By the way, Smedley made a big post on Reddit

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  1. HadesR

    Well my post wasn't so much about the Dev's themselves but more about Smedley the Anti-Midas .. He can touch gold and turn it to **** ..

    When you are going to add a feature that has the potential to fundamentally change the core game , then you better damn well ask the player base FIRST ..
    But it seems like he is following his track record of " assuming " he knows best .. Which history has proven isn't always the case ..

    " Hopefully " we will like it .. You mean you are not sure ?

    If only the game had a forum to ask people or a Test server to test crap on .. First ....

    Sometimes I'm glad he hides on Reddit ... Where even certain Ex-Dev's have said that if they go any sort of small instanced mode that removes players from the main game, then they will be shooting themselves in the foot.

    Personally I just hope he wakes up and they make a post detailing the " mode " BEFORE it goes Live and listen to our feedback and even scrap the plan if needed.
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  2. Atis

    So .... yeah... what? Its not like they need just players, they need money. The more they disappoint us, the more they get players who get in PS2 for their free MMO fix but dont care enough to invest any dough in his character.

    If they wanted both, they could just make 2 type of servers with same basic mechanics but different rulesets: Action-based and Objectives-based, leave Higby his MLG legoland and hire 1 more guy to design meta for thinking crowd.
  3. CipherNine

    AFAIK competitive first person shooters aren't fast paced. Competitive CoD is played on Search&Destroy mode in which if you die you have to sit the whole round. Same for CounterStrike.

    I generally agree with what you are saying but I don't think competitive is the right word. Planetside is far away from competitive. Most fights are determined by numbers, not player skill or strategy. There was some talk about MLG but they made a piss poor job of making the game more competitive.

    What really screwed up Planetside from the very beginning was insistence on making it a fast-paced game. That is why it feels so shallow.
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  4. iller

    Heard about this from Wrel, had to come back to see it for myself....

    Great but it doesn't change my opinion that Smed himself and PS2 by proxy is still CURSED thanks to SWG'gate over 10 years ago. If the Cubs couldn't break their curse then Smed sure as hell ain't gonna break his just by putting 'Break" in the Publishing name

    Will I come back and play the stupid thing if they complete all these desperately needed META game changes? Well of course but that's really beside the point.
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  5. Gemenai

    Well i'm not. Your statement is invalid.
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  6. Simferion

    Some people are capable to have great ideas, but the very same people always ruin them because they are so bound to their own wrong mental schemes they try to apply to everything.

    There's a good game with a great potential and it is still being ruined by the very same failing concepts the project leadership is entangled with.
    So far the game design problems haven't been solved, while they tried to dumbing down the game or monetize in bad way.
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  7. Navron

    So why still hang around the forums?
  8. toast2250

    Let me enlighten you.
    Maybe because there are people that still have some interest in the game's future and/or play it very occasionally even tho they have more or less moved on.
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  9. Dowlphin

    I hope they won't reach the severity of what's going on with Blizzard/WoW, because that's a pure test for whether you have self-respect these days.
  10. Gemenai

  11. RykerStruvian

    We like Planetside and like Planetside 2, but we don't like what was done to the franchise and we are hoping, by some miracle, Smed/Daybreak will get their heads out of their butts and quit screwing around. You make the assumption that just because we don't play the game means we obviously could care less. That is the opposite...we actually care -a lot- about the game enough to keep lingering like a bad fart, just because we are hoping something might change for the better.

    I personally -really- love Planetside, but I really hate what SOE/Daybreak did with it ever since the beta along with their stances on different subjects. The fact I've stuck it out and keep coming back, even if I'm not playing game, shows how much I love it and want to see it succeed. At the same time, I'm just really tired of all the dumb BS, enough that I want to have no part of it. Been kicked around by SOE/Daybreak too many times and got fed up with it.

    It's a love/hate thing.
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  12. uhlan

    This game has a lot of issues with the gameplay. I have a feeling, however, that their gear (servers, etc...) aren't up to snuff either.

    Put those things together and you get a never ending cycle of the "dog chasing its tail".

    Not to mention they have no idea what they really want the game to be. Although I think they're settling on the small side of the game with its MLG focus and getting away from the epic original plan because they don't seem to be able to manage the scaling problems.

    They've been hyping changes for over a year and a half and still nothing meaningful.

    We'll see what the summer brings, but I've don't have much hope any longer.
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  13. ScrapyardBob

    Redeployside has been horrible for the game.

    You should never have the option to spawn 1500+ meters away. Ever. If you want to get there faster then spawn hopping then drive/ride a vehicle. When players login, they should be placed into the VR (a.k.a. "sanctuary!")

    Respawn options should be limited to:
    • Squad spawn beacons within 1500m
    • Any spawn rooms or sunderers within 750m
    • Squad sunderers/galaxies/valks within 1500m
    • The nearest spawn room as the crow flies, if none are within 750m
    • The warp gate should always be a spawn option
    Simple to understand and joining a squad and using a beacon or squad asset comes with benefits.
    As for believing Smeds -- I've been playing SOE games for almost 15 years -- never believe that they can deliver what they promise, because those rose-colored predictions rarely come to fruition.
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  14. TheFamilyGhost

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  15. maxkeiser

    The lattice was the worst thing for the game.

    They should have maintained hex, but worked on refining it to make it what the community wanted (it would have been easy to make it so a squad or more was required to cap bases etc etc).

    The sandbox and freedom is EVERYTHING to PS2. The lattice just dumbed the game down, reduced the freedom. I still can't believe people were clamouring for it.
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  16. Jarwy

    Interesting post, thanks. Should probably be in Official news and announcements, right.

    What's reddit?
  17. Navron

    Fair enough. But there appears to be a number of people who don't play the game and have negative opinions but act as though their opinions should be held in high regard. That's not to say that people aren't allowed to have opinions...but if someone puts something like "I stopped playing the game a year ago" and expect their opinion to hold any real weight they're just wasting time.

    The counterargument might be "Well, if they listen to why I quit the game, it should tell them what they're doing wrong." I would counter that when there's a major problem about the game within the community, the devs DO listen and change things (like ZOEs). But they're not gonna change something for the minority. Gamers will be gamers and always find something to complain about so there will ALWAYS be negative feedback to game devs.

    What's even WORSE is when people complain about something but have no suggestions on how to make it better. And it's very, very unfortunate that people don't take the time to do that. I got into a debate with someone in my outfit (and I ended up pissing him off) because all he kept saying was that devs weren't doing their jobs because the game still isn't optimized. Short version:

    Him: The game has been broken for 2 years. They need to fix it.
    Me: Need to fix what?
    Him: Everything!
    Me: Like what? Give me an example.
    Him: Optimization.
    Me: That's not every specific. What about optimization?
    Him (getting angry):, when I'm in a vehicle and I can't see when someone is shooting me with an AV turrent 200 meters away. They need to optimize that.
    Me: *explains how rendering works and the fact that rendering everything within the distance that someone can hit you from is a waste of resources*
    Him (clearly mad): Well, they need to figure out a way to do it!

    It's unfortunate that people have that kind of mindset where they think devs are magical wizards and even more so that because of the nature of people, it's more likely that game devs always hear more complaints that compliments. So to NOT play the game for a long time but to linger around and throw opinions about things a person isn't even invested in comes off as a waste of time.
  18. toast2250

    I simply do not agree. It comes down to individuals and how they interpret things in this world.

    If you would run a project most people would be turned off if it would go wrong. I most certainly can guarantee this because I have been there and have don't it.

    But unlike in your example, every complaint, every disagreement or suggestion (no matter how insulting or threatening it was) was treated like gold and was most certainly in one way or another incorporated in to the project.

    The results were fantastic and the felling good.

    The customer is always right (more or less), also if you make something, chaining it can be devastating, that is why I don't agree with Malorn when he stated that the game constantly changing is a part of the game. You need to have a clear vision on the end direction (which must be right from the start), not **** around with it.

    Your friend has a point, in short your telling him to **** off and stop complaining, giving feedback to you can be a pain in the *** and your sympathy with some one is very low if it doesn't suit your interests and standards.
  19. MarkAntony

    Your friend is right. being hit by something that is not rendering is completely unacceptable. If they can't make them render they need to reduce their range to where they can make them render or remove them. And that doesn't just go for AV Turrets.
    not rendering everything that can hurt you is already bad enough., not rendering a specific counter to what is being used is not ok. It amazes me how you could even defend something so unfair.
    If they can't make it happen then they need to realize that the tech isn't there yet and REMOVE it. It's not that complicated. You don't need to be a wizard to realize that.
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  20. OldMaster80

    I agree on this 100%. I still hope they realized the road to success is to focus on those features that make ps2 unique: a big open world sandbox combined arms battle.
    Why being just another clone of CoD when you can be something special?