C-4 or med kits????

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Ximaster, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. Ximaster

    I have ammo belt because the Pandora shotgun steal ammo very quick. The question now is: which special thing ill equip???? C-4 or med kits?????
  2. Campagne

  3. Skiptrace

    First, you should NEVER need Ammo Belt. Engineers should have Ammo Packs just about everywhere. Run Advanced Shield Cap with Medkits for a Shotgun Loadout, or you can run Adrenaline Pump for the extra mobility.
  4. Littleman

    As an LA, friendly engineers aren't exactly always in close proximity, and unless you're up against the VS on emerald, seeing hostile ammo packs is like winning the lotto. Though the addage "damned if you do, damned if you don't" comes mind. Take ammo belt, you'll never live to spend the default amount. Don't take the ammo belt, live long enough to be left with just a knife.

    Medkits if you're on the offense. C4 if you're on the defense and have made plans to take out a vehicle, like a sunderer. Of course, jumping points and jetpack type all play a pivotal role as well. Drifter + C4 = win. Medkits + Icarus another form of win. Running around on a tower you don't own? Normal jets + medkits are best.
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  5. Eternaloptimist

    I run with C4 and the Regeneration tier 1 implant for restoring health. C4 is the LA trademark unless you want to play exclusively anti infantry gunfighting. Of course, if that is your thing then medkits is the answer as Medics can be hard enough to find even if you are not a long way out on the flanks or somehere else that they can't reach you.
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  6. SQPD

    C4 if you're the aggressive type. Medkits for extended combat time. Ammo belt for lone wolf. Adrenaline pump for when you're really out of options. Nanoweave for being boring.
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  7. SgtBeta

    Meds for attacking infantry, C4 when you try to blow vehicles(Or MAXes).
  8. venteron123

    get medkits first then C4 just in case, one brick is enough if you can do quick damage math
  9. Azawarau

    Id say C 4and regen implant

    There are too many ways to take advantage of C 4 on a LA to not have them
  10. Duban

    If you're somewhere engineers can reequip you then you aren't playing LA right, and running your way back through the hoard of enemies is suicidal. Amo belt is hands down the way to go for players like me that go on 20+ kill streaks on a regular basis.

    My main issue with shield caps and nanoweave is that if you're taking damage you're already doing something wrong. The idea is not to get the drop on easy targets and not get noticed in the first place. Meanwhile, when you need extra amo you really need extra amo.

    As for C4 vs medkits. Personally, I prefer C4 for the same reasons above (The idea that you shouldn't be taking damage in the first place). I can understand why someone would grab healing over C4 to prevent damage from building up, though. It's personal choice, really.
  11. Demigan

    I say C4.

    I never saw the advantage of medkits. As LA you have plenty of chance to heal up through implants (or even just the new Biolab control advantage) in between fights. As LA you shouldn't have to use it during a fight, as extended engagemens usually means you are still up against a Heavy who has more total hitpoints and bigger weapons, you need your flanking advantage to win from them.
    The only class that really seems to be able to take advantage of medkits would be Heavies doing an ADAD dance to make their opponent lose their ammo. Otherwise just go for the big bang on C4. Good for laying traps for MAX's, divebomb small groups of infantry or blow up any Tank lacking situational awareness.
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  12. Reclaimer77

    Pfft medkits or the glory of flying over a Sunderer, dropping some C-4, and getting a 5+ killstreak from the resulting explosion?

    Easy answer.
  13. chuck105

    Eh, go with grenade bandolier. Medkits are great for small fights against a superior force, but in large fight being able to kill maxes and large groups is worth more than your k/d. Killing a large group in a suicide run is more influential on the battle than keeping a kill streak alive. I feel like medkits encourage poor play, where as LA you shouldn't take damage from the guys you're shooting, and flit away at the first sign you've been spotted. I always regret pulling medkts, I mainly used them to auraxium carbines, but C4 is integral to LA, without it you're much less dangerous.
  14. Cynosure

    I take restoration kits over C4 (or medkits) in 99% of situations (though, I like to focus on infantry/flanking). Also, the C4 thing doesn't work too well with Icarus which is my preferred jetpack.

    Resto kits have allowed me to escape many times with my life and keep on killing. Often times, I find myself going through all of them and attempting to head back to a terminal to resupply. You aren't likely to find a medic on a rooftop--and tucking away in a corner to regen your health slowly with a regen implant makes you a sitting duck.
  15. Drunk

    C4 + amo belt + regen3 implant.
    Anything else is too situational
  16. Masyaka

    Go medic with area heal to heal yourself, with advanced shield capcitator, auraxium shield and elese. these 50 points can win u a game againist unexperienced 200 dmg guy.
  17. MrMinistry30

    ALWAYS C4!
    If you need healing the LA is perfect for getting your butt out of the battle to let regeneration implant heal you.

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