Came back after a year, same problem still exists, no small squad combat, please stop locking 2 cont

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  1. Crator

    The words you used were wrong in your post then. You said you subscribed to try it out which is not required due to the game being free-to-play. No insult intended.

    So you want to know why they lock continents when there's less population on the server? It's because they don't want the population to be spread too thin because the game promotes large size battles. Simple as that.
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  2. Kcalehc

    You don't have to fight at the bases you know... You can, with an organized squad set up just about anywhere on the map and generate your own fight just by being a nuisance. Pull in behind, or off to the sides of a larger fight and enemies will peel off to engage you. If might not feel like you're 'winning' anything, but merely by distracting enemy forces you're at least helping other friendlies at bases nearby (and if you're having fun, it doesn't really matter; it's not like there's any real goal to the game anyways).
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  3. Rockit

    They dont even have to do that. Just go pick some remote outpost way off the beaten path. Setup a 12v12 scrimmage with each team having an AMS and fight until one team loses everyone. They can have their little MLG scrims without being inconvenienced by other players.

    In PS1 small squads would go prep a base, preferably an Interlink since it was hard to assault and provided radar to the defenders if captured. You'd see a small group of people fortify a base heavily and setup an AMS/router combo then get up air defences to stop the first wave of assaulters. If the defenders were killed just spawn at AMS and use router teleport back into base instantly. All the while the clock keeps ticking until base cap. It would get very intense looking for the ams combo and if it was well hidden the small team could capture the base. Now how many of all those things I just described are missing in PS2? Defensible bases (generators and spawns deep inside the base), AMS with a cloaked bubble (not some module that just makes the Sunderer/AMS invisible crap), routers, Interlinks, advanced fortification engineering, combat engineering etc. Way too much is missing to make small squads a viable factor and this won't change.

    At the games current player participation rate both on PC and PS4 I doubt this game will make it until the end of the year unless they throw a ton of money at improving... well just about everything. They should just stop and move on to another title. Work on that Sturm and Drang title they put on ice a while back please!!!
  4. customer548

    Let me guess, you prefer to play to "My platoon is larger than yours" games ?
    That's your own choice. Ignoring the fact that PS2 is a great game because you're supposed to be able to do whatever / whenever / wherever you want is your own choice.
    You prefer large fights ? Many people think large fights are boring. If i was looking for fast and braindead action, i'd enjoy large fights / zergs. I'd play other games too.
    During small fights, you'll have to use your own skill at his best, choose your class and equipment. Small fights are competitive. Large fights and Zergs are not. They are just about numbers of opponets, for most of them.

    Keep on having fun with your own gameplay, but please do not pretend that Ps2 is a game where you can have fun and interest in large fights only.
  5. n0pax

    You are totally correct there are countless ways to play PS2, many of which the community would deem "wrong" and I respectfully disagree with them. That said the game is advertised as a "persistent world with multiple massive combined arms, triple digit number battles at any given moment" and if you think they should harm the "core gameplay" in order to enhance your niche gameplay like the OP does there is an issue.

    I totally agree you can play the game in many different ways, just if your way is different than the core gameplay, you should not expect nor demand DBG to cater to it like the OP evidently does.
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  6. Whatupwidat

    This should be on one of the tool tips while the game loads up xD
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  7. Obscura

    Yes I prefer to feel like I'm apart of an planetary 3 sided war like planetside 2 is meant to be, not like a futuristic call of duty twitch shooter. If so many people thought large fights were boring... then why are there so many large fights going on at one time? Braindead action is 12-24 vs 12-24, at least in a fight with numbers a new or average player has the chance of contributing to the fight, just a few high level players with better certs and gear can stomp on a team of average players for 30 minutes without capping another base and then call it "tactical".

    If you want "competitive" then theres plenty of better competitive shooters out to choose from. This game is meant to simulate the feeling of being in a large scale conflict, like the hordes of men you see battling each in movies or that fought each other in history. Do you think in the battle of stalingrad or (any real military conflict), a soldier of either side was seeing their enemy as "competition"? **** no, they wanted to kill and conquer each other not compete and they sent thousands, millions of men to fight die and conquer for them. Seriously just go to hossin for your tactical ghost caps, nobody plays there anyways and the rest of us can play real planetside.
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  8. customer548


    So, a PS2 player is supposed to be a noob forever ? I play this game since its release. I had fun in large battles when i started to play this game. I now think large battles are boring. Zergs have definitly no interest for me.

    Damn, thank you for your help. I thought PS2 was a Tetris like. So much time wasted.

    We're talking about a game, not about a real war, please come back on earth. And sadly, i guess that soldiers who stayed alive during wars had a more common sense of "competition" that the dead ones. Proof is that they stayed alive. Or they have been just lucky enough.

    I don't like ghost caps, i usually redeploy. I never play on Hossin. I don't even know what is supposed to mean "tactical" in this game. But thanks for trying.
    "...and the rest of us can play real planetside"...Perhaps should sometimes try to get out from your outfit zergs. You may understand Ps2 is way more diversified than you seem to think.

    So, as i said... Keep on enjoying large battles/zergs with your 4000 members oufit. I'll keep on having fun in a competitive way during small and medium fights as a solo player.
  9. n0pax

    Please do not think I am coming across as attacking you or degrading the way you play the game because I totally respect it and I am just legitimately curious. Why do you play Planetside 2? Why not play Battlefield or Counter Strike? The former offers a vastly more consistent small battle experience and the latter offers a much more technologically sophisticated small albeit infantry only experience.
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  10. customer548

    Nopax, it seems that you misunderstood my previous posts. You seem to think that i want Planetside 2 with small fights only. And that i want Devs to do something in order to give me more small fights only. (If i understood you in the right way). But i never asked for anything like that.
    The fact is that i noticed that during those past 1 or 2 weeks, small fights are a bit harder to find. Is it because of lower pop, or because of redeploy mechanics changes ? I don't know. And yes, i miss the game when it had no Lattice.
    I see a guy saying " PS2 is not a place for skirmishes, go play COD". I just say that i'm playing since this game release and that small fights have always had a great place in PS2. Some people prefer zergs/massive battles, others do prefer small /medium ones. You can perform in both of them. But there's no reason to say "move to another game, you didn't understand what is the core of PS2".
    And as i said previously, as a noob on PS2 i enjoyed zergs and large fights. I still play zergs and large fights, but i try to escape from them in a quick way as soon as possible.

    I must say that i do not understand the real goal of your question.
  11. Devrailis

    This game is about massive fights.

    People complain when massive fights happen.
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  12. FieldMarshall

    Planetside's gimmick is large fights. Why even play planetside if you dont like the core gameplay concept?
    Thats like going on the Starcraft forum and trying to turn it into a MOBA because you dont like RTS games.
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  13. Regpuppy

    This game makes sacrifices to make large scale fights possible. If you put this games small scale battles next to a number of popular shooters, it will lose out because of this. So of course they're going to push for more large battles, otherwise this game can't compete.

    Seriously, every gameplay you'll see of the new PS4 players being impressed involve either the scale of the map or the size of the battles. Because those are what make Planetside unique. This is exactly why they lock continents during low population, to facilitate these large battles.
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  14. Taemien

    I'm liking the changes too. The zerg gets locked up in a face off against another zerg. I get to use my static in the small fights and wreck the solo players until another enemy small squad shows up and then I get a real fight. If they don't show up, well we take a ton of territory for the alert. Kinda of a win-win situation there.
  15. Obscura

    Yes it is a video game which is played for fun, its a form of escapism not something competitive like a sport. And war is not a competition, war is war, and the soldiers that lived through it will tell you that the reason they lived and their friends died was not because they were better competitors.

    So what, do you purely play video games to compete against another person and prove your skill over theirs? Like your some "MLGx420xN0SC0PE" competitive gamer? That is the wrong reason to play planetside or any video game. People can immerse themselves in a game and have imaginations and not be delusional, it's like watching a movie or reading a book and getting involved and attached to its characters, or having loyalty to your faction and liking its backstory and it's role in the games lore. On the other hand, thinking your a competitor or any real "skill" is involved in a video game is pretty close to a delusion.

    oh and this is the outfit I'm in, Azure Twilight, my first outfit was Sentinels and both I can guarantee would be too organized for your taste. Both have and had the ability to go into the largest fight on the continent and turn the tide of the battle with 14-20 people because of how organized they are. SOE even made a recruitment video for them lmao
  16. MarkAntony

    Ok first of all who gives you the right to proclaim what is the right reason to do anything? Some people play it just to cool off and don't care how well they do. Some play for the friendship and fun within outfits. And yes some people (i am one of them) play it to get better and to see just how good they can get.
    How superior you must feel to tell people how to enjoy something...

    If you think there isn't skill involved in gaming then I invite you to go play against AC,DA, TIW etc. and then tell me how they are able to beat you so easily if skill is non-existent in gaming.
    You are the delusional one if you think there is no skill to doing well in a a game...
  17. customer548

    You're way to aggressive, my friend. You should chill, really.

    If you are unable to understand that a FPS is a competitive kind of game, i can't be of any help. I guess that's whay you need other people to give you orders on a simple game. Fun fact : you pretend that there's no competion on FPS', but you need a full platoon to carry you during fights. PS2 is not about buidling a farm or customizing a car or character with shiny colors, or the Sims.

    I mean...I don't even know why i keep on answering in a cool way to your stupid and aggressive posts "U're a MLGx420xN0SC0PE, plAy thiz gAme in the way i dEcided in my small brAin,Ps2 iz about wAr ya kno!!! Sun is shining when we're not at night, yA kno !! !!". You definitly lack of any reflection and respect.

    By the way, i don't care about people needing to be piled up in any organizations in order to feel better and safer. And i don't care about your outfit.
  18. Obscura

    I have played against, TIW NUC TE 666 and many others, I've been playing this game since early beta and launch when the zergs were much worse, but thats organization not skill loll. You seem to have a misconception about what a "skill" is, being able to play a video game well is not a skill. literally the only things that a good planetside 2 player has to have is hand eye coordination/mechanics and knowledge about the game and that is it, neither of those are a skill. You know what a skill is? It's something you've learned and trained to do in the real world, like flying a plane or playing an instrument or being a professional sports player.

    You're confusing "skilled" with "tryhard", someone who tries excessively to win at something for little or no reward. What are you actually getting for your "skill"? A number on the scoreboard? Your ego being inflated?

    I and most of other people play this game purely for entertainment, not to win or beat someone else at it, win or lose I stay at fights and do what I can to turn tide. And if my K/D sucks or we lose the base? I go on to the next one and enjoy it all over again. As I said, hossin should become the unofficial ghost cappers "small fights" continent, the rest of us can enjoy planetside for what it is.
  19. travbrad

    Just come back in another year OP. If player numbers continue to dwindle the game will eventually get the point where smaller battles are the norm. Also if you can play during off-hours (not primetime) it's much easier to find some smaller battles. Weekend primetime is just pure zerg.

    I also prefer smaller battles btw. My ideal fight is 12-24 or 24-48 on each side. Anything above that just becomes completely random and your squad can't accomplish anything. Their server infrastructure and netcode clearly can't handle those huge battles either. Most of the lag and glitches in this game only happen in huge battles, or happen much more often in huge battles. It's like they are trying to show off how buggy the game can be, then wonder why new players don't stick around.
  20. customer548

    That's funny to hear about "ego inflated" from somebody like you. Somebody who decide what size of fights are ok or not. Someone who convicts other people if they do not play a game in the way he decided it should be played. Someone who seems really way too proud to be a small part of a hudge players organization (It's just a game with no real goal of interest, you know ?). Someone who clearly say that people who do not share his own point of view just have to move to another game. And other random "I am right and you are not, go away" aggressive stuff.

    You're talking about the fact of having fun. We all do. We all do without having to criticize others choices. You're the only one who seems to have troubles with people having a different vision of this game. "Ego inflated" is definitly the reason of it.