Camo patterns in the Anniversary bundle

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  1. d_carey Developer

    Issue: The camo patterns in anniversary bundles bought in game as opposed to through the web store are single-character use.

    It was our intention that all anniversary camo patterns would be account wide (usable by any char on the account), no matter where they were bought. We have a fix, but it will require bringing servers down. The next time we bring down servers for an update, all the anniversary camos should be account wide. Both future purchasers and players who bought them already will be addressed by this fix.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.
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  2. Halathorn

    Thank you!
  3. FrankHH

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  4. SashsaACIII

    Run double XP 100% 21:30 MSK November 20.
  5. pavelman

    brake due to various camouflage in combat 48 + / 48 + +
    fix it plz.
    need options to the off show camo
  6. SashsaACIII

    Hey Everyone,

    We just did our first push to Test Server with PU02. It's light thus far and a lot of stuff still in the works, but here's the high level thus far:
    • Optimized Esamir (currently a disaster area, but we'll get there)
    • More animation performance optimizations
    • More UI performance optimizations
    • Updated Freyr Amp Station (* A point none:( ) for testing, but also a disaster area at the moment. Adjusted playspace around Amp Station superstructure to contain three different infantry courtyards with three cap points. Owning a courtyard cap point earns you a spawn room in that section of the Amp Station, as long as it remains yours. Moved main defender spawn room into Amp Station superstructure where the SCU once was. Defenders can leave the spawn room via the vehicle bay or through two tunnels linking to the ‘lower’ two courtyards.
    • All items should be available on the Depot for testing
    Again, we’re still early in this development cycle, so expect more performance optimizations and bug fixes each build. Also expect that we’ll be introducing a few more bugs along the way, so help us out and report them via the in-game bug reports.

    Also, we’ll be resuming organized and regular play tests soon. We can only lose so many days in a row before needing a break.


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  7. Grazskin

    what about the guns, my TR and VS guys didn't get there guns which was included in the bundle
  8. Whet

    More importantly will you add a 50% resource boost to the heroic boost? Currently it shows two 50% increase arrows but only boosts exp. this affects my decision whether I purchase the bundle or not.
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  9. TheOriginalFaFa

    Will this include the 6 month 50%xp boost on all characters? I know that people who bought through the store got them on each.
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  10. SashsaACIII

  11. CEGrif

    wrong thread mate i think
  12. SashsaACIII

    Maps tactics ESAMIR:rolleyes::cool:.
  13. Jeslis

    Hey man, can you elaborate on this; -- eg; if I buy this on the website here somewhere, I'll get 3 boosts (or 1 for the 3 characters I have?)..

    Can you confirm this?
  14. SGT-Bilko

    Earlier this was the case, as of now I am not sure. The general feel I got from the staff while they were doing the live feed today was that multiple boosts were not intentional. I can say it would run players off if they took the ones back already given away because it made this very costly sale worth it for veteran and premium members, so that hopefully won't happen. As far as if it is still happening and just part of it now, I'm not sure because they stopped selling it on the site for a while and put it back, so they may have adjusted it. The only way to know would be to purchase, and post for the rest of us, or wait for a SOE staff member to respond and tell us how it is going to end up.
  15. loonybin0

    I would buy this pack if:
    • One heroic boost were granted to each character, regardless of whether they already have one active (I have one active on my VS character, and it is crossed out when I view the bundle on that character).
    • It included one more weapon, perhaps a pistol (gold/AE would be nice but not required).
    Yes I get that this is already a "great deal", but considering that it costs you practically nothing to make and distribute this (aside from designing the AE rocket launchers which I do think look good), you can throw in a little bit more for little cost to the development team. Heck, people will love you even more for adding it now - it'll be more incentive to buy, and a sweet little bonus for those who already purchased it.
  16. doqo

    So just how exclusive is the camo pattern ?

    Will we see it return or will it be gone forever in three days ?