Bundle unlock issue after Summer Update

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Mercyceleste, Jun 15, 2022.

  1. Mercyceleste

    On the 18-05-22 I purchased a bundle for 8999DB that unlocked Minor Cloak and Infravision for my character Catradora on Cobalt via Steam wallet and the in-game store. It was a massive expense but after 5+ years of trying to get those damn things via the normal methods, I finally caved. Now, since the Summer update today, they are showing as unpurchased. I still have them equipped and functioning on some of my characters but cannot re-select them again from the interface and if I remove them, I can't get them back. Bundle now also showing as un-purchased.

    I'm wondering if this is an isolated issue or any one else has noticed something? Possibly a side-effect of the gifting update?

    I'm gutted they have vanished and really hope something can be done to fix this.
  2. Mercyceleste

    Seems correct now. Weird blip in the matrix maybe. Sorry for the alert.
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