Bullets not hitting on fire aircraft

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  1. repinSniper

    So, on my pursuit to auraxium my last nosegun (the Kestrel), I encountered two instances in the past 15 minutes that have me scratching my head.

    As I was delivering the finishing blows to an on fire galaxy, my bullets stopped registering until he hit the ground and exploded. Second, as I was finishing off the last few hits on a mosquito a few minutes later, dead on hits were all not registering.

    This is not like a few bullets missing every once in a while, but full on auto, broad side of a barn, 25 meters distance on the mosquito and 50 meters on the galaxy, all hits landing scenario. It felt like they became immune to my bullet fire at a certain break point in health, not a clientside or serverside issue. Put a good quarter of a clip in the mosquito and half a clip in the burning galaxy and not one hit marker.

    I have a feeling that this will continue in the future and will update if I see any other incidents, as I have never encountered this before.

    I hope this is a freak incident with only these two issues arising and only for me, but these things tend to hit everyone all at once due to some patch or update or new issues.

    Discuss if this has happened to you recently here.

    Edit: I cannot determine the source of these incidents, as I cannot reproduce it or replicate it, only a gut feeling is telling me that this is happening to on fire aircraft just about to blow up.
  2. repinSniper

    Happened again on a Valkyrie right when it hit burning. One hit marker and only one was shown after that before he hit the ground. Emptied a third of a clip into it.
  3. Yeahy

    Either lag on either end or they are lag hacking.
    Has happened to me a few times.
  4. repinSniper

  5. Axehilt

    Yes, this is a major issue and happened a lot to me the last few days.

    The worst example was the time I hit a HA with 5 direct and 3 indirect Marauder shots and watched him continue running up to me to C4 my tank.
  6. Badname3073

    Could be the lag issue. By the time your client's packets with hits reach the server, the other client already reported that the galaxy blew up, so the server does not send the hit registration feedback to you. At the same time, the server fails to update your client that the galaxy you see on your screen is already gone, because the hit registration feedback and object state updates are not synchronous.
  7. cyb_

    I noticed this as well today. In VR the Walker would not damage aircraft anymore after one magazine, but once I had reloaded the weapon before hitting 0 rounds in the magazine it would work as expected.

    However, this would not work for the default gun of the valkyrie I used on Hossin. Only the first round of a magazine did damage the rest did nothing. Reloading the gun before it was empty did not help.
  8. Udnknome

    This problem is not limited to aircraft. Having the same issue killing tanks. Even tank on tank. Feels like people are able to exploit the hit registering issue, who knows... hopefully it's just a problem with vehicles on fire or fire suppression skill.
  9. Simferion

    I think Alarox or Klypto reproduced this bug for tanks. If you start shooting immediately after reloading your hits don't register.

    This seems the case also with small arms

    Edit: anyway Cobalt was quite unplayable for me yesterday.
  10. z1967

    There was an older bug where a rocket fired immediately after reloading would do no damage. I observed this after the Hossin update, haven't played recently so I can't tell what is going on from a recent perspective.
  11. LightningWolfTigrBer

    I just had the same issue with C-4. Twice I placed two bricks on a lightning, and twice it dealt only 1 brick worth of damage. Pretty irritating.
  12. Gammit

  13. Jackplays17

    happens to me all the time... iv died 10-20 times because of this. FIX IT NOW SOE!
  14. Axehilt

    Either Alarox or Klypto mentioned specifically waiting like 3 sec after reload and still having the hit fail to register in their tank.

    I had this bug happen at least 3-4 times in my hour session today. It's happening way too often right now, hence the bump to get this thread back to the top.
  15. Yuki10

    not lag and has nothing to do with them being on fire. I'm seeing the same with all vehicles (especially easy to see on multi-shot weapons, those that dont require reload after one hit). It seems that once a certain amount of damage is received, the target will not get any more damage until certain amount of time passes by.

    With lightning and Viper i was shooting targets point blank - first 6 shots register, then reload...2 out of 6 may register or all six may not register. Happening when shooting infantry as well. Shooting people at point blank with viper doesn't kill them as only one or two hits register