But I don't want to be a lone wolf player/1v1 assassin!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by gunfox, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. gunfox

    Hey there, according to this: http://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/13xa2a/so_higby_answered_a_ton_of_our_questions_about/ (points 3 & 4), the devs want to make the LA a lone wolf/1v1 assassin class.
    I've spent tons of time and money on that class, and this sounds terrible and is NOT what I want. You gave us C4, which is awesome, and we can unlock special grenades. Why not build onto that and make the LA a Demolitions Expert? If you want to buff the class, give us some nice new tools to cause some havoc on the big battlefields, because a lone wolf 1v1ing people (where in this game can you even do that?) seems like a waste of a class.
    Demolitions expert would be something new, and there's nothing comparable in the game yet. Think of it as the TF2 Demoman.
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  2. Deathcapt

    LA needs to have a utility weapon which can temporarily instantly disable generators. Like a bomb, that when detonated disables a shield / spawn unit for 10s.
  3. Wolfwood82

    I'd really rather see C4 able to just destroy generators strait out. No destabilizing them or anything, just boom gone.

    Would also like to see C4 do more damage to static defenses like base turrets, shouldn't take 2 charges to kill a turret after you take the time and energy getting to the turret.
  4. Neritus

    I second this! I've spent a lot into this class too, and I'm really saddened by this direction.
  5. FieserMoep

    Well, 1on1 is a Situation that happens if you play lone wolf 1onX style. Though I agree that the LA requires some kind of mechanic that makes him valuable for a team I do not like ideas that "chain" me to a squad. I like my mobility and freedom to choose where I am and when. The whole ability of flying makes us kinda hard to integrate into teamplay because we use a complete differed movement mechanic that "physically" separates us from any foot based team. So what can we do? Be more efficient at what we already do and that is killing and blowing things up. And it seems they guessed we already blow things up or there are other things that have to blow something up we are becoming the killers now. Hmm, might be kinda dull, I just hope they make it right and do not screw the class.
  6. shahryar

    Lol when I first started I thought you HAD to damage the generators just like in PS1,
    so I dropped c4 after c4 and did nothing XD.

    and ironically the LA being lone wolf actually is meaningless, the reason?

    basically what I noticed is the LAs are all lone wolfing to do a specif thing....but they are all trying to do taht same thing.

    so oddly you end up with teams of LA's working together.

    the LA's seem more like they are meant to team with other LAs or Infils(if infils are fixed) but not really with anyone else.

    So I pictures basically teams of LAs working together to achieve objectives.
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  7. Purple

    i would have to see the proposed changes to the class before i bash this to hard. however its my Favorite class so they better not ruin it.
  8. Wolfwood82

    It use to be any weapon could destroy a generator back in beta. People would solo blow them up by shooting pistol rounds at them and it always took a lot longer to destroy with heavy ordinance like C4 and HA rockets then simple bullets. Also took a lot longer to repair.

    If C4 was the only thing that could destroy a generator strait out, it would be worth the 100 resources and 200+500 cert points to carry them around. I would not remove the ability for any class to destabilize a generator. Just make generators immune to all damage except for C4.

    Or allow C4 to temporarily disable shields by planting them on the shield and detonating. All kinds of ways to give LA that demolition feeling.

    Giving LA the ability to scavenge rounds after every kill sounds more like an RPG element to me. And personally, I love having to conserve resources until I regroup with friendlies and can find an ammo box, get some healing, then head out again in order to cause as much behind-the-scenes havoc as I can.
  9. RobotNinja

    Well, I wouldn't expect the LA to get an ability/item that makes it effective at 1v4. If they are going to give LAs some ability/item/weapon that's effective against an individual enemy what's wrong with that?
  10. psifist

    I think LA has enough direct firepower as it is, and would like to see something that plays up some teamplay abilities.

    For instance - A dedicated smoke grenade launcher with its own weapon slot, as a sort of counterpart to the HA launchers.
  11. Velron

    LA is my favorite class (only other one I've certed is Engi repair gun)...as long as nothing is taken away/ruined, anything new is just a bonus. Most fun class by far.
  12. Witchkrapht

    I'm anxious to see what they bring to the table. I'd be for every LA starting with 1 brick of C4 and having to Cert the 2nd (200 certs?) and possibly being able to cert into "increased blast radius". I've seen some pretty cool ideas come across the table as well...so I'm looking forward to this.
  13. Maeludir

    While grateful that we're receiving attention so early, I think Higby greatly misunderstands the nature of the battlefield. A good LA is never in a 1v1 situation, he is always in a 1v2+ situation, and he always has the advantage. As a career LA I am always in the enemy base where the fighting is thickest: I deploy a spawn beacon then get to work murdering unsuspecting enemies.

    This is a LA's role on the battlefield, and I don't understand why Spawn Beacons aren't exclusive to us: we circumvent the frontlines and destabilize the enemy ranks. No defense can maintain a perimeter while being attacked from within. Please recognize that our killing power is secondary, that I'd rather you nerf our ability to directly kill stuff and buff the strength of our c4 (better to kill Sunderers, mounted turrets etcetera), buff our mobility (vehicle magnetism: let us pose a threat to every lib/galaxy that dares to land for ammo/repairs) - give us the tools we need to force the enemy's attention inwards.
  14. JojoTheSlayer

    Yeah, I think that is a dumb idea as well.
    Maybe its because I use NC HA, but LA do not seem to have any big issue taking me down unless I shoot a perfect 2sec stream of bullets in the head region. If I get surprised and fail to react within milliseconds I am usually dead.

    LA wins regularly on 1on1, they can gib you from places you cant reach, but they want to improve their killing abilities in 1on1 as well?
  15. ritual

    NC Ha's aren't really a threat to a good light assault imo. You guys can't sustain fire while tracking us through the air well enough. Play LA against a decent TR heavy though and tell me how that sort of 1v1 goes :p
  16. Erendil

    Personally I think all classes should have the ability to scavenge ammo from corpses, but LA definitely needs it the most. Most of my LA excursions end up with me breaking off my current sortie and returning back to friendlies 2,3, even 4 times just to get more ammo. A few times I've been left with nothing bu a knife and my wits to keep me alive. It's thrilling to be sure, but also annoying to have to be tethered to a term/AMS/Engie ammo drop like that.

    I'm also really disappointed that Infils are getting all of the recon tools. I always pictured infils as more offensive and intrusive in their spy games, like lazing targets, disrupting radar and communications, hacking terms and turrets, etc. But LAs were often touted to be the counter to infils, so I'd always hoped that LA would be about detection, quick response, and providing countermeasures to the infil abilities. I felt they should be the Yin to the Infil's Yang.

    LA's have always seemed to me like their mobility and short range firepower would make them a better fit for a defensive/sentry role than infils, so they would get things like the motion sensor gun (or whatever it's called) and the ability to set up mobile Scout radar stations and heat sensors, setup cloak disrupting fields, remove infil hacks, re-cap points and stabilize gens faster, etc. It sounds like infil might be getting all the spy skillz tho. :(
  17. Ghoest

    I like what Higby is saying.
  18. Azmaat

    its Planetside 2 with more HP and shield things focus, not an red orchestra hardcore, there u can be oneshooted. So all this smokescreen stuff is kind a useless. Even now this smoke grenades are waste of certs.
  19. RobotNinja

    There is already a counter to turrets/terminals hacked by Infiltrators...a friendly Infiltrator hacking them back. I don't think LA abilities should overlap with Infiltrator abilities. LAs need something extra that's useful but something that's unique.
  20. ritual

    I take it you haven't tried the smoke grenade + IRNV combo yet then? It's pretty great, even if it's not exactly viable for taking a base. When used correctly it can rack you up a lot of kills though.

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