Burstfire Sucks

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AnnPerkins, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. AnnPerkins

    Burst fire mode is less controllable than just manually bursting with full auto. There doesn't seem to be any accuracy bonus to using it and the recoil is considerably less controllable. Any chance you might look into making these more viable weapons in the future?
  2. OneRedBlock

    TR pistol dissaproves of this message.
  3. Compass

    At close range, burst fire is significantly higher accuracy than full auto. It makes no sense. I do better with TRAC 5 S set to burst than I do with TRAC 5 S set to rock and roll spray and pray full auto.
  4. omgBAMF

    SABR-13 needs to be looked at (as well as other burst type weapons I'm sure). How useful can a 2 round burst weapon be at range when the second shot randomly veers up and to the right/left... nowhere near your target. As of right now, the weapon is only good at mid-range.

    The Repeater is only good in close range combat. You can get lucky with a spray-n-pray at mid-range, but that's about it.
  5. Sowahka

    I was about to say that burst is amazing for CQC but Compass beat me to the punch.
  6. omgBAMF

    I blame cof bloom for that. After 2 seconds of shooting full auto, most of your shots are going around your target instead of into him.
  7. AnnPerkins

    I wouldn't know. Nobody has ever survived longer than 3/4 a second with me full autoing them
  8. Isila

    You can set the Repeater to single-fire mode. That plus ADS makes it reasonably effective at mid ranges, though there's extremely rarely any reason to do that.

    For the rest of the thread: Burst fire works good in CQC because it forces you to let your CoF calm down instead of holding full auto for the whole mag and suffering full-scale CoF bloom. Other than that, yeah; ranged battles are either manually bursting on auto mode, or single-fire tap-shots.
  9. Compass

    Repeater is so much better than the Emperor due to the Emperor's low fire rate. So dumb ;_;
  10. Derfcon 1

    Have you used the SABR? It's my favorite Assault rifle. As long as you compensate a little it is way more accurate, with a good rate of fire. Just mash the mouse and it goes more or less full auto with way better accuracy. At range click over to single shot and plink away, it doesn't have very much deviation between shots. And if you are further than it is effective, then you are too far for an assault rifle anyways, switch to a LMG.

    As for the pistol, I switched to the emperor and never looked back. That thing packs a punch and is pretty accurate. Plus it sounds way cooler :p
  11. omgBAMF

    Oh yeah, I've use the SABR since it was first introduced in beta (gun was even cooler when you could attach a UGL). My point was that it's sold as a long range "marksmen's" rifle, but the burst action is only effective in mid-range engagements. As far as going semi-auto... the same can be said for every gun in the game. The SABR's burst fire is it's niche, but it loses that specialty if you try to fight at long range. Yes... if you pull down on the mouse as you fire, you can sometimes hit your target with both shots, but it is still too unreliable.

    IMO, the gun should be designed like BF3's AN-94. It should have two shots that come out and hit the same spot regardless of range.

    I would also like to add that mid-range burst fire can be done by any full auto rifle. Simply tapping M1 you can effectively do the same thing the SABR does at mid-range.
  12. xen3000

    Hmmm, could NC get that on the Reaper DMR then?
  13. omgBAMF

    Isn't the Reaper full auto or is it NC's battle rifle? Does it have a burst mode? Does any NC weapon have a burst mode? IDK because I haven't played NC since beta in Sept.

    If NC does have a burst fire weapon, then yes, it should be like that.
  14. xen3000

    Why should the burst fire mode not be subject to the first shot recoil that all guns have? The advantage of a burst mode is that the recoil is more predictable in magnitude and manual compensation can be used more readily.

    I do not support anything as stupid as all the bullets of a burst hitting the same spot. The SABR13 is the hardest hitting TR AR, and if it was able to double tap accurately with one click would deal more damage then the Reaper.

    The NC Reaper-DMR, which is a designated marksman rifle, does not have burst mode, just single shot and full-auto. So accurate long range fire has to be single-shot. If you want to burst fire, aim at their chest in a way that the recoil lands the second shot on their head, or just manually compensate.
  15. AnnPerkins

    That's great in theory but in practice it quite clearly is not the case. Manual bursting on full auto setting is considerably easier to compensate for and more precise than burst fire. There is no advantage to burst fire and a huge disadvantage in that you are far more susceptible close range.
  16. innersphere1

    Bah i think is better to tap. Why? You can switch from auto to burst without pressing a button.
  17. omgBAMF

    That would be great if the second shot didn't randomly jump to the left or the right as it does with the SABR. First shot hits on target, then the second shot will be above and to the right/left (at random). It's also difficult to manually compensate for two reasons. First, it's unreliable because you don't know if the second shot will be up and to the left or up and to the right. Second, if you pull your mouse down to compensate, you have to reacquire your target to hit the next burst. This is very troublesome when you are trying to hit a target at any kind of long range.

    I'm guessing you're not a fan of BF3's AN-94, huh? Why is it stupid to expect 2 rounds of a 2 shot burst to hit a target at range? The Reaper does 200-167 dmg... the SABR won't do as much damage as most NC's weapons if they switched to semi-auto mode. Burst fire weapons need to be able to effectively hit their burst on target for them to be useful.
  18. Grotpar

    I like the no first shot recoil multiplier idea.

    In fact, it surprises me that it isn't implemented like that in the first place.
    Creating a recoil difference between bullet 1 and bullets 2 and 3 feels really awkward.

    Because bullet 2 and 3 are closer to eachother than bullet 1 and 2 are.
  19. AnnPerkins

    OP again, to give some context and perhaps add some credibility to my statements I'm going to point out that I am BR69 I have been working on getting auraxium medals for all the assault rifles and am at 5/7 currently. I earned those BRs and didn't pod/skillrider/dualskillsaw my way up.

    The last remaining ARs I have left are the SABR-13 and the T1B Cycler. The SABR-13 as has been pointed out has the second bullet fly high and to the right or high and to the left rendering burst fire at long range largely useless making you question why this is labeled as a "marksman's rifle"

    The T1B Cycler appears to be a copy of the T1S Cycler minus the full auto and a ton less attachments or I guess another way of thinking of it is like the T1 Cycler trading full auto for a 3 round burst. I'm not even sure why this weapon exists it's superseded by the T1S in nearly every way.
  20. Lucidius134

    T1S has a lower ROF but higher reload speed (IIRC). It's worse then the T1S in burst fire, but better at everything else. The "worse then' is pretty wobbly though since it has more attachments, making it way more useful even if you're burst firing it. I gotta agree with you on "why doss this exist"