Bullet Sponges

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  1. LichX

    Why do some people usually higher BRs take 30+ HITS and still not die. It's not just HAs but all classes and It is not from skill or ability to play, they usually just stand there adsing. I am tired of having a good fight ruined when some of them show up. Its not my latency , FPS or computer. I keep hearing its "they have a bad connection" but they kill me just fine. What is interesting is when im in 5m or less and the crosshair is on there torso and I still dont see hit markers or the hit markers skip shots.
  2. PvtRyanParts

    Could be recoil if you're just spraying bullets at them.

    Also, some classes get armor options you can get with certs which makes you a bit more survivable.

    As far as being practically point blank range and still missing? I have no idea.
  3. LichX

    Im ADSing, and nothing will give these people the amount of protection to take 30+ hits that's over 3k damage depending on gun at roughly 60m range, and even more at closer ranges. I have played game on and off from beta so I know it quite well.
  4. Rhumald

    There's a persistent reload glitch that sometimes, sometimes, will make your whole clip do absolutely nothing. You'll know you're not doing anything because you won't get hit markers, just reload and try again. I have had experiences where I've unloaded a whole clip, gotten hit markers, and been shown I did 0 damage on the death screen, but I normally chalk those up to latency, as I can return on the next life and kill them.
  5. DrPapaPenguin

    Whats your latency?
  6. Jawarisin

    Well there's two problems with you.

    1- The red part in your quote. You shouldn't be doing that.

    2- You shouldn't play heavy
  7. LichX

    FPS: 38 - 72 depends on fight but average 65
    Latency: 67
    CPU: 4.19gig
    VC: gtx 960 2g
    Ram: 16g
    Also all my drivers are updated.

    It's not any of that, my old comp was 3.5g 550ti 1g 8g ram and I didn't see it nearly as much as now.
  8. LichX

    I was aiming for torso as a test. I normaly aim for head.
    My TOPIC is why are some people taking enough damage to kill them 3+ times and still not dieing, not which class/weapon I should be use according to your standards.
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  9. Cz4rMike

    Maybe you start shooting before you go into full ADS? Then your CoF is of non-ads. Anyway, no one takes 30 hits from you and not die (if this happens often), your bullets just don't hit. The game can pull a bug on you, but it's not an often occurence.

    Off topic - you should cap your FPS at 60 (or 60-65 if you have stability issues) in user config file, you'd have a smoother picture and won't use additional PC resources. Your monitor is 60 Hz right?...
  10. BlueSkies

    Unless they are warping around, it has nothing to do with their connection. Hit detection is between your client and the server.
  11. thebigbortishbort

    a number of things , bad accuracy , bad hit detection , bad connection / lag , pick your poison.
  12. Jawarisin

    Well, you can rely on crutches all you want, but in the end; if you're put against a better player that doesn't need that crutch, you're going to loose; especially if he's using a heavy for the occasion also.

    That's just a skill gap, it's because higher BR's are usually better. And you're probably not up to their level yet, simple as that.

    Though I do sometime feel like I've emptied enough bullets to kill someone twice over, but that is not BR-specific, and it rarely rarely rarely happens.
  13. Cz4rMike

    Picking the 1st one is being honest with yourself for almost all cases :)...
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  14. LichX

    So what SKILL allows them to take more hits??? BTW I do know about ghosting or shadowing or whatever you want to call it, thats where what you see is an after image IF they are moving fast, which the people im referring are not doing. I do know there are some very skilled players in this game, which I don't consider myself apart of. I also know LA and INF played to there full potential are the most efficient killers but again, your trying to derail this thread for some reason and are trying to say I don't know how to play is the only problem, which it is not.
  15. Cz4rMike

    Your lack of it.
  16. LichX

    You have no idea of my ability to play but your going to automatically assume im a bad player because your friend said so?

    EDIT: last night I was at a 12-24 fight where I had a 5.8 K/D and there were few BR 80 and 100 there, but after 2-3 resistant people showed up my k/d droped to a 3.1.
  17. Tommyp2006

    You could try posting a video of your gameplay or your stats for people who don't believe you.

    As for how? Could be med kit tanking if you're 100% sure your actually hitting all your shots.
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  18. Czarinov

    I got banned on my other acc for no good reason, Cz4rMike, so I'm replying with this one.

    No, I'm not assuming anything, besides what friend are you speaking of?

    Firstly, I already told you what might be the problem, but you kept on "complaining" about your enemies' "skill". And indeed, it's the only thing left. If on regular basis you "empty" a whole mag in someone and he doesn't die, you're doing something wrong. Skill wise.

    BTW this:

    if you post a video, anyone can give you a solid advice. But what replies do you think you may get without a video? Why even create a thread about "shooting/aiming" without a video?
  19. rockhead101

    I have this problem off and on as well. It is due to both of your internet connections. When I see this happening I just shut everything down and reset my modem. The opposing player doesn't realize he's slightly DE synced, and your bad connection amplifies it. The internet connection plays a larger role than most people realize, or want to admit. If your connection is good, or even better off in the right way, you get more hits registered, or not registered against you. My connection is terrible, so I only play when it is working good. When you see that happening a lot, pull a heavy and spam rockets. If a lot of them just disappear and don't explode, well that pretty much explains it. It has gotten worse lately because DB is not doing as good of job on server maint. I'll be getting 75 FPS, but can't get any hit markers. The reason you see it in lvl 100s a lot is the slight edge they are getting because of their connection gives them better gameplay, so they continue to play the game. People with crappy connections suck at the game and quit playing.
  20. Goldmonk

    I would agree with everyone saying internet connection, but add maybe they maxed out Nanoweave.