But I don't want to be a lone wolf player/1v1 assassin!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by gunfox, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. De Greiff

    I just want to be a lone wolf/assassin! Seriously, that's how I've been playing and it's great. So SOE's design plans for the LA were music to my ears. It helps the team so much to sow chaos behind the front lines.
  2. Ronin Oni

    only takes 2? It's fine

    Maybe increase to like 75-80% dmg
  3. Wolfwood82

    You can only carry 2 at a time, so if it takes 2 then it takes 200 resources and your entire supply for a single kill. No turret is worth that especially with HA capable of taking them out with 3 rockets from a distance. 3 free rockets.

    Given the resource cost, range, and the fact that it's a trigger item, C4 is spectacularly underpowered. Hell I'd be happy if C4 operated on a 5 second timer instead of a trigger. Maybe give it the ability to switch between trigger and timer like firearms can switch between full auto and burst fire. Take myself out of the equation so that it will go off whether or not I'm alive to do it. That way it doesn't waste 100 resources to plant 2 then die.
  4. Achmed20

    from start on LAs were lonewolfs. the only class a LA could possibly team with is another LAm and thats just cause of the Jetpack which enables you to skip any borders given bei this game.

    I dont want to / Cant wait 2 mins or so till the HA i teamed with reaches me. i could just get the job done by myself by then
  5. Achmed20

  6. Wolfwood82

    Yeah but personally I wouldn't want such an ability. You can suit up with extended magazine and ammo belt, why would you need the ability to scavenge ammo?
  7. ozziewolf

    C4 takes out turrets when placed directly on turrets. Unless something was changed in the last few days. I've never had to use more than one C4 brick for a turret.
    The longer some one lives the more valuable scavenge ammo becomes. If you don't live long enough to reach that point where you're out of ammo then it's a worthless ability. If you're the type of player who typically survives a long time then it's a very useful ability. Extended mags and ammo belt helps but it doesn't give you "that" much extra ammo.
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  8. Lazaruz

    Since I don't use bullets, I look forward to scavenging your bodies and stealing the batteries off your iPads.

    Passive C4 would be a nice touch.
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  9. Achmed20

    "nooooo .. my cardiac pacemaker"
  10. gunfox

    I sure hope we get our certs back when that happens.
  11. Achmed20

    i doubt thats happening at all.but im realy courious right now that the "team ability" might be.
  12. Blackpulse

    oh yeah!

    i want to be the ubakillassassin in an objective driven game with unlimited respawning. Oh...WAIT!
  13. Sparks

    This would be really bad as it removes the entire purpose of shield breaking sundy's. LA zergs on gens were already bad enough when you could still destroy them with C4 and bullets in beta.
  14. Meiu

    I usually end up in small 3-5 man teams of other LA's when we go busting generators, sweeping out infiltrators, and C4'ing enemy Sundies. If they work us into little demolitions/hunting teams like that it might work out for the better but none of this 1v1 crap :(
  15. IshanDeston

    It shouldn't take 2 C4 for 1 sunderer either. If you managed to sneak up on a sunderer, you really should get to blow it up with 1 charge and not invest 200 infantery ressources into it.
  16. Raez

    I like being a 'lone wolf', its why i play LA, but mostly its my team that doesn't take advantage of the support I provide. Ill kill 5 infiltrators in hard to reach positions then take out a turret and 6 guys camping a span entry but.... everyone just sits around when the threat is lifted until our opponents return and I do it all again.
  17. Deathcapt

    I'd like to see a "planting" mechanic in place, so if you sneak up on a sunderer / turret/parked vehicle/ aircraft, and do a planting action, maybe it takes like 3 seconds, You stuff the c-4 in side of the vehicle for a 1 hit kill. Because being able to toss C-4 off a tower, and insta gib a sunderer is dumb, but if you can sneak up on it, there's no reason you should run out of ammo before destroying it.
  18. Swiffle

    I do play solo a decent amount, or just zerg surf to do my own thing while the MAXs and HAs grind it out on the front and provide distractions. I would loooooove to have some ability to scavenge ammo. The amount of times I get to a good spot to the side/flank, go through my grenade(s), C4, GD-7F, and usually pistol ammo is not infrequent. Which leaves me to try and fly back through the front to resupply at our base/sunderer, or MORE likely, resupply from an enemy placed ammo box. Go figure.
  19. Athessu

    In the pc gamer livestream, Higby mentions that they want to add tools to enhance both individual play and team play. He mentions something like scavenging for ammo as an individual player tool when you cannot resupply. He specifically mentions that they need a team play purpose and that they're working on it. Don't worry, any change they make it likely to help both sides.
  20. Wolfwood82

    I have to disagree with this. Sunderers cost over 300 resources just to pull, turrets are free to access. It really would not be cool to lose a Sunderer to a lone nut with a bomb, given how much attention the average player pays to threats around their spawn points...

    Also keep in mind the time it takes for the Sunderer to position itself and the timer it's on after it's pulled. If you want to knock one out, bring a friend.

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