By the way, Smedley made a big post on Reddit

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  1. Einharjar

    Oh Smed... you're such a piece of work...

    EVERY SINGLE TIME you've made Promises... it's fallen through. Hell the last big major one was the "I'm sorry" letter a year just before Daybreak's take over.

    I don't know how else to break it to you, guy. I don't. You crashed PS1s direction after 1.5 years and basically choked it's dev team to death. You committed SWGate. And you're continuing to sink PS2 DESPITE EVEN BEING UNDER ANOTHER LOGO NOW.

    You need to retire dude. Just stop.

    I love the promises, I do. Everything I would love about PS2 would be what you've been promising since TWO THOUSAND 'EFFING TWELVE (See link below) but that's all they are now... promises. It's freaking sad when just a simple game treats you like an abused puppy. Most of us have higher standards and values. So just stop. GG no RE.
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  2. Haquim

    The problem with your very elaborate example is that the guy complaining is absolutely in his right.
    There is no need for him to understand how things work technically to judge whether the result is what it is supposed to be.
    Do I need to study architecture to be allowed to criticize the guy who designed a bridge thats gonna collapse when the first car tries to use it?
    Do I need to understand aerodynamics to know that a plane, no matter how extravagantly designed, should fly?

    This "I'm the professional, so my opinion is the only relevant one" attitude is just about the absolutely worst thing to happen to any kind of project, and everybody sporting it needs to be removed from ANY job where he is providing key components for any product that is gonna be consumed/used by the broad public, or any other group of persons save for very specialized equipment.
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  3. TheKhopesh

    If that's the case, it may help provide a much needed shelter from the constant vehicle spam farming infantry.
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  4. CipherNine

    This new game mode better have matchmaking system to balance number of players otherwise its gonna be epic fail.
  5. Lucidius134

    fly me to the moon
  6. Scr1nRusher

    This new game mode is a really bad idea.
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  7. RedArmy

    looking at ur sig, great parts, i share most of them as equals - however its a bad Mobo, had it before - its only a 4+1 PH pwr supply
  8. Navron

    I'm not a programmer by any means but I think what people need to realize (and this applies to any job) is that things are not as simple as "this needs to happen now" or "it should have happened already". Even at work, I've had people ask me to do impossible things and I'll take the time to explain why it cannot happen. But yet, they were unsatisfied with the explanation. Example as short as I can make: In the Navy as an electronics technician, some people got upset about our navigation system acting all funny around Guam. My explanation (with backed up proof) was that the Marianas trench causes fluctuations in the magnetic fields. That apparently was not good enough for some people and someone actually wanted me to find a way to fix it.

    Examples are very different but from a customer service perspective the issue is exactly the same. You're right...people DON'T know the science behind how a plane flies but the people who were around when the plane was invented couldn't get mad that the plane wasn't invented faster.

    THIS is exactly what I was implying in my conversation. If you're going to complain about something, then provide a solution. The guy in my outfit was complaining about "everything" with no actual resolutions. And even though it's not his job to figure out a solution (and his complaint was valid), it's pointless to waste people's time just complaining about nothing. (The conversation was a lot longer than what I posted). While I personally don't agree with MarkAntony's solution, at least he's providing something.

    My problem isn't the fact that people complain; it's the fact that if you're going to complain for the sake of complaining (which no one can deny is a common MMO gamer habit) at least provide some kind of idea of how to fix it. Even if the suggestion isn't feasible because of whatever, at least you're trying to help. There's a different between criticism and constructive criticism.
  9. konj

  10. ScrapyardBob

    Typical Smed - full steam ahead on the stuff that doesn't matter (i.e. "new game mode"), meanwhile the building is burning down because they release buggy patches the majority of the time.

    Combine that with the price increases on everything (this F2P game already has the highest prices in the industry, which is why nothing sells).

    I'm doubting that DBG can manage to make it to the end of 2015 before having to resort to more layoffs, and will be surprised if they last to the end of 2016.
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  11. BoomBoom4You

    More empty words from Smedley, they've been working on the meta game for 2 years now. Anyone remember World Domination Series? Lulz

    Smedley probably got a nice big fat retention bonus + equity options in DBG. He's fat and happy. I wish he'd prove me wrong.
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  12. TheRunDown

    Please No! WDS was a huge waste of time and space, it was Higby's attempt to bring MLG to PlanetSide 2.. Urk!
    WDS was full of exploits and sad people using spare computers to ghost bases. The amount of Solo BR100 players I kept catching trying to Ghost cap bases was one of thy most saddest thing I've ever seen, a BR100...
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  13. entrailsgalore

    I believe it is a 2013 version, so it uses the original capacitors, and not the unmarked and unreliable new ones. It's only a 970 chipset, but it was only about $60 when I bought it, and it let me OC the 6350 to 4.5ghz, which is all I cared about. I may have just gotten a good one, but I haven't had any issues. I would prefer a 990 chipset, probably on my next build, but then again, I would just go intel next time.
  14. Tiedemann

    Stuff like this makes me a grumpy old guy and reminds me how incredibly lazy ppl have become.