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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Paran0a, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Paran0a

    Hi guys! So I've gathered some certs and would like to buy a new rifle.
    I would like to get better rifle than default one. But I want it to have somewhat same abilities as the default one.

    (I dont want shotgun I just want a better rifle for fightning mid/close range.)

    Ty in advance!
  2. Redshift

    You probably won't get much help without a little more info, like what faction you are.

    Plus tbh i wouldn't buy a rifle with certs, ther're too expensive and really don't make much difference
  3. Paran0a

    Oh I see, but I only have certs so Its my only option.
    I am TR.
  4. Redshift

    The default TR LA weapon is the best anyway

    Don't spend 1k certs on a rifle, it'll make little to no difference, put the certs into things that aren't supposed to be brought for money (they want you to buy the weapons for cash hence why they cost so many certs).

    Put the certs into things like C4, and upgrades for vehicles
  5. SecularPope

    Jaguar is best for mid / close range. I have used the Lynx, Trac5s, Trac5, and Nighthawk (I know you don't want a shotgun) on my LA. Jaguar is the best choice. It doesn't have the rate of fire of the lynx (750 vs 800) but that is barely noticable and won't really ever effect you living or dying. The Jaguar has an amazing recoil pattern, and although you lose out on some of the Trac5s attatchments it is a superior weapon.

    Generally I use a Trac5s setup for mid/long range (HV ammo, Compensator, 2x scope (I also use / have used 3.4 and 4x scopes I just prefer the 2x with my big monitor), and Grenade launcher), A shotgun build (nighthawk w/ 1x scope and flashbangs), and a Jaguar build (what I have been using most of the time).

    Jaguar is def the way to go.
  6. Iridar51

    What I love about this game is that there are no obvious choices. There isn't such thing like "better than default gun". Instead, there's "better than default at something, but worse at something else". The default TRAC 5 is good all-around carbine, which can be further specialised by attachments for the type of combat you prefer.
    T5 AMC, for example, is better choice for long-range combat, while being worse in close combat, and so on.
    If you're really bent on buying new gun you should consider what type of combat you prefer and buy the best gun for it.

    TRAC 5S is also a good choice, as it's in almost every way like TRAC 5, but also supports underbarrel launchers (which are not terribly good, to be honest).

    However, you should know, that your gun won't win battles for you. It's not like when you buy rocket pods on Mosqiuto and discover the whole new game. Our guns work similarly and look similarly.
  7. {joer

    What did you find so much better? I'm using a lynx with an adv laser sight (hip fire guy) and the only big thing about the jag was no horizontal to the right recoil. I'm just wondering if its worth the certs for that.
  8. Wolfwood82

    I favor the Lynx with advanced lasers even over shotguns. Great mid-range weapon and awesome close range weapon.
  9. ArrowRL201

    I've been having quite a bit of fun with my select fire weaponry, but that's probably just me.
  10. AxisO7

    If most of your engagements happen in mid- to close-range, I'd either stay stock or change to the Jaguar. The Jaguar is better at close quarters but still fairly good at medium (you won't be killing anything further than that though), while the Trac-5 is better at medium but still fairly good at close quarters (and will also get you some kills at longer range).

    If you decide the Trac-5 is better for your gamestyle, then you can think of side-grading that to the Trac-5 S. It's slightly slower firing, but gives you the ability to put more attachments on it.

    Personally, I use the Jaguar on my Light Assault and the Trac-5 S on my Engineer, as my engagements tend to be at at close quarters with LA but I find I need a bit more distance on my Engi.
  11. hellaskan

    I will say this much.. if you are considering a wep that has the nade launcher, know this-
    the second nade has a bug where it doesn't hit for any damage (reported by a lot of people, me being one of them).
  12. SecularPope

    Pretty much the recoil is the only difference. I have both w/ advanced laser sight and the CoF on them is identical. If you are happy with your Lynx I dont think it would be worth the Certs (I buy my weapons anyway because its way too easy to throw on station cash so I wouldn't be spending certs on them anyways). There really isnt much difference between the two but the Jaguar's recoil pattern does make headshots and close/medium super easy. You start in the chest and can let it kick up into two headshots, or you can start at the head and its real easy to control and keep it there, which is why I prefer it. I know the RoF is 800 vs 750 but honestly I have a hard time detecting the difference and I have never been in a situation where I have died and thought that extra 50 would have kept me up.

    However I also never had any problem mowing down people at medium range with the Lynx, and rarely use my Trac5s anymore because of its slow RoF in comparison to those two weapons (I do think people knock the grenade launcher too much, I find it amazing for clearing out lots of enemies near sunders, drop a frag and use the launcher for 2x the explosion at the same time, and its great for clearing out windows and rooms that are further away).
  13. aRtFuL

    For LA you are better off going with either Lynx, Jaguar or shotguns, as they tend to be more ideal for the close ranges which you will inevitably fight in.

    Trac5s is for longer range fights with all sorts of utilities - it is more of an engineer's gun.
  14. Iridar51

    I can say the same backwards - TRAC 5S is better for longer ranges, which you will inevitably fight it in.

    I disagree, mindset of an engineer having various utilities and explosives has nothing to do with Light Assault.

    TRAC 5S vs CQC Carbine boils down whether you want more hipfire accuracy and higher RoF, suited for close combat, or A SECOND WEAPON (grenade launcher), which one-shots people even from long range, if aimed correctly. Bugs will be fixed sooner or later.
    Shotgun is a lackluster, it fires as far as pistol does. It's good at very close range, but unless you persistantly seek enemies wanting to hug you, shotgun is bad as main weapon.
  15. aRtFuL

    If you will inevitably fight in long ranges, chances are you are using the wrong class in the wrong situation in LA to being with (LA is a CQC class).

    Gun won't matter in that circumstance.

    It has nothing to do with mindset, it has to do with the fact that you NEED to be engineer in most situations (ie. planes and tanks) since you NEED to be in it in most situations, you might as well use a weap that gives you flexibility when needed, as you don't always have access to weapon changes.

    Whereas, if you are using LA, chances are you have already entered CQC situations and needed to use that class.
  16. Iridar51

    I don't understand people putting labels "that is a CQC class", why not be flexible when you can?
    Sometimes you will fight on plain, level terrain, and your jetpack won't give you any advantage and your CQC gun will be useless.
    You will think "ah, ok, I'm CQC class so that's ok" and just die.
    I will fight, and at least stand a chance at winning, because I'm wielding a flexible gun.
    Yeah, we have carbines and shotguns which are not so good at looooong range, but I don't understand the purpose of intentionally robbing yourself of flexibility in favor of DPS at knifing distance.

    Let's drop that engi talk, I don't play that class unless absolutely necessary and don't care one bit about them.
    Added: can you kill a MAX with 70% hp being repaired by engineer from 50 meters away? I can.
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  17. Conq

    Jaguar, advanced laser bayonet, ironsights, reflex or HS/NS. No soft points. This setup is surprisingly effective at any range.
  18. {joer

    Meh well I had the cash and the certs so I switched from the Lynx to the Jag and yea the Jag is better. I can't say for long range since its not my style, but for medium and short its as good as any out there.
  19. aRtFuL

    Flexibility is better serve by just simply changing class if possible and required. Stubbornly sticking to one class, while I'm sure some will like it, will never be as good as if you change to say medic and fight at mid-long range using that.

    Opportunity cost buddy, it is what it is.

    No I will not think I will just die, I would've already be have a flexible enough state of mind to change to another class or get into a tank, or run to a Sunderer's protection.

    Why spend 100% of the effort just to get 50% of the result when you can easily get 100% via other means?

    Of course you can... hell MAX ain't even that effective at 50m range (especially when you are talking about NC max) - u can dodge and weave, deploy fake turrets, grenade, claymore and underbarrel grenade against them and they can't do a thing. I've done it before. I even did it with medic before.

    If you can kill them within 10m range then we'll talk.

    Also why are you taking about "being repaired"? It makes no difference - you should ALWAYS deal with the repairer of MAX first. Yet another inflexibility of your "tactic" in your so called "flexibility of your gun" usage. If one is to be flexible they should be flexible to ALL situations by using ANY means.

    This ain't a class duel.
  20. Iridar51

    It's kinda hard to switch class behind enemy lines.
    I guess we're arguing about a wrong thing here. I am stubbornly sticking to Light Assault.

    About MAXes. I had a specific situation in mind, that happened to me a few days ago. We were storming tech plant, and I was berhind enemy lines, near forcefielded entrance to enemy base. I hid right above that forcefield and killed some unsuspecting or otherwise occupied enemies, and there was a MAX unit sticking through a doorway in a nearby building. I saw he was repaired by engi inside the building, but I couldn't target the engi itself. So I pulled my UB GL and killed MAX with both grenades, direct hit.

    Now, LA with a CQC gun wouldn't be able to do that for obvious reason. And that is ALL that I'm saying.

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