C4 Broken OP

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  1. Iridar51

    You again? I'd thought you'd learn to avoid C4 by now.
  2. Iridar51

    You wanna talk no risk? Wraith flash with C4 strapped to its face, ready to be detonated by mounted Fury. Invisible, inaudible. Now that's actual cheese.
  3. Taemien

    Get something into your means of playing.

    You're not a tank. You're a shape of polygons and textures. Instead of a no-resistance 500hp/500sh dude with WASD controls, you have 4000hp with MBT resists and damage reduction. In otherwords you're playing a game.

    You have to be ready to play as soon as you login and don't think for a moment someone won't try to beat you. You want realistic tank play? Here you go: www.goarmy.com
  4. Antillie

    The idea that tanks shouldn't have to be afraid of infantry, especially up close, is just ludicrous.

    Everything should be afraid of infantry up close.
  5. Agarthan

    You do realize a package of C4 the size of the one you drop in this game would blow a building in half right? If you stuck it to a tank in real life it would decimate it. Also tanks with upgrades don't even die from 1 c4 charge so yeah, not OP, if anything they are under powered, a block of c4 on any vehicle should be a 1 hit kill, period.
  6. Hatesphere

    what re you even talking about.... 4 lbs of C4 detonated on the hull likely wouldn't even phase a modern tank. tahts beside the point though, reality should not = game play.
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  7. orangejedi829

    Basically 100% accurate. After I pulled the tank, I saw the enemy Lib on the minimap, which is why I held back and checked in that direction. When I was sure the Lib was dead / wasn't a threat, I continued on. The people saying "Stop staring at teh clouds and just hold 'W' all the time!" are being hypocritical - saying to have extreme situational awareness on one hand and saying to ignore everything and just drive forward on the other hand.

    wait.. what. just. why.
  8. haldolium

    A bit exaggerating, aren't we?

    This happens. It was partly your fault, in this very situation it has nothing to do with the weaponary as many have pointed out. You're inappropriately mad for a very common situation of having an Infi or LA in your base, screwing you over.

    We all have been there.

    What most people do is respawn, take an Infi or LA, and get their revenge. What you did is uploading a video that makes you look bad and then complain on the forums. There are many awful ways to die in PS2 and getting the tank C4ed is by far not the worst of it and usually happens under very predictable circumstances.

    Get over it and learn from it.

    Also a look on that players stats reveals that he sure is not the usual C4 fairy hopper, flying around all day and dropping on tanks. He just seized the moment and succeeded.
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  9. Takara

    The last thread you made about this got you burned pretty bad. Going to try it again?

    Welcome to PS2 there is no front line....every base at any time is a viable place for the enemy to be.

    IF YOU ARE THERE....it stands to reason that there is no reason the enemy can't be there. I often use my Harasser to get behind enemy lines and stop vehicles from getting to the front lines so my own team can take advantage of the lack of vehicle support.

    The guy was deep behind enemy lines possibly with no place to resupply and respawn. Chances are the guy didn't get there on foot. So it cost more then the c4 in my own opinion.

    But...could you have done something there? Not much. Generally I never stop when I get off a vehicle pad. I always pull out and drive off to avoid this situation. I've had it happen before and that is the lesson I took from it. What else could you have done? When I choose to spawn someplace I run my pointer over the nexts to see what the population is....if there is any enemy in the zone I either don't spawn there or I checkf or mines/C4 fairies before I pull. *shrugs* Having a gunner would have helped you out as well.

    But sometimes...you just get screwed man. Most of the time when you kill someone with a MBT there isn't anything they could do to fight back. They die with out warning! Your idea that its OP because there is nothing you could do is silly. The situation arises all the time in the game. What can any class in the game do against sniper headshots? what can a LA do against Aircraft!?! what can an Sniper do against a tank!? Or that guy who snuck up on him!? Nothing...*shrugs* You died....it happens...it's a game...move on.

    It is literally the ONLY way for a LA to c4 your tank....is for you to not know he is there. If you have ANY idea that he is there at all it's seriously impossible for him to kill you. So the Axe swings both ways man....C4 isn't a problem. By golly I'm a vehicle guy I spend tons of times in Harassers/MBT/Libs/ATV/Lightnings...I die more to AT mines then i die to C4. Even as a MAX I generally don't really die to C4 compared to Rockets or other MAX units. *shrugs*

    There is no need to argue the video....you stopped to check the map...you died. *hugs* sorry...guess you gotta go be a ground peasant for a few min before you can get another one :-( Or you can get yourself a wrath flash and go kill all the LA's you want.
  10. Takara

    I once spent about ten minutes crawling along in my Stalker suit and got behind a row of five enemy snipers. I pulled out my AP mines ready to drop em in the group....friendly scythe flies over...crashes right into me....dead...they all live. :-( SAD DAY! I cursed....respawned and went about my day.
    Welcome to video games...it's not RL you shouldn't get so upset when you die before doing something cool...This guy has it right. I wouldn't mind playing with him!
  11. BlueSkies

    First rule of Planetside 2:

    Move or Die
  12. Takara

    I have to just jump in here and say....you don't know anything about explosives ;-)

    C4 the size of the pack in game would likely just scratch the paintjob on a MBT IRL.....it might blow up a modern civilian building. Buildings are a different matter due to the extra voidspaces. They are designed to withstand pressure from above...not usually from below. Sort of like a bridge.

    The best chance for C4 on a modern battle tank would likely be tracks or engine compartment. At best it would knock out the tank. But the crew may have a headache. If you had some inside the crew compartment it would be decimated even then you would need a pretty healthy amount. You really over estimate the power of c4.

    BUT it's all irrelevant since we aren't playing RL...it's a game.
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  13. Agarthan

    Bare minimum it would kill the occupants or incapacitate them even if placed on the outside and since there is no breaking tanks in this game and it could be generally argued that the c4 would most likely break the tank in some way, blowing it up in the game is a reasonable extrapolation.
  14. Hatesphere

    no, it likely wouldn't. the hull of the tank would dissipate the unfocused blast, and any internal spall would be caught by the liner. then you hope the crew is wearing ear protection.

    modern tanks have been getting heavier and more powerful. modern infantry still carry the same amount of weight give or take.
  15. orangejedi829

    Ah right yes, I get it - the C4 fairies have defended their livelihood almost as vehemently as VS players defend the Orion/BG. So I should just shut up and be a conformist idiot, even if I truthfully believe part of the game is unbalanced. Wouldn't want to step out of line!
    Hell, I'm not even a 'Tanker'. I rarely use tanks, partly because of crap like this. I shouldn't really even care! But even still, I can see when something isn't right in terms of balance.
    So my question persists: Why is it necessary, from a balance perspective, for a flying unit to be able to drop and remotely detonate, from any distance, a package that instantly kills any ground vehicle?
    If you can answer that, I'll consider not posting any more topics on this. No guarantees though! ;)
  16. Nikushimi

    Not really, it would have to be a shaped charge. Otherwise 90% of the energy would be directed away from the intended target. 1lb of C4 would do little more then singe 90mm plate unless it was focused.
  17. Imp C Bravo

    Really shouldn't bring real life into this. Useless for discussing game balance.

    I won't lie, the fact that 1 c4 LA can kill a MBT super fast troubles me. At the same time I do recognize that the infantry is much more likely to die in the attempt than the tank -- hence needing more deaths/spawns/travel times to engage.

    Y'all should discuss this from a game designer perspective -- what role DOES C4 being as deadly as it is to tanks have in this game. Does it fill a needed niche? If so -- is it too easy to achieve that niche? Is the skill required for the average time invested making attempts fulfilling this role appropriate?
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  18. orangejedi829

    Well said.
  19. AlterEgo

    What is worthy to note is that Light Assaults are what cause most of C4 vehicle deaths. Infantry isn't the problem, the jetpack lobbed onto an infantryman's back is the problem.

    Then you realize that the Heavy Assault, the "AV" class is better vs. infantry, while the Light Assault, the Assault class meant to deal with infantry, is actually better when it comes to vehicles.

    So the "problem" being discussed doesn't really matter. If that person were any other class, chances are they wouldn't have as high a chance of blowing your Abra... Vanguard up. If anything, C4 usually is risky business; they fail to blow up sometimes because of positioning and/or the murderer called networking, and it can happen without you even knowing.
  20. FrozenCustard

    If you don't stay still and/or have proximity radar equipped c4 fairys are a breeze to take out.