Butcher and Godsae buffed or Betel nerfed

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Collin, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Collin

    What shall it be?
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  2. UberNoob1337101

    Just add a Directive ES TR/NC weapon trait. Betelgeuse is OK, GODSAW is meh, Butcher is IMO bad in comparison to MSW-R.

    In general, every single other Directive ES weapon kills/stats is dominated by VS, because there's a reason to get a directive weapon. Considering Directive ES weapons are just slightly beefed up versions of random weapons, the NC/TR variants are disappointing because they lack something unique and are too similar to their counterparts.

    Like literally, TRAC-Shot is a slightly faster reloading, slightly better ADS accuracy Jaguar with an under-barrel shotgun. Same with the directive Armistice, slightly better ADS, slightly shorter reload and slightly higher CoF bloom, not much of a difference while VS get a cool heat mechanic. TR and NC directive weapons definitely need love.
  3. Illucidator

    lol why choose
  4. Collin

    I think the betel is op and it should get an ammopool + the heatsink bug needs to be removed
  5. Collin

    Because of fairness? Ahh you are playing vs thats not your strong suit i guess
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  6. Jubikus

    neither will work the thing that makes the battlegoos better is its heat mechanic the fact that anytime your not shooting your reloading without the downside of ever having to actually reload so you can always engage if an enemy pops up out of nowhere. Buffing the Godsaw and Butcher wont give us a mechanic that gives us some kind of edge like the heat mechanic and i dont count the huge mag of the butcher as a real bonus because like with any of our guns with a larger mag we pay for it with a long reload. The other difference is their platform the Battlegoos is based on their factions cqc lmg platform wheres the other 2 are based on the medium/close ones which makes the battlegoos more ideal for majority of combat situations.
  7. Nabil1998

    What is GodSae? DBG plz.
  8. OldMaster80

    Old story. From a certain point of view directive weapons shouldn't be direct upgrades (vertical progression = bad) but they shouldn't either be worse in any scenario.

    On the other hand VS will never accept to get their best weapon nerfed.

    Publishing the lmg tuning patch without changing Orion and Betlegeuse would probably be enough to make things more balanced.
  9. Scorpion97

    I see we should add a semi auto underbarrel to the godsaw since shotguns is an NC thing and turn the butcher into torq style so it can have more dakka,so they can get higher dps buffs while keep the BG versatile as it is
  10. Ballto21


  11. Collin

    Best LMG in game by a very large ammount
  12. ALN_Isolator

    Give the butcher the horizontal recoil of the CARV with a grip and suddenly it will stop giving you Vietnam flashbacks.

    Rambo references hell yeah.
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  13. Illucidator

    Yea my main is vs but iv been playing more other factions lately really liking tr.
  14. asmodraxus

    Trade you

    Buff the Vangaurd 120 and the Mags main gun or nerf the Prowlers main gun
    Buff the PPA or nerf the Marauder and Canister
    Buff ZoE or nerf Aegis shield and Lockdown
    Buff Magburner (its useless in combat) or nerf Lockdown and Iwin shield
    Buff Saron/Enforcer/Halberd or nerf Gatekeeper
  15. HadesR

    Give NC Directive weapons an " over buff " that allows for short bursts of increased DMG ..

    Do the same for TR but with RoF

    All 3 factions now have a unique Directive trait ..
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  16. jmdafk

    I totally agree with asmodraxus. I find whenever i come across a magrider hiding being a boulder, strafing in and out i go into lockdown mode. The shere sight of my big prowler stationary in the middle of the road causes most magriders to cower with there bums in the air. Vanguards just start disappearing into smoky coffins. It seems the UK, DE, US have got there MBT philosphy all wrong (high mobility with high survivability)
    And of course, when im down to my last health bar, or want to chase down that injured opponent i go into lockdown mode again. That shows em.
    Max lockdown is even better. Find a doorway, lockdown and watch all those heavies die in fear at the big stationary target.....

    Im guesing thats sarcastic, but its closer to fairness than the butcher! Its like we are being punished for choosing the rubbish faction!
  17. Dualice

    You're thinking of the Godsaw. OP was talking about the Godsae.
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  18. Call-Me-Kenneth

    currently if you are a NC or TR heavy, you just pay what you feel performs better. sometimes SAW, Em1 and 6, Anchor, NS, SAW-S its all about the engagement type. for the TR you have the MSW, Carv, Bull and NS. granted the TR is lacking but that problem wont get fixed by buffing the Butcher, that problem will just get worse.

    while as a VS you have to unlock the Bg or you are doing it wrong. all the other guns feel like copy pastes with some random variation in stats. that's the problem.

    from a TR and NC perspective the BG is OP, and from a VS perspective the Bg is just bad gameplay. it needs to get toned down, and pretty much all the other VS LMGs need to get a revision to make them viable.

    asking to buff all the other Directive guns, is asking for the same crap gameplay the VS has, where the only reason to use any gun but the Directive is just to unlock the Directive.

    all the guns should have a place on the battlefield, and the directive guns are not supposed to be the end all of a factions arsenal.

    i haven't had a chance to play with the GSAW yet, never cared much to unlock. but i did play with the Butcher and its a fine gun, among an arsenal of guns that have very little to distinguish them. in the other hand the NC has a fantastic arsenal with VERY varied guns. not one of them is OP, they just fill roles and ranges.

    wish the same principle could be applied to the TR and VS arsenal. but thanks to "traits" it wont happen, currently only the NC can have truly varied guns because our damage range can go from 200 down to 143, and our ROF is all over the place resulting in very unique guns.

    Vs has 167 - 143 only, and TR is stuck with 143 and only ONE 167...

    bottom line, nerf the Bg, give more character to everything else.
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  19. Shanther

    13.5k kills with the BG and I have no idea what you are talking about... what bug?
  20. Casterbridge

    I really would like something more inventive than an under-barrel shot gun attached to my GodSaw.