C4 evasion = no Magrider buff?

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  1. Plunutsud pls

  2. Mongychops

    Personally I C4 a lot of lockdown tunnel-vision HE prowlers, even if I need to use a high altitude stealth scythe + drifters to do it. The habit of TR to do solo prowlers, as well as anchor spammers probably contributes to this.
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  3. Flag


    I get the GU2 vibes. That is not a good thing.
  4. Phyr

    What's the number of tanks pulled vs number of tanks C4'd? Are TR deaths higher because they get pulled more often, or is it your flimsy correlation to maneuverability?
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  5. Flag

    As far as us players can tell, the TR do pull a lot more MBTs than both NC and VS.
    On that note, when that was checked the NC also pulled more Lightnings than VS and TR.

    But yeah, as far as we can say based on what we "know", it's a lot more even than that graph indicates. Although that the Mag isn't -as- susceptible to C4 relative to the Vanguard and Prowler, that's probably still true.
    Just not at the ratio this graph would suggest.

    Then again, the last time Higby posted some MBT stats when tank changes were in the air it didn't go very well.
    (unless I'm forgetting something between then and now)
  6. Phyr

    Higby likes to post graphs that have almost no context, almost like he's purposely feeding the forum trolls and conspirators.

    Maybe he just wants to give RadarX and other forum mods a hard time.
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  7. lawn gnome

    the TR tank values are not surprising to me as a VS heavy assault. i have always been of the opinion that TR tanks get the short end of the stick with respect to the infantry vs. tank game. i knew VS numbers would be a bit low because VS tanks naturally move more and that is highly detrimental to C4 use, but i was a little surprised that the i win shield on vanguards doesn't completely overrun magrider mobility although i suppose most C4 attacks come in the form of 2 charges (probably from LAs) which are enough to break through the shield. the i win shield just screws HAs who try to use the C4 / rocket combo.
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  8. Chal

    Not surprising that the tank that has lockdown and generally less gunner usage is dieing more to c4.

    It's swings and roundabouts, we may die less to C4 but we die alot more to random vehicle suicides which are just as annoying.

    Rather than posting a very small piece of data like this graph more info like in the old comprehensive MBT stat 2/12 - 2/26 thread would be much better so we can see the whole picture.
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  9. lawn gnome

    but then people wouldn't be able to abuse the statistics and take them out of context as easily.

    also on a similar note did you know pirates reduce global warming?
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  10. minhalexus

    I usually do not try to Bail and C4 Magriders.

    Anchored Prowlers are much easier targets in that regard. Sometimes they are stacked together, meaning multi-tank kills.
  11. Nody

    So the tank that don't want to, or need to, get close to infantry gets C4ed less? Color me shocked. Here's a hint, locked down 1/2 tank firing = easy C4 target. Charge in with shield = easy target. Sit at 100m and spam PPA / main cannon = not as easy target. That does not include the fact Magriders in general have to flank and hence are not were the infantry is currently fighting (i.e. front line tanks are far more likely to be C4ed then the guy sitting on a hilltop being paranoid about ESFs as he's all alone).

    Having said that I find C4ing Mags quite easy if you sneak up on them as you can simply duck under them to put the C4 on (and laugh when they try to kill you by running you over which never works on enemies).
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  12. Halkesh

    I'm not surprised of theses values.
    Magrider have turbo, that mean if the gunner spot the C4, the mag can dodge it.
    If the magrider crew didn't see the C4 user, then they are constantly moving and at long range, that make the C4 fairy's job harder.

    I suppose some C4 kill come from magrider user that fighting vanguard at close range.
    In this situation, go out of the vehicle and C4 / mine the shielded vanguard is a more valid option that dying in your magrider.

    Whatever... The Higby graph should be renamed "tunnel vision death".
  13. Slandebande

    Please, everyone knows that pirates are responsible for global warming, with all of them sailing around in boats spewing out CO2 into our atmosphere!

    Or the incredible conspiracy regarding cheese consumption rate of the US compared to the number of people who have died by becoming tangled in their bedsheets:

    The correlation is 0,947 so according to the statistics buffs here on the forums, that should mean we have a solid case here right? :)
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  14. Nody

    I demand that all cheese carry a warning that if eaten may lead to death by tangling in to your bedsheets in big letters on the front of the package; ideally with a suitable picture. On top of this I think it's only suitable that all cheesemakers are made to stop advertising their lethal trade and have to use a government decided uniform color scheme of packaging to avoid tempting the youth into starting eating cheese.
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  15. Slandebande

    I agree that this outrage has gone on for long enough, and something MUST be done! However, not all cheese is bad, as the following data shows:
    It seems that Mozzarella cheese has an impact on the number of civil engineering doctorates awarded (with a 0,959 correlation), so if all cheese was banned, we would see a steep decline in such professionals. Further investigation into this (cheesy) matter should be performed immediately! Perhaps some people are able to not abuse the cheese, and actually take advantage of its lethal effects (when it comes in contact with bedsheets) in order to perform great engineering feats!
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  16. MorteDeAmgelis

    I kinda want to see what the K/D of each tank compared to the other tanks.

    I mean like the one Higby showed on the reason of the nerf of the Magrider. Which showed the Magrider killing the other tanks constantly more by a fair large margin. Even though people will scream that was out of context I personally don't think it was because its the same as comparing Infantry Weapons. You compare them based on the kills they got over a very large sample (this time the whole population) and if there is a massive difference then something is very wrong.

    Getting killed less by C4 in the most mobile tank is kinda obvious. You move more, you know. Kinda makes it harder to hit when you move more. But again. C4 I reckon makes the most tank / sundie kills (or close to it) so if the primary tank killer for Infantry is killing a specific tank less (when you include the best ES AI gun as well) then I can kinda see why he doesn't want to buff it.

    From being in the same tank as my GF when she drives the Mag (cause I drive mine way too much like a VG) we can go on endless sprees using the Saron / AP loadout vs Tanks. I really don't feel like it needs that much of a buff other then to Magburn which could be more of a Omni-Direction. Even with the stabilisation to tanks I don't feel the Mag is as bad as people make it out to be. It just might be the way you are driving it.
    Just because its got the word "Tank" doesn't mean that you are able to go face to face with everything and kill it. It does require a driving style that is different from the other tanks hence I don't do so well with it. But I've faced multiple Mags who know what they are doing and it is something formidable when you do even in closer ranges.

    Anyway back to the OP.
    I wish he would state what he wanted us to see when he posts those graphs and the significance of it =/
  17. lawn gnome

    the magrider's biggest problem is that it just isn't very user friendly. it demands tactics and methods that aren't inherently obvious. i have seen them put to amazing use, but i myself mostly just explode and die when i drive one. magrider almost certainly has the sharpest learning curve of all the tanks, if everyone were using it to it's full potential then the forums would probably be full of "nerf the magrider" threads, but currently there are only a handful of drivers who can even come close to operating at the mags true potential.

    what the magrider really needs is a driving school for players new to the tank (and for many who have been driving a long time too).
  18. Zenox

    If he's basing a decision on that limited subset of data I would say it's not very legit at all. Where is the percentage weapon deaths rather than straight up kills? The stats below indicate that the number one killer for all MBT's is C4 and of those deaths the difference it only about 2% between all MBT. Should we not instead be looking to change C4 so that it doesn't do any damage to armour unless it actually is attached to the tank because currently 2 pieces 5 meters from the tank will still kill it, which is complete ********!

  19. Hoki

    Best. Statistics. Thread. Ever.
  20. lawn gnome

    there is some excessive territory marking by trolls (and it is all my fault LOL).