C4 fairies?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Lengineer10, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. MajiinBuu

    C4 Fairies are definitely cheesy, especially with drifters. In my experience, many tankers are inattentive, especially if there are more ally vehicles nearby (safety in numbers, nothing to worry about). Sometimes they don't notice C4 Fairies even if they're Q-spotted!
    "Look up" isn't really a viable counter, since the LA takes care not to be noticed in the first place. Although a single infantry staring at the clouds will always thwart the fairies' plans. Proximity Radar will prevent any fairies from approaching unnoticed.
    Spitfire-Auto Turrets are definitely a counter to C4 Fairies. Damn I hate those things, it seems like they're only good when they're not mine :(
  2. Armcross

    Base on your explanation c4 fairy are not cheesy
  3. Problem Officer

    AFAIK we can't even look straight up no matter the settings?
  4. BillyD

    this game is about co-op game play, so if the enemy tank spams your base, you better get some armor and/or air craft. Hell, a group of engineers can ruin an armor column, but the LA c4 spam at many bases make it impossible to do anything.
  5. FirePhox

    One or two harassers with a Kobalt equipped could basically take care of any number of c4 fairies; or putting a basilisk/kobalt on top of a tank would do a similar job.

    The problem here isn't that c4 is too strong, it's that people want to have an anti-tank/farm load-out on their tank and aren't willing to specialise in anything else if the situation calls for it. I have never met a tanker that didn't deserve the glorious c4 gift; especially given how easy it is for a tanker to either flee or destroy any infantry (you can get out and shoot them down easily if need be) that are trying to get within c4 range provided they pay some attention. As for flooding a base with tanks, well that's definitely an offense worthy of c4.
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  6. LaughingDead

    Ah so what you're saying is as long as the tank doesn't have a kobald, he's screwed. He gets into a base, screwed. The only way he's not screwed is if he's nowhere near a base.

    Do you know how bad that sounds? I could literally get you a clip of me jump padding from a biolab with light assault and drop c4 on top of a tank in the next 20 minutes. If it's so bloody easy to spot lights then why do people still use it CONSTANTLY? Take a blockade bus out, put it in an amp station and watch as you get flys with a nuclear payload. If it doesn't work nearly as well as you claim it to be then WHY DO PEOPLE USE IT? Say PPA harasser, sure it was exstinct for the most part, WHY? Because it didn't bloody work. It was a TERRIBLE AI weapon, you couldn't control the shots past 3 and the minimum amount to kill one dude was 5; aoe you might ask? Garbage.

    I mean look at what you're saying
    C4 isn't strong, tanks just aren't using AI. Wasn't AI nerfed? Or do you mean to tell me that all tanks should use a kobald and completely lose all AV tank fights. Never met a tanker that should not be c4d. So you mean to tell me that you feel that all tanks should die, c4 is a good enough answer for all of them or you just want to c4 all tanks for whatever reason.

    It's like you're going on and on about how bad all other tankers are but never sat in the seat yourself. It really does.
  7. SarahM

    The introduction of the valkyre and its ability to put any class in any high place has somewhat infringed upon the LAs design space.
    So, that C4 could as well be four heavies with decimators firing from the closest building.

    Proximity Radar, Scout Radar, spitfire, awareness. The tools to combat C4 fairies are there.
    If one tank out of three takes AI weaponry and keeps looking for fairies, that should be enough to keep a squad save.

    What I've been doing a lot lately is take an ANT w/scout radar and roll along with the tanks.
    Yet many tankers still manage to get themselves killed by not keeping an eye on their map.

    But I have to agree with the general consent: the role of C4 fairy is very defining for LA, so much so that you feel kind of naked without the tofu bricks.
  8. Daigons

    That's a false sense of security. Max certed Proxy Radar only has a 50m range while the Scout Radar only has 100m. If they're sky diving from an extreme height, they can drop & dentonate C4 way out of those detection ranges.
  9. LaughingDead

    You mean to tell me that lights are defined by c4? Well ****. I've been playing it all wrong. Getting on roofs, killing beacons, killing medics, flanking the enemy, using mobility to get out of bad spots. But oh damn, gunplay goes to hell when it comes to c4.

    Plus you can't rely on radar, many lights use sensorshield for obvious reasons, it's like if you got sniped by a dude with a railjack 400 meters away and I told you "be more aware". You're telling everyone to be aware 360 degrees around them, that's pretty bloody unreasonable. Plus it wouldn't mean they can't spawn in a valk and do it again, tanks can't check straight up.
  10. Eternaloptimist

    New LA player here (experienced in other classes). The only vehicles I've killed with C4 so far were:
    • on their own, didn't see me coming and without anyone else around to shoot me out of the sky with top guns or infantry weapons; or
    • sitting still and happily lobbing long range shots into an enemy position, or dodging in and out of the same hiding place to shoot.
    (i.e. too focused on their own objective and not enough on what the enemy was doing).

    I have been outrun or killed many times in other situations. Tbh I don't see much difference with infantry fighting infantry - you start shooting first and you generally win, or you stay in the same place for too long and you die quickly.

    Is C4 too powerful? I don't think so. There is no other infantry-fired or thrown weapon can can do enough damage quickly enough to cope with a tank when you are on your own (as I tend to be when playing LA other than in tower stomps and suchlike).

    And generally C4 has little range unless you can drop it accurately from a height onto an obligingly stationary vehicle near a tall place. I usually find myself a long way from resupply as well, so my two bricks (one kill if I am lucky) are pretty much it.

    Cheese killing infantry? meh. You let me get close enough to hit you with a brick that's your lookout.

    I can now see why it is such an LA thing - the combination of being able to fly and having no other useful tool you can equip kind of makes it the obvious choice doesn't it?

    Final observation - if tanks are so hard done by why are there so many of them queuing up to kill me every time I log on?
  11. SarahM

    Does the sensor shield implant keep you hidden while jump jetting?
  12. LaughingDead

    And running and falling.
  13. Corezer

    only sensor shield 4 protects u while running/jumping/falling, outside of 20m, the rest do nothing for that at any range.

    no one is telling u to use a kobald, we're telling u to use a kobalt.

    If you get caught by a full AV tank, break contact and have allied forces deal with him, maybe c4 fairies since he has no infantry defense? isn't this a combined arms game? isn't that what u call it?
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  14. FirePhox

    It's the classic 'want to have their cake and eat it too' scenario. The LA sacrifices considerable staying power to carry c4 instead of medkits, yet tankers often think that they should be entitled to an easy way out of every potentially bad situation.

    A single Kobalt trivialises most infantry resistance, definitely any approaching Light Assualts. The Basilisk is a great compromise, since it is excellent against infantry at close range and is still decent against tanks. If 1v1 AV is the most important thing to you then you'll have to accept that you're going to have much more difficulty with infantry, that's the way it is and the way it should be.
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  15. BillyD

    I am a tanker that has died many times to c4 fairies, but that like many have said is my own bad decisions. I got frustrated with c4 faries while playing infantry inside a Bio Lab. Somehow the attacking faction had shielded room filled with C4 spammers and they would just keep jumping out and dumping C4 in the extremely close capture point, So they could not break out, but also the defenders could never reclaim the capture point. very frustrating battle to keep getting insta-gibbed with basically no chance to return fire

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