. Seems a bit silly if they will never use the campaign stuff again once its done.
  3. FLHuk

    I didn't touch it but as some of the rewards were "For the duration" I assumed it to be an repeating thing. One campaign every x, sort of deal....

    Road map says otherwise so looks it's all done and dusted, bit like resource revamp PT2 :D
  4. Botji

    Its mostly cosmetics but the newest one gave some infantry weapons that works under water too, dunno if you can unlock them with certs or not?

    Also some story stuff but I know most people probably dont care that much about that part...
  5. RabidIBM

    Don't worry, they're not missing anything by not playing the campaign. Oh no! They won't get to wait for Hossin to be open so they can go to an out of play tech plant to press E on a console, then go back to the sanctuary to press E on someone who tells them to go to Esamir, which is locked for the next 6 hours.
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  6. Clone117

    Some of the campaign exclusive toys seem nice and somewhat usefull. But the cert sink is stupid. The mission system is still cancer in either case