Burst Fire Assault Rifles

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  1. MrK

    As far as I remember (not touched GRB for ages since I'm on Aux'ing the other CM weapons), GRB outright destroys SABR in CQC, and up to medium range due to its mobility bonus. For whatever reason, I never got the results I had in CQC with SABR as I've had them with GRB (ie, GRB is always surprisingly good). I don't see the technical reason behind it, though.

    SABR is for crouched, static fire freaks. And it's a long range weapon, which burst variants are NOT, at all. If you compare long range ability of GRB vs SABR, ofc SABR is coming on top, it's its job to be better at range :)

    IMHO you're better off fitting your GRB with ALS and use it as a medium/close option. In fact, a versatile option.
  2. TheKhopesh

    The GRB pulls more to the left, making it easier to predict when firing 6 or more rounds at max speed, but I find that the SABR is easier to get headshots using ironsights/1x scopes/2x scopes thanks to the compensator and adv grip.

    This is why I suggest a 3x burst mode for the GRB and a compensator.
    With them, the GRB would be close to being on par with the other burst weapons in CQC, and less of a flop up against ranged weapons like the Corvus and SABR (though it would still be slower than the VS Corvus, and noticeably less accurate than the SABR with it's better ranged stats and adv grip).

    In short, I just want the GRB to be a bit more versatile, like it's fully automatic counterpart.:D
    Of the burst variants, it's the worst performing.
    (This is mainly do to lack of use. As well as the fact that the others are better suited for CQC environments, which is the more prevalent environment, and more conducive to KDR/accuracy.)
  3. Skylight

    I just got the T1B after auraxiuming my CARV, wanted to change my playstyle, and immediately found it to be a fantastic weapon. Same vertical recoil as the normal T1, but less default horizontal recoil than the T1 with a grip. Add a grip to the T1B and you pretty much only have vertical recoil to deal with, and even then there's barely any to begin with. The tighter COF is also fantastic, and honestly the burst fire "limitation" isn't even that bad, if you click fast enough it might as well be full auto.

    Plus, if you really want, there's HVA for the T1B as well. All in all, I think it's a flat upgrade to the standard T1
  4. IamnotAmazing

    well, it's one of the last two ar's to auraxium, sigh, I guess it's ok, it really shines in 1v1's but I struggle in anything more than that, probably just me not being used to the weapon/ my aim sucking
  5. Kafein

    Burst weapons are good if a little bit confusing and weird to use because they have the advantages of semi-autos without the tendinitis and terribad CQC. Recall that you'll only ever be able to click about 6 times per second maximum, and your confort zone should be around 4 times per second. For example, the SABR-13 is very pleasant to use because of this. The actual rate at which you have to pull the trigger for maximum rof is just right, while the downtime of 3-burst weapons tends to be too long hence increasing the issues that you might have with syncing your clicks with the game correctly.

    That's totally down to personal preference though. Using burst weapons to maximum efficiency in CQC has a lot do to with rythm and we all tend to prefer some rythms over others naturally. Anyways, the SABR-13 is the TR weapon of choice for counter-sniping.
  6. Elkybam

    After about a week of playing with these guns in total, I can say they are disappointing and rewarding to use all at once.

  7. TheKhopesh

    Can't see the images.
  8. Elkybam

    Using Lightshot about 4 months ago worked on another computer...


    Can anyone name a few that have an Auraxium or at least a Gold Medal on any burst weapon?
  9. TheKhopesh

    I'm going for Auraxium on the NC's burst AR (Both the AR and Carbine burst weapons for NC are terrible).

    Still 400 kills to go with the god forsaken piece of junk.
  10. Epic High Five

    Gauss Rifle Burst auraxium checking in

    Don't do what I did

    It is a bad gun, but would be a good gun if it didn't have the FSRM of a tank cannon
  11. MrK

    Gauss Burst was my first Aux'd AR and second Aux'd weapon overall.
    I actually really enjoyed it, and SOE buffed the Burst since them, so I may come back to it soon. Not sure I really want to spend time Aux'ing Reaper, just play normally with it along other options.