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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Captnstudy, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Captnstudy

    what vehicles, if any, will 1 c4 blow up? how about 2? trying to decide if i wanna save up or not.
  2. SideOfBeef

    If you like LA, you should save up for C4.

    1 C4 will kill any infantry or MAX (which is the most important thing). I think 1 C4 will take up to 75% off a lightning, 60% off a MBT and up to 45% off a Sunderer depending where they are placed.

    2 C4 will kill any tank, and put an unarmored Sunderer into critical damage, so if you prefvent it from getting repaired for about 20 seconds it will die. If the Sunderer has blockade armor, 2 C4 will do about 70% damage.
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  3. anaverageguy

    I used to use C4 a lot.. don't have it right now, so I can't say for sure. However, during beta:

    2 C4 was a guaranteed kill on lightnings and MBTs if you strapped them to the back; for the lightning, you only really needed one strapped to the back. The second could really be anywhere else I think. Not sure if the ones I blew up always had taken tamage already though, the best part being that if you got them strapped, they didn't know it till it was too late. I didn't do it often since I usually used C4 for the following.

    1 C4 is good for taking out infantry. You just have to place it well either before they show up or from somewhere above. I remember the lethal blast radius used to be pretty big, but not so much anymore. Strapping it to the ceiling didn't kill me even when i was right under it, but it takes out quite a bit. I've used it by sticking it to corners and blowing them whenever I saw a MAX walk in from behind cover. Doesn't kill them outright, but it's easy enough after that.
  4. Witchkrapht

    Working on my second C4 currently, so I've been finding fun ways of maximizing the usage of just 1 brick of C4.

    When defending a small outpost that is being overrun, I've gotten into the habit of tossing a brick onto the capture point and fleeing the scene. From a distance I wait, and when I notice the point start to blink...I blow the C4. Usually I only get 1-2 kills....but earlier today I did this and got 7 kills lol.

    I've also found it worthwhile to flank around a big battle, searching for damaged enemy vehicles. If they've taken enough damage....1 brick of C4 is enough to take it out.
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  5. Ophicuhus

    I loved C4 and recently unlocked it. I've hardly used it because of the cost. it was 50 resource points, now its 100.
  6. Dross

    How effective is C4 at killing Phalanx Turrets?
  7. disky00

    Yeah, I noticed that too, after I purchased it, of course. It's still useful, but it's stupidly expensive. Maybe 60 would be okay, but I think 100 is way too much.
  8. Witchkrapht

    I've had no problem with Infantry Resources. Are you effectively using the C4 for maximum efficiency, or just spamming it for single kills?
  9. Purple

    i just unlocked my second C4 today and no longer run from tanks. also sundys now fear me as i can set them on fire making it eazy for anyone to finish them off. i think its well worth the certs to get both C4.
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  10. Witchkrapht

    Yup! Nothing like creeping around and offing MBTs! Love it!
  11. Raez

    1 C4 may blow up an ATV but nothing else, dont buy it. worthless unlock.
  12. Sobieski14

    1 C4 can destroy a "max" unit.
    * Either bait the enemy max unit or drop it on top of him.
    - Also keep this in mind when someone is chasing you on the towers that have jump pads....hehe You know exactly where they are going to land.

    * As for heavy vehicles, you need 2 C4
  13. Sobieski14

    You need 2 x C4.
  14. Sobieski14

    I was afraid of this...
    * Does the grenade speed it up?
  15. Inukuro

    ATV's are an effective means of C4 delivery. just slap 2 on the front and its tank hunting time.

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