C4 fairies?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Lengineer10, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Lengineer10

    Just curious about everyone's opinion on C4 fairies. I personally love the play style. Also tankers who read this, if you don't want to get C4ed...LOOK UP.
  2. Campagne

    I think it's kinda cheesy, but I look the other way anyways, 'cause tank spam is worse.
  3. Khallixtus

    It is kind of cheesy, but its the kind of cheesy I don't mind. If the team that's getting C4'ed has such little awareness and organization that the Light Assault can actually blow them up, they almost deserve it. Also, they pulled a Tank, so yea, it's worth it.

    It's also a very smart tactical idea to blow up enemy tanks.
  4. Nehlis

    Oh without a doubt cheesy as all luck. This is coming from someone who got an UBGL and Grenade bandolier to got with the C4.
    It works. Thats all you really need to know. Crowd control, Tank busting, MAX hunting. And people say that LA isn't good for squads -pfft
  5. Eternaloptimist

    Perfectly valid tactic against tanks, else why would they let you fly? I think it's cheesy to use against infantry but then I've killed quite a few C4 Faeries when they pop up from behind a wall to toss a C4 brick over it. So I can cope with that.

    I find that being Max crashed, tank spammed or gimped by shooting from beyond render distance is much more irritating due to not having a realistic chance to hit back (i'm just plain old Engineer, Medic, Infil myself though I'm starting to play a bit of LA).
  6. ohmikkie

    I have nothing against C4 use. But do have a beef with the invisible engineer who C4'd me with C4 ARX last night.
  7. Nehlis

    Coming back to this thread briefly, i have almost auraxed C-4.
    I am a terrible person and I am so sorry
  8. Iridar51

    Depends what you call a C4 fairy. Drifters = cheese, comparable to terminal camping with stalker, though vehicle pilots deserve the pain. Other jets = fair game.
  9. Moz

    I really dont see a problem with C4 fairies...

    If you in a tank, and getting C4....? Blame yourself!

    Sure it happens to me, i sit back and think why did that happen. I almost always come to the conclusion that it was my mistake, either getting greedy and over extending OR the classic FPS curse.... the dreaded.... TUNNEL VISION.... ARRRRGHHHHhhhhhhh
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  10. Carl1879

    Its a bit annoying if you get C4'd in a vehicle but apart from sunderers and lockdown prowlers vehicles shouldn't be stationary, prowlers should move from time to time though or if they insist on staying in lockdown they should have a spitfire or something set up for defence.

    I don't use LA too often but when I do I use C4 instead of medkits and actively hunt maxes and vehicles, yesterday I was fighting near Mani and noticed an enemy harasser sat on a hill overlooking the base pelting away with a marauder, I switched to LA snuck up on it planted C4 and boom, a minute or so later he is back in the same spot so I fly out again and kill him again (harasser was 1/3) again a minute or so later and yet again he's back so I kill him again, the forth time I got there first and as an experiment put C4 in the exact spot he was parking in and sure enough he rolls up parks there again and immediately jumps on the gunners seat doesn't bother checking the area and begins firing so I blew him up again.

    The guy sent me hatemail afterwards calling me a C4 fairy scrub etc... and while I agree drifters plus a jump pad can be a little cheesy 9/10 the guy C4ing people hasn't used that and has simply used tunnel vision against you.
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  11. Lengineer10

    As an FYI my c4 fairy loadout is drifters, a shotgun, and c4. I have around 300 kills with c4 and I only have have c4 on my LA. I have yet to get hate mail from tankers, but prowlers are ridiculously easy to kill if there is a jump pad nearby.
  12. KiakoLalene

    In a war where people respawn within seconds after their deaths, I'd imagine that suicide-bombing would be a pretty good way to kill the enemy. And that's basically what a C4 Fairy is, just with a slightly better chance of survival.

    All in all, if you're going to be driving a tank you should probably stay away from areas that LA might jump off of.
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  13. Wroth

    C4 fairies are not a big threat when I'm tanking, because I am, with racer chassis, a lot faster than any light assault, so I can just drive away. The main threat is maxes, to be honest
  14. McMan

    Its really not a play style. Its something you do if the opportunity arises.
  15. LaughingDead

    I kinda see it as helpful but more or less just kinda lame. When C4 fairies can peg you from a jump pad, then it gets annoying, no matter how good or safe you play it, you can always get C4'd. On other hand, light assault flanking and destroying a tank from behind is the epitome of light assault, perfectly fair and reasonable, it's just like how an infiltrator hacks turrets in order to destroy tanks from behind, but ditching a plane, drifting over a tank, putting both bricks on him and blowing him up without any sort of effective interaction the tank could have done in order to stop him is as unfun as invisible mines.
  16. Iridar51

    Or being one shotted by a tank lazily sitting on a hill 300m away.
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  17. Armcross

    That costs a lot of cert to pull.

    I like cheese, no matter how many beef I get.
  18. DirArtillerySupport

    Wouldn't bother me so much if it didn't look so incredibly dumb. Looks like a spider caught in the wind dropping loads and this whole business of breaking the jump pad is nothing short of an exploit. Does nothing good for the game.
  19. LaughingDead

    In that scenario, they're basically snipers except with a lower scope. You can avoid a tank sitting from 300 meters away better than you could a sniper from 300 meters away anyhow and with a much higher chance of noticing a tank instead of the sniper.

    Still less nanites than pulling a single tank, and can be done from an allied valk or galaxy with a lower cost than pulling one mbt.

    And I don't like cheese? I don't get the expression.
  20. Iridar51

    Except you can countersnipe a sniper, you can't countertank a tank.

    Sniper needs a direct hit on the head, tank doesn't even need a direct body hit.

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