[BUG] C4 Nerf has buffed the **** out of OP NC maxes

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  1. SpeedFreakPS0NE

    Before you had a very slim change before being instagibbed by the BS OP scat maxes, now you have none.
    DBG doesn't think any of this crap through they have reached the point of just throwing crap at the wall and see if it sticks while of course breaking core parts of the game.
  2. FateJH

    I swear I've already seen this thread a few months ago. Not just this topic, but all of these choice words in very similar order.
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  3. Sir Sovereign

    NC Maxes more OP than the others? How exactly? Because you're playing as a heavy assault and think you can take on a MAX with shotguns in a CQC battle and lose?

    NC MAXes are good for defense and CQC
    TR MAXes are good for universal distance anti-infantry
    VS MAXes are good for small AoE anti-infantry and better ranged anti-armor

    Here's the thing.. a MAX is more or less a mech suit. You aren't supposed to try to take one on alone or head-on because it's designed to kill infantry (you) and you're designed to take on infantry, not mech suits lol.

    Is this AmySchrumersfailingcareer? LOL
  4. Liewec123

    if you had a brain you're hurl your oneshot-wondergrenade (c4) at the max and then duck behind cover to detonate it.
    there is zero counterplay, i posted this exact same thing in the already existing c4 thread.

    i did however say that i wasn't a fan of the 0.5s nerf, because it doesn't fix the issue of c4 oneshotting maxes in a colossal radius,
    its a nerf to c4s AV capabilities, and it didn't need an AV nerf.

    You'd need something like the max gets damaged for at least 80%,from full health otherwise it would be too op as especially two la needed to get onto the max to kill it. On the other hand C4 flanker for any tank still sticks to the two hit kill, just lol
  6. r4zor

    Well there are two underlying issues that have been introduced to this game when the Devs stepped away from the PS1 way of dealing with things (which was A LOT better).
    The problem with MAXes was/is the following:

    1) They are too easy to kill. -> Back in PS1 there was no "throwable explosive", you could plant(!) Boomers (c4)) on walls/ground and detonate it via trigger but you couldn't throw it. And it would not instagib maxes but take away like 70% health. As an Infantry the best you could do was try to hit a Max with 3 Decimator-Shots. That helped give maxes more survivability (and let's not forget: Time-to-kill in PS1 wasn't ******edly low with 0.5-0.7 seconds as it is in PS2 in most cases. This was partially fixed with the C4-Detonator nerf.

    2) They are far too easy to repair. -> This is the most broken thing in this game. MAXes and their engineers can happily run and jump around (avoiding damage) all while the repair tool magically fixes the MAX. In PS1 you had to stand still (both Engie and MAX) to repair (same with Medic btw). This is what makes PS2 MAXes so broken. They can peek around corners, in the case of NC more or less instagib people, and retreat all while being permanently repaired by their horde of engineers.
  7. LaughingDead

    It's funny because for the most part all the maxes have around the same effectiveness in terms of kills.
    If the NC max is so OP for getting 1-2 more kills sometimes otherwise it's TR that beats them out in that game because C4 got nerfed, then I'd love to see what arguments are against the battlegoose having a much higher KDR.
  8. Metalsheep

    It took 3 Boomers to Kill a MAX iirc, 4 if you were trying to kill a NC MAX with Aegis and Pshield.

    With how people cry about NC MAXs in PS2, theyd never be able to handle a ScatMAX from PS1, like 20 rounds of automatic shotgun that could wipe a squad in CQC AND narrow its choke on the fly so it could still ruin your day even if you tried to run.

    Ive never had an issue with MAXs, theyre supposed to be good at killing. But they cant cap a point, which makes them ultimately useless for the overarching goal of Planetside. Capturing the Planet.
  9. Xebov

    The biggest issue for me is that MAXes can be rezzed an infinite amount of time. You have to kill it and push in at the same time, its pointless just to kill it if you cant get rid of it.
  10. Nwm

    Vs maxes won again in miller, also these corner camper NC in biolabs
    Tr get the hit once again
  11. FateJH

    The same can be said of all Infantry, if you don't kill the Medic.
  12. Xebov

    Thats true but MAXes are not exactly Infantry and they cost Nanites. Of all the things bought with nanites they are the only one that isnt removed upon destruction. I think we would have less issues with MAXes if tehy would have limited revives.
  13. Syllabear

    C4 should be removed... 75 nanites beating 450 in a blink, explain me that?
  14. TR5L4Y3R

    with only maxes and heavy assault having somewhat of a damaging AV weapon by default C4 is needed for infantry to at least be able to take one vehicle down, considering how armored a max is again it´s only AVmaxes, AV heavyassaults or vehicles that can take out other maxes fairly easy .. any other infantryclass unless it has access to C4 or in the case of engineer tankmines, avturret or archer can not defend itself against maxxes .. so it´s either C4 or be just dead .. inbefore rockletrifle: unless you magdumb multiple times at close range be it default ammo or typhoon it´s pitifull against maxes ...
  15. Syllabear

    Thats your best excuse for like 50 guys be able to carry a 75 cost c4 that can beat like 5 450 tank costs in just one click... thats most interesting to read, please explain me more.
  16. LordKrelas

    Okay, so 50-guys carrying a brick of 2-meter-range against a faster opponent, that has the weapon-range,weapon-damage, health & armor advantage over said 50-guys, who can only deal said brick's damage at 2-meters.
    As well, it's getting within 2 meters of target, having said 2 Bricks land on target, and surviving to click said explosives.
    So that's 3 clicks, assuming the LA teleports onto the Tank, which does not move, shoot, or kill said LA, before it gets there.
    And with the faster reverse speed than the LA's forward speed, the longer-ranged gun, if an MBT, the Top-gun adding an entire second weapon into the mix, Radar as well, and the ability to move the Vehicle during any point or moment, simply kills the LA, the entire C-4 as a weapon is blocked.
    So motion beats it.
    Actually firing a weapon beats it.
    Distance Beats it.
    So what exactly, is this 75 nanite price weapon's main selling point? If you manage to out-position & flank an MBT, and counter-act every single advantage it has, you Can actually destroy the vehicle without it being able to shrug it off with a quick & free repair in 6 seconds.

    After all, are we just looking at the nanite cost only?
    As if C-4 starts costing 450 a brick, to be a melee-range weapon to do that damage..
    The MAX should cost 100~ Nanites, given it also is 450 Nanites, but it has less speed, health, armor, range, and damage than said MBT which is also costing 450 nanites.
    And the kicker; That MBT, provides more than C-4 does.

    Not saying C-4 nuking a Max across a room, isn't murderous.
    But nanite-price isn't the sole thing here; it's like looking at a weapon's raw damage per shot, without the RPM or accuracy considerations let alone range.
    Which would paint a vastly different picture.
  17. Wingthong

    I think what OP is saying is the new trigger time for C4 makes it much harder to kill a max that is moving at any speed, as they can literally walk fast enough to escape the explosion. I like this change, as it encourages a more well thought out approach to anti max play that involves sneaking up on them and baiting them, rather than just running at them straight on.
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  18. TR5L4Y3R

    does C4 latch on maxes as it does on vehicles and aircraft like AV grenades?

    i´m still for giving infils and medics AV grenades, one AV grenade won´t kill a max so if someone wants to be more of a AV player he would need a bandolier to go more antimax or scare away vehicles ( or require a group to hunt down single vehicles like sunderers ..
  19. JibbaJabba

    You were never meant to go toe to toe with a 450 nanite anti-infantry machine and live. The game has shifted towards being more balanced, not less.

    Live with it and quit your constant whining in thread after thread after thread.
  20. SpeedFreakPS0NE

    If you don't like it don't read my threads, and no I will still post while the NC maxes are still unbalanced especially given the garbage the VS got with ZoE being nerfed to pretty much a self-nerf.
    I would love to see Wrel provide a breakdown on the MAX usage like he did with the MBT.