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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Demigan, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Demigan

    C4 has been complained about since the game's inception, but aside from "remove it" or "nerf it into the ground" there's little in the way of actual solutions given.

    The solution as far as I can see is simple: What other option do you have? Aside from medkit chuggin Heavies there's few things you can put in that slot, and C4 is just too good as a weapon of opportunity. You'll not use it much, but when you do get face-to-face with a MAX or have the opportunity to run up to a tank you'll want to have those bricks in your pocket.

    So we should be introducing other options to give players other choices. These options would all cost resources and could have a variety of functions. The goal is that only a small portion of players is carrying C4 when they really think it would be useful, and pick other choices in most other situations. Don't worry C4 will also get changed by introducing three categories:

    Category 1, low risk:
    These utilities would function like grenades and medkits. Once you paid the resources they will be in your inventory until you use them, no matter how many times you die. Because of this these items would be ideal as items of opportunity that you only use once in a while, or weapons that need to be limited to prevent spam.

    Category 2, medium risk:
    These utilities would function like MAX's, you buy it and can use it until you respawn. These would be weapons and utilities that you pick when you know what you are going to face. Similar to a MAX, ammo will be free and reloadable from ammo packs.

    Category 3, high risk:
    These utilities would cost resources to buy, are lost upon a respawn but also cost resources per use. I suggest moving current C4 to this category, allowing players to keep the current power but at much greater risk.

    Example of a potential Category 1:
    Half-brick of C4. You get 4 half-bricks that are thrown and detonated as fast as current C4, have half the damage and half the cost. You can only have one brick out at any time, and trying to throw more will detonate the charge already on the ground.

    Another example: A dart that causes a light concussion effect on vehicles it hits.

    Example of a Category 2:
    A strong version of the Thumper (in fact, making the Thumper a Heavy Weapon only available to the Heavy is a mistake so make it a utility instead).

    A rechargeable radar that spots enemies within a certain distance of you upon use.

    Example of a category 3:
    Change current C4 to this

    A key for CQC use. After a short chargeup it can kick out occupants of a vehicle, use it on unoccupied vehicles to steal it for your own and consume the key. Does not work on Sunderers.
  2. Dethonlegs

    If they stopped it sticking to friendly vehicles it would prevent the more cheesy things players did with it. Like attaching 3 bricks to the back of a harasser and then driving at max speed with the C4 trailing behind at a safe distance. Drive past whatever you want killed and detonate.
  3. JohnnyWayne

    Just make it unusable while flying with jump jets and remove that fishy *** explosion delay. There you go. Fixed.
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  4. Wolfborne

    Better yet, put a short timer (2-3 seconds) on it where you are arming the explosive. That is how C4 works anyway. You have to put the blasting cap in it, and then remote detonate it. So, plant it, arm it, run / jetpack away and then detonate. That will solve just about every issue that people have with C4 in the game. No more fairies flying through the air, dropping it and blowing stuff up half a second later.
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  5. Scrundle

    I am one million percent in favor of anything that gives us the T-REK back. :)
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  6. LurkingHorror

    Sorry, but you are way to active on the forums to not be aware that if we nerf everything that some loud mouthed minority complains about here, we'd have to at least nerf infiltrators, heavies, maxes, shotguns, harrassers, tanks, esf and liberators, and likely even more before arriving at c4.

    There is no solution needed as there is no real issue, besides a couple of bads complaining, and that issue is best solved by giving them time to improve so they can realize that there is nothing to complain about in the first place.

    I still like your approach of offering options. Can't hurt really, and might give the whiners something else to whine about. Giving c4 users something to use in that slot that they would actually like to pick over c4 ? Works for heavies already, so sign me up. But there is no reason whatsoever to change anything about c4 atm, so I don't get why after the initial suggestion, you still have to go and present your own 'nerf into the ground' approach.

    Resources to buy plus resources to use and lost on respawn - so if you don't get any opportunity to use c4 for a couple of runs, you'll be out of resources without ever even having tired to use it. In what world is that reasonable, and not a 'nerf it to the ground' approach ?

    And half bricks. Double the mag size and half the damage. How about we apply this to sniper rifles too, or LMGs ? If that is actually reasonable, and not a heavy handed nerf, why not use it for all vehicles that regularly get complained about, but twice as reasonable - quadruple their mag sizes, and quarter their damage, because they got so much damage to start with ?

    I think it would be way more productive to really focus on coming up with suitable options, instead of using this to just try and sneak in yet another nerf suggestion.
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  7. Madharmx

    C4 is pretty much fine as it is. Just add 0.5s trigger delay, it's that simple. There fixed.
  8. JohnnyWayne

    Which will make it unusable against maxes, thanks but no thanks. Moreover with the timer delay you cant plan for ****.
  9. TR5L4Y3R

    i´m still for the route of giving medics AV grenades maybe even AI mines in exchange for their C4,
    and a AV primary (archer, rockletrifle, grenadelauncher)

    Infils get a AVgrenades for specialisation

    heavy assualts have a number of AV options already as do Engineers, they should not need C4 as AV but rather as AI and against PMBs

    the only class that should keep C4 as AVoption primarily are light assaults

    other than that taking from OP (recharchable radar) engineers and medics should get more inteloptions
    with darts and motionspotters that are only awailable to infiltrators,
    and crossbowdarts (of which barely anyone uses) intelgathering is very limited to infantry and makes them reliant on vehicles, yet how many run radar on their vehicles instead of a repair or stealthability ..

    other than nanitecosting ranged consumables like f.e. a oneshot rocketlauncher (has been discussed in the past as well) i would be careful to not introduce too many complex systems to the game as it has a steep learningcurve already ..
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  10. TRspy007

    I'm all for adding new tools in that slot, but that C4 idea would just make it unusable. Also how about we give players access to Semtex, which would take a second or two to plants, but deal a massive splash and direct damage. I'm thinking of one brick to kill an MBT. This tool would be primarily deployed against vehicles and construction, but could also be used to wipe out groups of infantry if the players is able to sneak long enough to plant it. Remove C4 delay so it is more of a anti-MAX tool.
  11. InexoraVC

    I see no C4 issues despite I'm mostly tanking.
    Current C4 is the thing that doesn't give you a "godmodeon" feelings as an anti-infantry Max or a tank.
    Thank you.
  12. buggygame

    Never saw c4 as an issue.
    Poor anti-vehicle tools, non-existant anti-air and op infiltrators, seem more of an issue to me.
    As a heavy, I am given a rocket launcher but it is virtually useless. Tanks etc dodge rockets, even if they do not it takes several hits to destroy one, and the rockets are so slow even Gals. can dodge them - plus it takes several anyway to destroy a plane. (I say plane but really helicopter/super-powered light assault with better manoeuvrability more hp and better weapons).
  13. Crayv

    As long as vehicles can be repaired from near dead to full in a matter of seconds by their drivers with an unlimited use magic glue gun; anything that isn't an instant death is just giving the driver repair certs. It's why there is always so much trouble with balancing air, because those options don't really exist.

    I say triple all vehicle HP but 10% of all damage is un-repairable. Damage from one time use things that require resources like C4, AV nades, and tank mines are completely un-repairable.
  14. Savadrin

    Is this 10% once? Or 10% every instance of damage?

    I actually wouldn't be opposed to having a portion of damage from resource costing items be unrepairable. It would increase mine spam tremendously, but I think drivers would learn to adapt. Or not.

    However IF that is the case then I would say mine guard needs a buff to resistance so that there is some sort of counter option available if you choose to use it.
  15. Silkensmooth

    The only people who hate c4 are tankers who are sitting in one spot farming infantry with ohk weapons. Nothing needs to be changed about c4.

    If they were to make a change, it should be so that c4 works as currently, and also if you want to spend 3 or 4 secs tamping each brick would do double damage. So if you just press and release the button you chuck the c4 like now, and if you prress and hold the button it tamps.

    Of course to tamp you would have to be standing still and right next to the c4 while tamping.
  16. LaughingDead

    Please, do teach me how do tanks dodge lockons as well as galaxies.

    If you're using dumbfires to kill everything that isn't within 100 meters, then you're obviously going to be disappointed. However, the instant you get several heavies to use lockons, it can be downright oppressive.

    Yep, only tanks hate C4, besides maxes and general infantry, people who hate wreljets and people who hatetell me whenever I drop a brick around a corner they can't peak with my cheeky medic.
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  17. iller

    Not true at all, I proposed multiple times that the only change that be made to it, be moving the Timing Delay to a hybrid Network latency compensation check between the SERVER and all of the clients within its blast Radius instead of just allowing the C4 bomber themselves to be the only timing Arbiter (and you can SEE this is how it works in game anytime you see a 3rd party attach their C4 to another client's vehicle and just how far behind that actual vehicle the Vectors update at).

    ...Naturally... I was called a Heretic for this. ..Shouted down by at least a dozen people on the forums... told I don't know how C4 works by players who can't even Program in ONE language much less MULTIPLE languages... ..,(and especially not by players who could tell me that they've modded Multiple FPS games themselves) But I was mostly just told that I need to learn to play and be better Tank driver when the entire Basis for my Proposal was on the sole complaint that I'm SICK of being C4'-Fairiy'd as a Medic / Infiltrator / Base builder (and very very rarely a MAX).

    ...not even IN a Vehicle...

    While I'm inside a vehicle, Avoiding C4 is easy because I'm always popping down a Spitfire when I DO "camp" and never get too close to the enemy spawn room or any blind corners/walls. -- so I don't think asking for it to be made at least VISIBLE to the Infantry it's being dropped on BEYOND 0.67 seconds is too much to ask. But apparently on forums.daybreakgames.com/LightAssault-Side/ , I'm asking for way too much!

    I think that ONE person actually agreed with me in all that time attempting to explain basic Technology to people....

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