Buy an SOE Game Shirt from J!NX, Get Cool In-Game Items!

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  1. Dexella Communications Manager

    Attention Auraxians! Have you been looking for a way to show your empire pride? Does your outfit need uniforms to show their loyalties? Good news! The Sony Online Entertainment portion of the J!NX store has expanded, and now features empire tees from PlanetSide 2!


    And from now through December 31, 2014*, if you buy any tee from the SOE Collection, you get a free digital item bundle! The digital item bundle includes:
    • NS-11P Gun Plus J!NX Decal for PlanetSide 2
    • In-Game J!NX Tee for H1Z1**
    • Ognit’s Mini Dirigible Device Mount for EverQuest
    • Stormwind Komodo Mount (Glider) for EverQuest II
    • Proximity Mine Pack for Landmark
    So get a head start on your holiday shopping – and don’t forget to pick yourself up a gift tee or two – and head on over to the SOE J!NX storenow!

    *Digital item bundles are available now through December 31, 2014 or while supplies last. Digital item bundles will be delivered with your item shipment via a card with a code for the bundle. The code will be redeemed on

    *** All Digital item bundles have been redeemed at this time. Thanks for your support!
    **H1Z1 in-game item will be available upon release of H1Z1 and will require purchase of the game.
  2. ghostreborn38

    This is awesome ordering my VS shirt shortly as all true sovereinites should, geek on ppl geek on.
  3. Turtleshell 83

    Cool shirts, wish there was a better selection of PS2 in game items- like some of the rarer exceptional weapons like the NS11CP or NS15MP.

    If you didn't get the 11P during summer rewards is a good deal-ish.
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  4. Simferion

    Nope, I refuse to buy 1 T-shirt from an US retailer.
    Sorry but living in Europe, this means to pay half the price more for the shipping, waiting about 30 days to receive the product and not considering the possibility the Customs office requiring me to pay additional taxes.

    If you want to do this, you should consider to use also a European retailer.
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  5. hellwoulf85

    lol for 20$ oO i print my own planetside shirt thats much cheaper
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  6. FieldMarshall

    Would have bought if i didnt have the NS11P already
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  7. Bortasz

    67 Polish złoty for shirt, gun that I alredy have and items to 2 games that I will not play?
    No thank you. But when you prizes will go down to more reasonable level give me a call.
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  8. RyanGUK

    I'll likely buy one, because I want a PS2 t-shirt.

    That bunduru though, good for some of the games but NS11P? Did somebody make a typo?
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  9. rawzone

    Yes please tell me NS11P is a typo - I got that gun with a game card almost 2 years ago. So unoriginal SOE. Like the others posting, I would totally get that shirt the bonus item was different.
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  10. StReynolds

    Boooo on the Ns11p. But that T-Shirt though. And Didn't the summer rewards code give you the NS11P too?
  11. LordMatt XLVIII

    Too late, already got mine on the Grey Market, not to mention I already have the NS-11P from the gamestop reward.
  12. ConradHorse

    I was about to convince my wife to spend some $$$ on my birthday for the t-shirt that looks nice but it could be a bit cheaper plus I saw that NS-11P is what i already have as an giveaway + things for games i dont play. If u gave any ns colored weapon that would be nice + the decal. Another thing is shipping from US that's crazy coz for over 100 pln u can buy like 2 t-shirts of the same quality from nike or 1 high quality woven and embroided one so what u propose is horribly expensive
  13. ronjahn

    So what about 4th factioners?

    I would love a simple Planetside 2 T-Shirt without a specific faction on the front :)

    Either way I will buy one of these because I want an NC shirt. I could care less about the NS11-P as I have had it for over a year and hardly use it, but the decal looks kind of cool .
  14. AdmiralArcher

    if it wasnt an NS-11P id totally get it....but i got that gun TWICE 2 years ago...and 20 dollars for a T shirt?..... lets do some simple addition......
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  15. Zero M0nster

    Ok like everyone else: NS-11P was in a lot of things (summer rewards to name one) and I think it would be better with the vandal-p. Either way im definitely getting a vanu shirt at christmas
  16. Siilk

    Nope, SOE does not deserve my $$. Fix that bugs and deal with meta, then we can talk about merch.
  17. RykerStruvian

    Was hoping you guys would do this when the game came out. Either way, I ordered the NC one. I already have the NS-11p, but whatever. I just want the shirt. Would be nice if instead of coming with the in-game gun, it came with the dogtag to match the faction.

    Either way, no big deal.
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  18. Predator01cz

    Dayum I really want an NC shirt, but then again.. $20 for a shirt and half as much for shipping to Europe
    The items are just a "bonus" on top since we were already all given the NS11P as summer reward and I don't play any of the other games
  19. salembeats

    Not sure why you're having issues. It sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
    I can go to the shopping mall and walk into any clothing store to find T-shirts selling for $50 each.
    It's not like it's some bulk 30-for-$10 package of plain white tees at Walmart.
    How much do you expect to pay for a licensed T-shirt?! I'm genuinely curious.

  20. Loridian

    Well, I think $20 is cheaper than copyright infringement. Though if you didn't wear the shirt all the time then your chances of not being caught would be pretty good.