By the way, Smedley made a big post on Reddit

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  1. KnightCole

    Cool post, now lets see it happen. I might have to give the game another go if we actually get some depth and point to gameplay. ITs easier to ignore Epeen and enjoy the game when there is more to focus on then my Epeen and KDR haha.
  2. HadesR

    Just pray they don't add an small instance based mode then .. That's going to be all about the Epeen
  3. Littleman

    I'm thinking it was more because the guy in charge of the project had no idea what he was doing with the project. "This sounds cool, let's add it in!" With ZERO concern for how it would work on the grand scale.

    Also, we'll play because reasons. The most DGC can do is maybe allow us access to enemy weapons or vehicles for a week for accomplishing XYZ feat. Otherwise, like with PS1, it's going to boil down to fighting simply to fight. We can't win per se after all.
  4. KnightCole

    PS2 needs no instanced modes....that is not what PS 2 is about at all....

    PS2s draw for me was its open endedness.....god yeah, please dont add instances to PS2....
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  5. Takara

    They have said it is a less....official place. So the actual meaning to that statement means....They don't have to be held to a single thing they say there. Smedly could promise all he wants on Redit....then give us none of it...and they could just shrug their shoulders and say. No official statement made.

    Honestly, I expect to see maybe one thing out of the many to actually show up. But it's going to take a few years before we see it.
  6. FBVanu

    It is sad that you are very close to the truth with your assessment. If they are not willing to make real, official statements, and be held to them, they should not make any statements at all. Unless it's official, (on this forum), it's just weak.

    The only thing ever being posted on Reddit should be links, to the statements made on this forum. But DBG doesn't see it that way.
  7. zaspacer

    I don't think players have a problem with why they are fighting. None of the players on each Faction like each other, and hey are happy to shoot their other til dead.

    What they have a problem with is:
    1) why bother to Defend?
    2) why bother to join Underpop/Losing Faction in Battle or Continent or Alert?
    3) does cumulative winning or losing have consequences?
    4) why bother not to farm with OP Units?
  8. Lucidius134

    sounds like what the abuser says to the abusee in an abusive relationship.
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  9. ChUnKiFieR

    It's all BS! Been lied to so much by you guys I don't believe a word you say anymore. (Just like a certain President I know!)
  10. ScrapyardBob

    It hurts PS2 because all those hours spent polishing instance arenas is hours not spent improving the base game. Which is part of why they got into trouble during the first year of launch. They launched, then Higby and crew got a hard-on for "e-sports". As a result, players of the actual game got nothing but poor updates for the next 6-12 months which pretty much buried it in the market.

    Instanced battles do not belong in PS2, not even as a side show. They don't have the developer time to spare on such fluff when the base game has been on life support for a year.
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  11. Dowlphin

    Implying it's wise to believe any (U.S.) president's words.
  12. Mianera

    Why doesn't this a-hole post this stuff on the forums where it belongs and not some third party site?
  13. Dowlphin

    Because on the official forums there are only people who actually have a game account, while on Reddit pretty much anyone can participate in discussions, and that's more appealing to the devs. They are very open to feedback, after all.
  14. thenewbie

    Smedley, I have no have no idea what this means to me. ;-; The hype is real.
  15. RykerStruvian

    I'm a skeptic to anything Smedley says. I've heard them before. To be quite honest, more often than not Smedley has been out of touch with Planetside 2. I get the idea he's excited about what he can do/what can be done, but often times the ideas, I feel, do not mesh with the game or the material of the game.

    A lot of the design decisions he's been strict about have been either complained/problematic throughout the life of Planetside 2 or completely voided out and replaced with what people wanted. But for Smedley to make claims like these, you ought to be more worried than necessarily 'hyped'. Cynicism isn't healthy, sure, but it's at least more realistic than president hyperbole (aircraft carriers, anyone?).

    Seriously. There are so many things that a lot of people have been saying for the longest time. Some of which was actually done. But I still don't trust anything you or anyone else has to say when you continue to pump out ingame store purchases rather than fixing what you've already sold. Even the engine itself is kind of junky...always encountering problems with everything and you're not even able to employ it to its fullest potential ever since beta.
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  16. entrailsgalore

    So we can expect a Planetside 2 NGE then I take it.
  17. zaspacer


    It's the same Decision Makers, reviewing the same game, and applying their same competence. They are going to end up in the same place, and the game's problems since launch are not going to budge.

    This is not knocking them. They have robust skills for all kinds of stuff. It is just observing and recognizing the pattern that afflicts many businesses.

    Like the kid in the cartoon above, they want to make progress, but they don't understand that (1) they don't understand the full scope of the problem, (2) they don't know the process to make the progress they want, and (3) they aren't gonna ask for or listen to coherent outside help to either make progress, or to help them understand the scope, or to give them access to a better process.
  18. Naphemil

    wow!!!! that's amazing.... can I also get mind reading powers too by sniffing that white stuff?
  19. OldMaster80

    Yeah redeploy is the freaking root of evil. It doesn't have to be removed but it needs to be dramatically overhauled. Instant action should be the tool for lone wolves looking for a quick way to get into battle.
    Redeploy must remain as a tool to re-organize and regroup, not a free mass teleporter for zergs.
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  20. stalkish


    ......not really very hard tho is it.
    And Smed could have easily said to one of his minions, 'please could you repost my reddit post on the official forum', making it even easier.
    Why not use both? Afterall; 2 sets of feedback > 1 set of feedback.