Buy an SOE Game Shirt from J!NX, Get Cool In-Game Items!

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  1. AdmiralArcher

    it was just a quip referencing macklmore
  2. Joexer

    Er um.... My dissapointment can not be expressed in words so a moment while I calm down

    @SOE the NS 11P has been given away many many times (gamestop cards, summerrewards) could this be maybe YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ONE PLATINUM VARIANT NS WEAPON or at least the NS-15MP or NS-11CP so people who dont have the time to create 5 alts and spend $50 can have acces to these? If it was the NS 15MP or NS-11CP OR EVEN A NEW RESKINNED NS G5P as another platinum variant i would buy it.
  3. dezusa

    Buy a 20$ shirt (which i can get my own imitation for $5~10 in my area) and get cool ingame items that has been given away for free more than a few times.


    Get your priorities first SoE, like bug fixing. :confused:
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  4. Bhudda V1

    too many of you are complaining about soe actually putting this out when realistically people have been asking for it for a long time also i think it would be better if they didn't even add the ns-11p into it at all and left it at a decal you guys are getting hung up on it too much.

    definitely buying 2 nc's and 2 tr shirts.
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  5. Zero4549

    I liked this idea when I saw the headline. Was about to buy a vanu shirt.

    Then I saw the NS11P


    That silly gun has been given away for "free" so many different times now. First I bought it. Then I got the "p" version which is literally identical (doesn't even have a unique skin FFS!) from a station cash card... then I got it free again for "summer reward" or whatever... geez. 'cmon SoE. Its like you are TRYING to make us feel cheated!

    You couldn't afford to reskin something else for once? Toss some gold flashing on 3 faction specific shotguns and bundle them with the matching faction shirts or something.
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  6. PasitheeVS

    I alwas wanted to buy VS style stuff, but a T-Shirt for 20€?
    The price is normally okay, but shipping to Germany and 19% taxes makes it pretty expensive...

    I will better wait for a VS-Max-Suite next Halloween. With ZOE Lights! (that I can turn on and off whenever I want :( )
  7. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd

    I've been waiting for ages for some proper merchandise especially t-shirts or jackets but the TR one sucks. Also the NS11P gun everyone already has because of the summer reward promo. Sorry SOE but this is disappointing.
  8. CNR4806

    lol, NS-11P?

    You mean, like, the gun that you gave out for FREE to everyone a while ago while announcing that giveaway VERY LOUDLY?

    And you're now expecting people to PAY for it? Are you kidding us?
  9. TheBTron

    I bought two, really people thats about avg for a TShirt, if you warn and fuzzy go hug a teddy bear!
  10. penandpencilman

    Promo code "startingzone" or "stormcast" worked for me for 10% off the t-shirt.
  11. sjtw_w_stot

    Meh, the NS11P could just be an unannounced ongoing promo with short 'breaks' where its not offered -- with its target base being for new players. Marketing.
  12. ColonelChingles

    I'm on the fence at the moment, but when you get yours can you comment on the quality?

    If the thing is gonna fall apart after a year I'd rather not spend $20. But a well made shirt... I'd be for that. :)

    Also is it scratchy? I hate scratchy shirts!
  13. Kheibrn

    I`ll buy when I can waste my money. (So never)
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  14. StReynolds

    $20 for a T-Shirt is nothing compared to $40-$50 that you would spend when you walk into an American eagle outfitters or Abercrombie store. Command Not Supported /cry
  15. Daf

    Just got my NC Tee Shirt, very thread bare to say the least, to top the cheapness off, you get a NS11P thats been on offer for a looooooooooooong and with every bundle they can think of, never again...:mad:
  16. StReynolds

    I agree with the NS11P being the wrong in-game item, I'm sure everyone has this gun by now. But the shirt is fine. %100 Cotton. Light. And Comfortable. I'm satisfied with the shirt. And the j!NX Decal is awesome too.
  17. flyingcow

    So I bought the shirt, and didn't get anything other than 3 stickers irl.
  18. Caudill

    Merch would have flown out the door a year or two ago. Why is this being added now? The gun is a flop. A skin on it would have shown at least a little effort. You guys are just phoning it in at this point and you'll get what you work for.

    At this point, the game doesn't look like it's dying, it looks dead.
  19. Halathorn

    I got the reference right away. Good song. :)
  20. Compeer

    You obviously dont play planetside2. Plus the deal ended at christmas. now you just get a shirt.