Call me when they nerf the TR

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  1. LordKrelas

    Striker is a proximity lock AA launcher, with a large mag.
    The NS Swarm is a 3-shot Lock-On, with 2 speed settings...
    The Swarm is counted as one of the worst possible Lock-ons.
    The Striker isn't.
    So for a 2.0 model, it's pretty inferior.

    Vulcan, yes, VS has a clone of that basically paired with an odd end-of-cycle blast wave.
    NC does not.
    Repeater Pistols , the NS Pilot basically replaces it.

    But hey.
    NC Sidearms--> NS Commissioner, NS Sidearms in general.
    NC Godsaw Trait: Anti-Armor at 50% damage cost ---> VS Striker with charge-mechanic & AV.

    TR has the most generic weapons nearly.
    NC has a lot of clones as well.
    NS generally has most of the traits, but go figure.

    But seriously, do you want the NC Shotguns to replace your chainguns?
    NC's unconventional is RNG, delayed-firing (railjack), and being a shotgun.

    If TR's stuff was the only thing being nerfed hard, NC's shotguns should be king in CQC.
    Saron would still be more murderous.
    And the Vanguard shield wouldn't be even more time dependent, and locking the Vanguard into a repair cycle.

    However, mainly.
    Who the hell thinks the Swarm Launcher is the Striker?
    If it was, you think people would be complaining how Swarm Valks are a dangerous threat, not Striker Valks, lol
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  2. Towie

    I've said this before - since the TTK reductions, this has made AV shot misses very costly indeed - effectively buffing weapons with high rates of fire (of which Vulcan is king - along with extreme ease of use).

    Add to this the nonsensical CAI buff of the Harasser has made it public enemy number one.

    Last night I was gunning in a Vulcan Harasser and within 3 minutes killed: 3 Lightnings, 1 Ant, 1 Sunderer, 4 Infantry - only once were we in serious danger but managed to turbo out of there and repair. Ironically the Sunderer was the toughest, using a Basilisk.

    All of that on a 150 resource vehicle. No wonder people are annoyed. This was called out very soon post CAI and yet absolutely nothing has been done about it.
  3. typnct

    If you still complain about the tr op remember
    The vulcan is the ONLY viable secondary weapon in its arsenal
    The gatekeeper excels at nothing
    The marauder excels at nothing(the mjolnir can do it better and with more killing potential)

    Tr is inf based medium to far range

    Nc is close range(most encounters in alerts)

    If you complain about that then your skill lvl is simply lacking

    Its just like my post of how to beat a vanguard

    You need to learn alot and with that you die alot

    I can complain that we dont have any secoundary but the vulcan and that vanguards are op at close range(this is their use close range)

    But i can complain too that the nc got it a whole lot more smooth due the vehicle killing potential
    But i wont why?
    Because everythings got its use and time
    You dont have the worst arsenal
    You have asymetric balance

    The nc excels at cqc in vehicles and anti vehicle inf weapons

    Tr at medium close range inf with aa capabilities
    With long to medium range tank battles

    Vs has all range medium dps capabilities
    With inf having demanding high skill

    Yet you complain about the mjolnir that demands high skill while the vs was like that from the start!
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  4. Icehole1999


    I have to disagree with your statement about the TR MAX. I'm running pretty much just twin Fractures now. An NC MAX cannot even begin to damage me enough to get me worried before he's dead. He just doesn't have enough time to close the gap. I know a bunch were noobs but I killed many blue MAX unit this weekend.

    Here's how I see it:

    TR > VS > NC

    Most of the MAXs I killed had an engie with them. It didn't matter.

    I lost more engagements to HAs than to opposing MAXs from both other factions.
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  5. CMDante

    Sorry man but this is just patently wrong, NC have the best MAX for anything but trying to kill infantry across a field. The Fracture and Pounder DPS is nice but compared to the walking hell of dual Ravens they ain't **** unless you're across the road from your target. AI capabilities aren't even a contest. NC > everything.

    Unless you're going pounder vs falcon in a room the NC MAX is just better. Plus the shield.
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  6. Icehole1999

    This doesn't mesh with my experience at all. We were at TI Alloys and I smoked like 10 NC MAXs. Their big guns don't amount to anything when they can't get close enough to hit me. Stats on paper is just that.
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  7. CMDante

    If they were trying to get shotguns on you past "across the street" distance that is a problem with their usage and not the weapon. Mathematically an NC MAX is superior in almost any metric.

    They pay for the proud title of "Best MAX at what MAX are supposed to do" by having the least flexibility. Whereas TR and VS MAX have a larger area of less effectiveness
  8. Icehole1999

    I do agree with that. Recently I killed an NC scatmax with my LA and a Cougar. It took a while, but he couldn't get close enough to damage me. Like at all. And he couldn't get away. He was trying desperately to fit his big blue *** into a crack in a cliff when he died.
  9. Atorum

    MCG is the worst infantry weapon in the game, THE WORST!!!!
  10. Ziggurat8

    I've gunned for every Harasser/Weapon combo in the game and I've driven every harrasser combo in the game. Aphelion/Harasser is the best with an excellent experienced gunner but randoms just hopping in the back that don't know how and when to apply the wave shot turn it into a worse Vulcan. That alone
    I've always felt NC have the best infantry weapons.

    They require superb aim and handling so they're not very casual friendly but once you get a handle on them they've no equal.
    Unfortunately or fortunately (depends on how you look at it) having the best but hardest to use is a double edged sword and for the general population is just another drawback of the NC.

    One other thing. I'm not big on dog fighting and the reaver imo is better for ground pounding when G2A is a threat. Faster acceleration, afterburner and greater thrust makes it easier to stay in longer to finish a target than with a scythe or mossy. I make them work but the reaver is easier for hit and run A2G.
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  11. raffa2

    Necroing this thread to say i miss oneclipping lightnings in the back, now on a 1v1 you struggle to kill just one; even if you set up perfectly, they still can respond to fire and kill you.
  12. Stoet

    what do you bring then ? coz if i bring a prowler with a vulcan and i have a 2nd gunner that lightning has no chance... it might get the second shell out, but not even at all times they manage to shoot me more then once after i open fire with 2x prowler and vulcan starting to rattle in on him.
  13. frozen north

    Vulcan is definitely not a weapon on my OP list. Its on my good weapons list, but that's also a really big list.

    The Vulcan may be a close range vehicle shredder, but that's also all it is actually good for. With its accuracy being what it is, it is definitely not ideal for anti infantry, nor does it have a good effective range. On top of this neither of the other two TR secondaries are particularly great. The gatekeeper is just a poor weapon, and the marauder is a fury that trades impact damage for splash damage ( though the radius remains less then ideal).

    NC has one meh top gun ( canister), one admittedly bad one ( enforcer), and what is in my experience a rather good weapon with the mjolnir. In fact, the mjolnir beats the anti-armour output of the vulcan, and gets to have built in anti-infantry effectiveness as well.

    VS has the Saron... which is honestly pretty freaking good. The aphelion is a vulcan basilisk fusion that is pretty decent. The proton is basically just a one trick pony.
  14. Pacster3

    LOL...that's how VS feels too. Our Max can't do anything against C4-Fairies(we just can't kill them fast enough). While NC MAx got a shield...we got a "Kill me faster, I'm here" suicide disco-glow. Magrider Maincannon is a bad joke compared to vanguard and prowler(slower, higher drop, better visibilty, less damage)...vs vehicles, vs infantry...and we do not even need to talk about trying to hit air with those balls. Lancer and Vortex do almost no damage and are useless unless you got a whole squad to back you up. Scythe is so easy to hit from all sides aside from the front and feels much harder to handle(and the main cannon underperforms). If an enemy MBT shows up right in front of your Magrider, you are toast...that's it. We don't even need to talk about the striker in the rocket launcher department.
  15. adamts01

    I've actually done a 180. I played NC for a month and then switched to TR for a year. So I gained most of this opinion from a noob prospective on NC and after killing them for a year, the opposite of the grass is greener. After becoming a better player and then moving back to get my NC up to 75 I think they've got a lot going for them. I don't remember much of this post so I'll refer to what you quoted.
    • Vanguard: In tank vs tank, I put the Vanguard in 1st place. The Mag is the most versatile and the Prowler is a cloaked flash & c4 magnet. If I got better with it, I think I'd prefer the Mag, but the Prowler main gun is so good, it has extra health to fall back on, and a shield for when you bite off more than you can chew. I think it's the easiest to use for most players and my current favorite.
    • Top guns: VS wins with the Saron, and NC does well with the MJ. But when I originally wrote this the Vulcan still blew the MJ out of the water, but I didn't give enough credit to the Enforcer with its inerruptible reload. But yeah, at the time of writing NC did have the worst top guns.
    • ESF: The Reaver in the right hands has so much potential. But.... most pilots can't aim well enough to take advantage of its superb dps to counter its terrible hit box. And this thing NEEDS fuel pods to take advantage of its boost speed. With wing mounts it's a sitting duck. For most players, the Scythe is the winner in a duel (it's cannon is fine) and when using Hornets, and the Mossy the easiest to use, best when fighting more than 1 opponent, and suffers the least from wing mounts, but its terribly low dps means you need to land your shots while being evasive.
    • NC Max: It does only 1 thing, which is why I mocked it, but it does that thing well. Crash and hold points. TR and VS have much more versatile Maxes, but NC has a Max that actually feels like it should. When paired with shotguns, that shield is my new favorite.
    • NC guns: They lack the sustained dps of TR and the ease of use of VS, but they dump damage in bursts, are by far the most accurate, and drop people from any range quickly with headshots. Plus, with their low rate of fire, they're the least likely to suffer from this game's rof/fps problems. But, just like the Reaver's Vortek Rotary, missed shots are punishing.
    So I wouldn't say I've done a 180, more like a 120. On Connery, NC has 2 HUGE problems. And they have nothing to do with equipment.
    • Some incredible small outfits, but no non-zergy large outfits. They just can't get enough people on the same page to counter VS, and to a lesser extent TR.
    • TR and NC Chinese outfits aren't on the same level as VS's Koreans. This is the most interesting one. It's not a skill problem that I can see, it's a lack of picking fights to win the continent. I'm not too sure what their goal is, other than to make sure they pick fights they can win.
  16. raffa2

    I mainly play TR, and having played a bit of NC and VS i start feeling like TR are a somewhat crippled faction, from infantry to vehicle side with just few top guns. I think that NC have all the tools to be the dominant faction, so what has gone wrong with NC? It seems like NC, at least on Miller, have no leaders that can exploit NC strength, fighting NC feels like fighting lots of lone wolves trying to minmax their KDR, that inevitably succumb against enemy hordes. So what has failed with Miller NC?
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  17. Campagne

    Miller NC is full of stupidity and cowardice, and certainly more than a few extra chromosomes. But then so are the TR, and so are the VS. People, in general, don't want to work towards a common goal over one's own personal interests. The NC isn't last in victory across the board just because they're stupid.

    But anyways, keep playing for a while. New stuff always feels stronger and better, then the novelty wares off.
  18. typnct

    Quick suggestion for all squads in game


    I rarely see any microphone user in nc and none at all in the vs
    Most(on miller) have voice lead commanders that communicate daily on command chat coordinate attacks on certain areas

    Most notable are FU 300S EINS ARS35
    Communication is the key in this game and sadly only about 1/10 of the players i meet even use that

    Exp: i dont play vs and nc as much but when i get the platoon lead i start talking about what were gonna do and how
    I kick stray players that straight out dont listen after 5 4 minutes and not before warning them why

    Most of the people usually react fast and adapt well to the command and start using chat aswell to coordinate their squads for main obj
    Mine are usually like this
    if there is no time then get the point
    If there is time then kill the sundy first
    Cut off zergs by back cappin with stealth sundies that await in the far and gal drops if the base needs immediate help usually on point or the main cap sundies
    And people always demand me to stay the squad lead even if i dont lead well enough and tell me its the best platoon they've been to for a while
    So its kinda feels like they lost a part of the gameplay due to a loss of interaction with voice leader that are so much more effective from chat lead or just platoon way point leaders that stay mute.
  19. JibbaJabba

    mmm, not really.

    Mjolnir is stronger at the Mjolnir's optimum ranger where all shots hit. Outside of that range the Vulcan is better. Against infantry the Vulcan is better at all ranges.

    If an option was available to choose any of them regardless of action the Vulcan would be the choice.
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  20. adamts01

    I want to quote my own post to update my opinion.
    • NC's weapons are the best if you have MLG aim.
    • The Reaver is the best if your aim can overcome your hit box, which is rare.
    • The Vanguard is the best in a tank vs tank brawl.
    • The NC Max is the best at taking and holding points, even though it's the least versatile. But it's my current favorite.
    I want to make it clear that the NC does have a lot going for it. Given the choice I'd take the NC Max and NC guns over any faction's. The Reaver is a boss with fuel tanks but sucks without them. The Vanguard is situational. NC top guns are now competitive after the MJ buff. Please give the Enforcer and Gatekeeper back their old mechanics.
    Carry on.

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