C4 - Overused and needs to be toned down

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ancalagon, Mar 2, 2014.

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  1. K2k4

    The reason people are using C-4 like a grenade is because it doesn't have a giant red indicator that tells you where it is. It does more damage than a grenade, and it has a more predictable landing spot because it throws like a sack of grain. This makes it a more powerful tool for this purpose than a grenade.

    So, either they remove the indicator on grenades, making them more viable for use in AI situations than c-4 currently.

    I think the problem is not that c-4 is too effective, it's that grenades are too weak. Since it has a clear indicator, a grenade should blow up infantry in a 3 meter radius (to death), should heavily damage a MAX unit, and grenades should deal a minor amount of damage to tanks. Of course this should be limited otherwise you'd have only grenade spam battles.

    On the c-4 vs tank argument. Entitled much tankers?
    * You're already made immune to the primary and secondary weapons of every infantry class except for Maxes (arguably they're a vehicle anyways).
    * You are given a weapon that can 1-shot any infantry unit on a direct hit and deal massive damage on an indirect hit.
    * You are given optics to highlight infantry units orange out to about 100 meters, making shooting them easy.
    * Your tank is faster than any infantry unit. You can literally outrun them while backing up.
    * If you are running as an MBT, you can have a secondary gunner who can look around for you to check for infantry.

    You get to choose between the following options:
    * you can choose to have your tank automatically repair itself. This allows you to not play an engineer when tanking.
    * you can choose to be more resistant to attacks by Heavy Assaults firing at you with rockets
    * you can choose to magically see all infantry units within x meters of your tank (radar). They can't even use a cloaking device to avoid this detection, and they can't see that you're scanning for them unless they look at your tank and know what to look for.
    * you can make your tank more resistant to landmines. You will not need this ability if you do not drive on the roads.

    It's asinine to even claim that c-4 is overpowered because it can kill tanks. Not only do tanks have all of the advantages from the list above, but C-4 has several disadvantages to go along with this.
    * it takes about 3 seconds to throw and then detonate C-4. This is more time than the TTK on pretty much all infantry weaponry.
    * Either you need to be within melee distance of your target, or you need to be directly above your target. Tanks get upset at light assaults for getting above them. Ironically, that's the entire point of the light assault class.
    * c-4 disappears upon your death, so if you do not get your detonation off, you lose your c-4 with no recourse.

    If you've been killed by c-4 either you were camping and stayed still for an extended period of time, you were too close to the enemy and moved slow enough for them to get you, or you just got out-skilled by a light assault who took time out of his busy playing schedule to sneak up on you to kill you specifically. Take your death as a compliment or a learning experience, you know he deserved it.
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  2. Revel

    The advantages argument is disingenuous because they can't use all of those at once. Infantry have choices too. One faction even has their empire specific ability make them even more susceptible to it.

    I have a problem with 1 extremely mobile class being able to turn a short range weapon into a long range one more powerful than the infantry class designed to combat vehicles.
  3. K2k4

    How are they doing that? Are you sitting under a tower that's swarming with infantry? are you at the base of a cliff or hill that infantry can climb atop? Are these light assaults using a freaking ESF or jumping out of an aircraft to get above you? In no way is dropping something from directly above you a long range weapon. You gave him that opportunity by continually shelling his friends while standing still.

    I was originally going to just list that you could have prox radar, but I realized that the other abilities are also quite overpowered on their own, so I felt a need to include all of them. take away tank mines and the different armor options, and you still have overpowered self-healing and overpowered radar available.
  4. Alarox

    Option 1: Don't park where Light Assaults can get near you.
    Option 2: Hold the "S" key and reverse faster than he can move.
    Option 3: Learn how to aim and shoot him down for free kills.
  5. lyravega

    Agree with most, except this part.

    If we had maps like the new Amerish right off the bat, maybe infantry wouldn't have many AV tools at their disposal. But alas, we had terribad maps, and in order to avoid addressing real issue, they had to give even more tools to the infantry (I'm looking at you AV MANA Turret)
  6. Revel

    Infantry has this too.
  7. D1STORT

    A tank only needs one man to wreck complete havoc from range with cannons on infantry. Since this game is a team based game perhaps more people should be required to be able to kill as many infantry as a tank can.

    Avoiding C4 is ridiculously easy as a tank if you have any situational awareness at all. Why is this such a problem? The only places where tanks are really liable to get C4'd are places where they shouldn't be able to go without more risks (in garages, by towers, etc.)

    C4 is a direct counter to vehicles/maxes. It too costs resources. A light assault able to get close enough with C4 to a tank should have the ability to kill it if the tank isn't paying attention. The argument that C4 costs less resources and therefore should not be able to kill a tank is ridiculous. C4 carries with it much more limited use (cannot kill nearly as much stuff with the same amount of resources in C4 as those in a tank). This makes its use as a counter to vehicles. It would be as if I said that since tanks currently have unlimited ammo (able to resupply) and thus unlimited OHK infantry killing potential, they should no longer be able to resupply. The amount of resources put into a tank is less than the amount needed to spend in killing an equivalent number of vehicles/infantry with C4.

    TL;DR: Bad tank drivers are bad, get situational awareness, C4 is a counter and has less utility than a tank, Therefore C4 should always kill a tank.
  8. PastalavistaBB

    This. The game has became Infantryside a long time ago and has nothing to do with Combined Arms anymore. Infantry can do anything and everything vehicles can do without resource cost or tens of thousands of certs invested with hundreds hours of experience combined. This game is dumbed down for the incoming Console Kiddies. Players are literally mancharging vehicles when they are supposed to fear vehicles. Vehicles are huge XP Pinatas atm. Nothing else.
  9. LT_Latency

    C4 is only OP against bad players.

    If you let something slower then you run up to you for 4 seconds without doing something about it. Nothing can help you. You are doomed until you get better.
  10. Revel

    This is one of the most laughable things I've ever read on this forum. C4 less utility than a tank? C4 can be used anywhere, by any infantry class but an Infiltrator, and is good against everything.
  11. Revel

    You can't come up with a reasonable argument so you just keep parroting yourself.
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  12. LT_Latency

    I gave you one, You just can't accept it, That driving away and being smart is a counter. Let go play right now.

    If you C4 my tank many times in a row as infantry only, I will beg for your forgiveness at how wrong I was. But it won't happen and you won't accept this challege because you know it
  13. PastalavistaBB

    Not when every player and his dog are trying to kill your vehicle to get some easy XP. This game is by far the most hostile game towards vehicles I've ever seen or played.
  14. deggy

    I wouldn't take that challenge.

    Once your tank got C4'd once it'd be a while before you could pull another one, tanks are expensive and can't be stockpiled up to 40.

    C4, on the other hand...
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  15. LT_Latency

    Why he won't get me, once.

    I can usually pay for my tank while I play before it gets destroyed.
  16. deggy

    If I specifically target your vehicle, you will either leave the fight completely or you will die to my C4.
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  17. LT_Latency

    Well come play, You won't get me without using a vehicle to help you do it.

    Which means you had to give up a vehicle and infantry resources to do it
  18. AFK1

    I agree, there's way too many c4 heroes
  19. PastalavistaBB

    Do you even realize that he can try infinite times as long as he has C4 stockpiled and/or enough resources to buy a new one? Because Infantry death means Jack $hit in this game. Infantry can even get revived instantly, infinite times. #SWAGYOLOC4FTW because Skill is overrated.
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  20. LT_Latency

    So what, bring it on. I can use the free points.
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