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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by HadesR, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. RF404

    No offense or anything, but w.t.f is an Urban forest?
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  2. Kristan

    concrete jungle, lol
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  3. Tuckrain

    India Scrub TR

    Rocky Tundra TR
    Digital TR

    hope that helps =)
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  4. Lavalampe

    Oh man, when i see your camos I become really jealous.
    We Vanu got Camos made for Fashion-Shows and not for camouflage...
  5. Vreki

    Well, you have always been The Fabulous Faction
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  6. xpsyclosarinx

    Yeah... I know what you mean. I think the TR one actually looks badass and actually does give you camo at nighttime but the NC one....well, it's like United Nations Pajamas....

    The Vanu one..heh looks like they're going to a rave bahaha
  7. xpsyclosarinx

    Where the hell did you pull that from? $40 = 4000SC....
  8. Vreki

    $40 = 4000 SC at retail price
    $40 = 8000 SC at X2 sales
    $40 = 12000 SC at X3 sales

    My guess is that most people only buy at retail price once, and then learn their lesson when there is a sale shortly afterwards.
  9. Kristan

    Oi! Bump this thread so it wont sink in tears of whiners!
  10. xpsyclosarinx

    So how exactly does $40 turn into 12000 when we're talking about alpha squad which is a non-sale item?
  11. Vreki

    The question is if the value of the 4000 SC is $40 or $20, or maybe even $14.
    I would not have to pay $40 to get 4000 SC, so the argument that Alpha squad comes free with 4000 SC is not valid for me.
    It is the other way around, the 4000 SC comes free with Alpha Squad, which costs $40.

    Also: More camo, less talk :)
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  12. Revanmug

    Pine Forest. Seriously one of my favorite this far.

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  13. xpsyclosarinx

    I think I might just talk to a brick, it might actually understand how business works better than yourself.
  14. NoDachi

    This what India scrub and composite armour looks like on the VS heavy.


    Rocky Tundra


    African Forest

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  15. Kristan

    There was days when you buy station cash and it multiplied. Like on halloween there was x3 multiplier.

    PS Thanks for the screens guise! You're awesome. Keep it up.
  16. Pingonaut

    When do the sales happen? Maybe they'll have a 3x sale on cyber Monday.
  17. Makaron

    A little bit off-topic maybe, but:
    How do these one-time camos work? Can I put it only on one class/vehicle? Or is it a one time use, so if i unequip it it's gone?
    A short explanation would be much appreciated.

    Also thanks for uploading these screenshots. Helps out a lot.
  18. Grizzly-Konried

    You get to slap it on one weapon of choice, but if you un-equip it, it's gone.
  19. Makaron

    Understood, thank you!
    They should add such a tooltip in the shop imo...
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  20. Doublefrost

    Another TR Light Assault with Digi Camo... Couple differences. While it still has Composite Armor, also has the Composite helmet with the skimask. Note that the camo extends to it. Also has DigiCamo on the weapon, and a back shot. The right helmet could enhance your camo look a great deal.


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