[Suggestion] C4 Detonation Timer needs another 'adjustment'

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Trebb, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Trebb

    SO, C4 is still the end all be all for vehicles and infantry kills. Stats don't lie.

    The detonation timer was adjusted once, can it be looked at again? It's still in liberal use now. Just WAY too easy to use at the moment.
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  2. LurkingHorror

    Is that so ? Well last time I looked at weapon stats (end of last year, shouldn't have changed much by now), I saw the following:

    There are LMGs with multiple players over 100k kills. There's a shotgun with over 100k kills. Even the mag-scatter, a sidearm, and hardly the best out there, has a player with 100k kills.

    And what about c4 ? That terrible weapon of mass destruction that supposedly gets spammed all the time by everyone for easy and risk free multi-kills ? There's not a single player with more than 50k kills for c4+c4arx combined.

    So, yeah stats don't lie. They don't have to. The lieing usually happens with people offering interpretations of what stats 'obviously' mean :)
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  3. Demigan

    Or we attack it from the other end: Give us alternatives. If we have other things to equip than C4 then there will be less people actually carrying C4.
    Also have you seen Anti-Tank mines? Requires less skill, less risk and still does pretty damn decent compared to the far riskier and skill requiring C4: https://voidwell.com/ps2/oracle?sta...2,650&startDate=2016-07-07&endDate=2020-03-19
    Which is pretty telling since only Engineers can use AT mines while everyone can use C4. I find it strange people complain about C4 and not AT mines despite the difference in ease and skill requirements.

    Also just the simple act of seperating C4 into an AI and AV version would probably do wonders. Not only could they balance each seperately for their potential and their resource-cost, it would also mean that players can't just carry plain C4 as a jack-of-all-trades option.
  4. Demigan

    Single-player stats are some of the worst stats to use. Here's Voidwells daily infantry kills:

    C4 scores about the same amount of kills as the starter-LMG's (although to be fair, every Engineer, LA, HA and Medic can throw C4 at your face while only HA's and ASP Engineers can throw starter-LMG's at your face).
  5. LurkingHorror

    Well, in general, that is certainly true and I'd happily agree. However, in specific cases, it really depends on what you actually want to show.

    All I'm wondering is, if c4 is really so easy to use, and really used all the time, shouldn't there by now be a player with a few kills more ?

    I mean, I'm using c4 all the time, every opportunity I get. Still got more than twice the kills on my fav shotty alone than c4 kills.

    In my experience, getting c4 kills is only ever as easy as your enemies make it for you, which is true for any weapon, and then you hardly ever get the ammount of kills you thought you got when the brick goes boom, let alone as many as you think you should have gotten. After extended use, my guess would be the average kills per brick is pretty close to 1 (at least it was looking like that way back when I was trying to finish my explosive directive, and c4 was kinda much less nerfed then than it is today).

    Nice graphs by the way, thank you for the link. Am I reading that right, and is c4, over all 3 factions, really getting as much kills as any single one of the faction's LMG, or did I miss the way c4 is split by factions ? Otherwise, still not too impressive c4 stats in that case.
  6. Demigan

    Ah yeah forgot about that: This is C4 of all 3 factions put together. So on average each faction would get only 1/3rd of the starter-LMG' kills with their C4. I don't know why they don't have the option for faction-specific C4.
  7. iller

    Disgusting and intellectually dishonest false dichotomy. Each pull of C4 from a terminal is 2 detonations. Incredibly overpowered detonations sure, but not the number of rounds in an LMG's magazines

    If you're not adjusting for that, you're just straight up Trolling.
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  8. TRspy007

    I don't believe that there are as many C4 kills as before, simply because the 1 second delay is very punishing, especially in CQC, and also vehicles have been adjusted so most must be finished off with the wrel rifle.

    I really wouldn't be surprised if rocklet rifle kills were near to or higher than those with C4.

    Another downside of C4 is that it's expensive, doesn't stay after you respawn, and you can only resupply them at a terminal. It's really useful, especially when paired with the light assault, but it's a 2 time trick at most. Even if the guy finds a way to spam, his resources will drain really fast, so he can't do so for long.

    I'd say C4 is actually pretty underpowered compared to what it used to do.
  9. LurkingHorror

    Dishonest ? False ? You're basically saying the same as I said, just giving a technical explanation. Due to 'magazine size', there's a lot less c4 killing going on than LMG pew pew.

    So there's a technical reason c4 only sees much more limited use than other weapons that are rarely considered being 'spammed', and the 'incredibly overpowered detonation' is still not enough to make up for that mag size disadvantage.

    Still not seeing what could even remotely be considered overpowered really.
  10. Exileant

    o_O Yes it does need to be looked at again. It needs to be sped up.... :confused: Pressing a C4 detonator like you are on vacation hitting the on button on your universal remote for your 80" Big Screen, is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. If a person makes his way to me on foot and can drop both bricks on me, I do not complain because it is likely because I did something stupid. o_O The more you adjust the game by nerfing in this fashion that is the less like reality you make it, this tears the fun out of it... Half of Destiny's weapons WILL KILL YOU IN A SINGLE SHOT... That puts you on your toes and forces you to improve. Powerful C4 teaches you NOT to do silly things, like drive right down the center of the streets of enemy occupied bases. :eek: C4 has been wrecked enough... leave it alone.

    :eek: But you know what? Perhaps if the forum masses stopped screaming nerf this and nerf that, perhaps people would not feel like they have to lean on one thing to fight back when everything is being over-ran... This forum has only itself to blame for the discomfort in staple weaponry. Destiny makes sure all weapons are good and fun, this means there are no real best or better weapons out there. You use what you want and win with skill because everything works. :confused: Here? the Nerfs are causing major rifts between the weapons. While the game will not go anywhere thanks to it being free, these negative "Adjustments" are making it hard for people to keep wanting to play after I point them in this direction.... The Primary reaction? "Two freaking bricks of C4 can't kill a truck in this game? What the F--!? This game is _________!" The saving grace usually is the vehicle spread and an hour long sway conversation on some of the perks we offer over other vehicular games.... :eek: This has GOT to STOP!!!!!

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