[BUG] C4 bug after the last hotfix?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by metalfreak, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. metalfreak

    Yesterday i was sneaking arround to lay down some C4 behind 2 NC guys..it was right behind them..i blew up my C4..and nothing, not even a hitmarker! Someone else noticed this? Seems to happen from time to time, not with every C4
  2. Dalistro

    Yeah something does seem weird, I threw some at a max earlier and fired a few shotgun rounds into it. It only lost 25% hp which I assume was from the shotgun, since each c4 I threw were basically at its feet. But I need to test this out more thoroughly since I wasn't watching the max when I detonated.

    Also you sure c4's have hit markers? I don't recall seeing an x when I damaged something.
  3. jak

    Multiple dud C4s tonight for me. I've been watching a little more closely and it almost seems as if the block sometimes drops below ground level when you lay it down. I snuck up behind a cloaker and dropped one, I could see the little indicator for it but not the actual C4 block. Backed up and detonated - smoke boom, but cloaker sat there looking around wonder what the noise was.
  4. JokeForgrim

    Ive only played 3 hours since the patch, and i noticed this on my light assault character testing.

    Every C4 seemed bugged for me (only used 8 or so (about 4 were to test if it was bugged)) but yeah i dropped them on NC maxes and nothing. Great use of (at least) 800 infantry rescources btw.
  5. Compass

    C4 has been randomly not working. The trigger makes the C4 vanish, but no explosions, no anything.
  6. Grotpar

    So that MAX I tried to kill did not actually have flak armor. My C4 just failed.

    Well, ****.
  7. Compass

    If you see an explosion, it worked. If no explosion, yell at SOE.
  8. Marked4Death

    It's been bugged since launch, sometimes it's a dud.
    I've only used 1 C4 since the patch, to TK some ****** in a mag who went out of his way to run me down. Happy to say it worked flawlessly.
  9. DJPenguin

    i get explosions with my c4's, but sometimes no damage also. i don't recall seeing mine "disappear"
  10. SharpeShooter

    this makes sense! I was wondering how my two blocks of C4 didn't kill a max I dropped them on last night! :( need a fix please soe