C4 and Grenades Are Too Costly

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Cosmir, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Chocobo

    Knock C4 down to 50 or so and I'd be content. Spending two MAX worth of resources on a consumable feels pretty punishing. It also makes me feel like I have to play on whichever continent my faction has the most infantry resources under control, which is pretty lame.
  2. Nehlis

    What else would we spend the resource points on? MAXes? LOL NO.
  3. Ties

    My smokes cost 25 and with the HS/NV scope it's so sexy it hurts.

    A little off topic but mmmmm.
  4. Wolfwood82

    Cosmir's point is that you can pull an ESF aircraft for X certs and a 10 minute timer, spend certs to give it AV or AA capabilities while retaining AI capabilities, fly for 10 minutes doing your thing, and because you are a good enough pilot to last 10 minutes you never have to cert for a reduction in timer (always helps as no one is good enough to guarantee survival for at least 10 minutes, otherwise they'd never leaver their cockpit).

    Meanwhile LA not only have to spend the resources for consumables, they have to do it in bulk up front. So 700 resources for 7 charges of C4. I could easily blow through that in 1 hour with excellent target choices. While I'm blowing my entire stash of resources one C4, I'm busy not spending it on grenades. Which are vital to us.

    Then you get to the point where you use your charges. Can you honestly say killing a single MAX suit is worth 100 resources? Taking out a single base turret or tank is worth 200 resources? Not only that but this is a gamble. You are spending those resources for the chance to accomplish your goal, because if you die before you hit the detonator, you lose your resources and the target gets away.

    200 resources is probably the worth for taking out an SCU, or similar target (Sunderer). But apparently sundies require 300 resources.

    By your definition, LA has no role in this game. We have mobility but what is that worth if our equipment is too expensive and not worth using in most of the situations we encounter?
  5. rzr22

    I just played for like a little over an hour. I logged in and spent all my points on grenades. By the time I was done, I had another 750 infantry points, which I bought C4 with. I don't find it hard at all unless you're spamming MAX, grenades, and C4 every minute.
  6. Kimeni

    Actually, I do understand his point which is why I proceeded to talk about roles. C4 is a tool. Grenades are tools. Buying an Aircraft or a tank doesn't compare because they come with several tools of their own, and completely change your role for the duration of your occupancy. Carrying a brick if C4 does not remove you other base abilities, and does not change your role, but does enable you to do something beyond your basic role with a limit (resource and count). And actually, by my definition, LA have a very specific role, as defined by your gear. Medium to short ranged assault rifle or shotgun. Jetpack for high mobility, allowing for ambushing, circumventing defenses/blockades, and evasion. You're a blitzing shocktrooper for crying outloud! ;) The dude that bought a vehicle did so and changed his role entirely. I'd qoute you but I am afraid of what may happen if I try with my phone. You said you eventually get to the point where you have to wonder if it's worth the resource cost to destroy that turret or MAX... Yes! That is where it should be. Maybe that MAX isn't an immediate threat to your objective, so you should save you c4 / grenade for something else, and let someone in a tank or a HA take him out. (Bad example, since -you know- you could just kill it using your jetpack and rifle.)
  7. Amouris

    Clearly you haven't used a dual hacksaw ;)
  8. Nehlis

  9. Steppa

    Dropped my first C4 from an elevated position and just seconds later a Vanu (******* Vanu...) MAX walked right over it. Boom. Dead. Satisfying.
  10. Meiu

    Therein lies your problem. You aren't using C4. If you are using C4 your resources burn WAY faster.
  11. Meiu

    Lol, imagine if when you ran out of rockets on your reaver your reaver blew up and you had to buy a new one. That is essentially how C4 currently works. All these non-LA people won't understand.
  12. BlackHawke

    C4 could use a reduction, I agree. Absolutely NOT grenades.
  13. Krrr8or

    Give light assault a class ability to lower c4 cost. Now light assault has a purpose and everyone is not spamming c4 everywhere. Problem solved.
  14. Fallout10mm

    Disapears on death (as do mines) and costs a massive 100 infantry resource per block, takes 2 to kill a MBT, 3 for a sundy, and has a really short throwing range. Oh and costs a crapload of certs to use and even more to carry more then 1. C4 defenetly needs some lovin.
  15. Vargs

    The only thing in this game that feels kind of Pay2Win-ish is the +50% infantry resources via subscription, because someone with 50% more infantry resources is probably going to actually be able to spam his grenades/C4/mines/etc when he needs them. I don't even use medikits or mines because it would dig into my scarce resources far too much.
  16. Sedisp

    C4 made baseline C4 certs changed to cost reduction.

    Absolutely ridiculous that the LA has to spend 700 certs and resources to achieve risky AV capabilities if a HA RL is available out of the gate.
  17. Zeekez

    During the first week I was always low on c4 and grenades, but as you play you learn to check your resources and buy them before you cap. Every time I hit ~500 inf resources I've buy c4 till I was at 150 inf resources and the rest grenades. After 2 weeks of play I'm capped on my c4 and grenades. Why? Well, think about it logically - next time you are about to throw down a c4 - is it worth it? I see idiots using c4 vs a single infantryman, grenades are crap anyway, but what else are you going to spend the resources on?

    Basically, a single c4 placed properly on the back armor of a MBT can cause it to catch fire and explode, sure the start up resources are high but unless you are throwing down C4 every time you spawn, you'll run out of things to spend the inf resources on.
  18. Bags

    Grenade prices are fine. Big fights devolve into grenade spam badly enough as is.
  19. Zeekez

    One block of c4, if placed properly, can almost one shot a MBT, if you need 2 bricks then you obviously aren't playing the class right. As for comparing a missile to a c4 charge.... no. Just no.
  20. Longman

    C4 is good like it is. I play LS most of the time and have 2xc4 certed. I really love to fly and sneak up to an enemy vehicle and blow ist up this way. On the other hand I have spend many certs into my sunderer and I really don't like enemy LA blowing my precious sundy up this easy. This is the reason I think the points for c4 are okay because someone couldn'd c4 everything he sees.

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