Bullet dispersion and high rate fire

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  1. Shulakk

    I would like someone to explain something about cadence, shooting back and bullet dispersion.
    How is it that the faction of the Reds (Republic Terran) has no scattering of balls with a very slight decline, while they have the highest rate of fire compared to the other two factions.
    It seems illogical to me that normally the reds should have a larger scatter of balls than the blue faction and a larger vertical recoil too, since the loader capacity and the rate of fire is the most elevated of the three.
    Can anyone explain to me why?
    I am open to any constructive remarks.
    Thank you all.
  2. Lee Weldon

    So this is coming from an NC player, so I think you are mistaken but could be wrong if theres a bug in the script that has actual data not reflecting the data it tells us about each weapon. So they tend to give different guns a baseline stat for accuracy in each of 4 catagories crouching stationary -> running. But so the weapons are pretty well in line with each other in this regard despite what lots of forumsiders believe. But so you have varying cone of fire bloom which is the widening of your cone of fire each shot which you can see get bigger as you fire a stream of bullets. A weapon that takes 3-4 headshots to kill for instance the gaus saw which blooms at 0.14 is pretty relevant to a gun like the GD-7F that has a 143 damage model that blooms at a much lower rate but takes more bullets to kill 4-5 headshots generally but if you work out the comparison for each they are pretty well in balance. You may be looking at two guns one for instance has a laser sight on it and another doesn't. There are weapons for instance that are just terrible at hipfire, most heavy assault weapons in general which in comparison to assault rifles that seem to recoil less and seem more easier to manage, there is no real comparison here to be made though because class abilities differ.

    There are some really rare situational exceptions to these rules but they are mostly in NS arsenal weapons and they just apply to like Tanto and the NS-11P and stuff.
  3. Scrundle

    It's quite simple really; Newton's third law of motion.

    TR has many balls but their balls are small. Small balls require small force to shoot.
    NC has very big balls and so shoot very hard.
    VS has no balls, which is really very unfortunate for everyone involved.
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  4. Lee Weldon

    Or are they balls of energy? what say of the lasher?
  5. Eternaloptimist

    It's complicated and I don't know a great deal about how it works or how it is calculated but:
    1. There's recoil (of which NC have a lot) which makes bullets spread because the weapon barrel moves around. Recoil can be left or right as well as up and the rate at which it resets aim after you stop shooting can vary.
    2. There's cone of fire - how bullets spread around the point you are aiming at. AFAIK some categories of weapon have more than others e.g. LMGs versus SMGs.
    3. There's bloom - the rate at which bullets start to disperse when firing continuously. I think this rate at which a cloud of bullets will start to expand varies with the class of the weapon and between models of the same class.
    4. There is something called the first shot modifier IIRC (and I believe the Gauss SAW has a zero - i.e. good FSM).
    5. Hipfire cone of fire (as mentioned above) varies hugely by class of weapon.
    6. Muzzle velocity is a bit of a factor - slower bullets tend to drop below your aiming point faster and you need to lead targets more if firing at longer range.
    7. Then there are attachments - fore grip to reduce horizontal recoil, compensator to reduce vertical recoil, laser sight to reduce hipfire cone of fire.
    NC weapons rend to be high damage/high recoil. TR weapons have high RoF and middling recoil, while VS weapons are slower firing but have faster reloads, less recoil and some have no-drop.
    There are exceptions to this rule in all faction armouries.
    I am happy to be corrected if I got something wrong as I wouldn't mind learning more about this feature of the game myself.
  6. Campagne

    Most weapons have a FSM, and all automatics (aside from auto-shotguns) have some degree of FSM. Only semi-autos and bolt-actions and the like can have a FSM of 1x, which is effectively no FSM.

    These values can range from 0.75x (first shot has less recoil) to as high as 3x.

    The SAW specifically has a FSM of 1.65x. Not very good but certainly not very bad.
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  7. JibbaJabba

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  8. Shulakk

    I thank you all for your answers, it allows me to better understand the status of certain weapons and why some have more or less dispersion of bullets than others, even if sometimes it is difficult to understand the mechanism of the bullets.
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  9. AllRoundGoodGuy

    Politeness is a no-no on these forums. Should be article 17 section C of the EULA you agreed to.

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