Camo needs to have saved 'groups' for easy switching.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Fazaman, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Fazaman

    As it is now, camo is chosen per-item, so if I want to go from Esamir to Indar, I have to switch all my white camo for green or brown, which means going into my character and changing his armor camo, then the gun camo, then the vehicle camo and my helmet (though i only really have one of these right now). Then if I move to a different part of Indar, I need to switch it all again.

    Proposal: Have camo 'groups' so I can save 'Armor camo X, weapon camo Y, vehicle camo Z' in something separate from the loadouts so that I can choose 'loadout 1, camo group A'. Moving to a new area? Just click 'camo group B'.

    This needs to happen, since changing them all individual is unnecessarily complicated.
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  2. Jammer5150

    That's what your Loadouts are for ...
  3. Fazaman

    No, loadouts are for saving different groups of weapons for different situations, such as 'close quarter combat' 'long range' 'AA' 'AV', etc. Want to have a standard 'general purpose' loadout for both esamir and amerish, but want different camo? That's two of your loadouts right there, and you only get three. Wouldn't it make more sense to choose 'general purpose' loadout and 'ice camo', or 'general purpose' and 'jungle camo'?
  4. Fazaman

    Also, a camo group would cover your vehicles as well. Going to Esamir? Select your 'snow' group and not have to worry about chaning your camo each time you change class or vehicle. Redeploying to Amerish? change your camo group and you're good to go. No need to go through each item as you use it to change the camo pattern.